Twenty year old first love

Twenty year old first love

Twenty year old first love
Because of their relationship with each other, they met three years ago. At that time, he read the big two, she just read a freshman. After three years, they are like ordinary friends, occasionally in QQ, of course, also to play with each other. But, everything, is the identity of a common friend.
Few people believe that a university graduates have not talked about love, not to mention the first love has not experienced. So, his female colleagues around the more non letter. Although he stressed that it was true, they seemed to think he was joking. Without it, he would have been used to it, and these people just wanted to hear the answer, but not the real answer. A year of experience, let him become a little numb, and slowly calm. Rather than fight with those big sister, not over, it is not as much to see a book, clean.
Fate sometimes let people unprepared when everything according to his plan, a girl appear let him anxious. A person who never talked about love, suddenly was a girl to pursue, that feeling will be how? Be overwhelmed by an unexpected favour? Regret we didn’t meet sooner? Divine? Unfortunately, he does not believe in love at first sight, although the girls also have a charming style. He’s getting more realistic and more realistic about the problem. Not because of the small girls that little pay and interest. So although the little he was five years old girls truly considerate, careful and considerate care about him, even with small girls in all sorts of jerky ambiguous adhesion him, never let him really tempted. Because he believes that less than a month can say like you, it is just like to be with you, and not the kind of his pursuit of the kind, approximate perfect love. So, when he wrote to the little girl after the rejection of the letter, he seriously considered, he wants the love, what kind of? And the answer is three years ago she knew.
When he gave her the rejection letter, everything was clear. Because he mentioned her in it. She was the first woman to hold hands. He remembered that it was in a Forest Park. And all that happens is that for granted.
At that time, he learned that her computer is lost, want to help her out of the depressed mood, about her to a Forest Park mountain. Along the way, they like the past three years that each other between lukewarm chat, she was carrying a small bag exquisite, his backpack carrying snacks and fruit, two hands each holding a drink. All the way through, in the eyes of others, they all thought that is a couple, only they know, between each other, not to the step, just a kind of ineffable tacit understanding, just keep doing it. Giving him the opportunity to be a steep path next to the waterfall. He is very natural to stretch out his hand, she is also not polite to pick up the past. This time, he was the first time and the girls in hand, but not as the legendary tension. Go to the foot of the mountain, he boundless holding her, and with a little shy, like other couples, a very natural look at the scenery. On that day, he first discovered that his own inner depths, there may be some of their own is not very clear things, such as the feeling of her. And the emergence of the little girl, let him face his true inner. Between them two, as if more than a friend is so simple. She was chased in the University, asked him how to countermeasure, how to refuse the boys, he worked with people who set up, he declined. He knew that he was waiting for someone who was worthy of his life, but at first sight would not happen to him. He decided to do a test: as a TV drama said, like a person, when you first holding TA, you will beat faster.

Give the little girl a letter to write to the weekend, he asked her to go to the library. He had long thought about the plot, and even two sets of his lines. When she sun umbrella came face to face with the umbrella, he plucked up the courage to go in the past, from her half meters, he was too nervous forget myself to doing. Just run out of a sentence: what is it? But he is very clear, her hand carry is his two book, “life” and “ordinary world”. This is before he lent her to see, yesterday said it was also he. Asked the sentence, he knew, before the line is not ready to come in handy, even holding the heart rate is not so! This also let him know his true feelings, he likes her. So, that’s all you tell her……

Twenty year old first love1
After reading the letter, she did not ask him questions, but told him that in these three years, she rejected a total of three boys, including the work of understanding. He said, this is his second girls refused. They all know that there is a tacit understanding between each other, but not sure. She said, she believes in fate, is you, other people do not go away. It’s not you, you can’t stay. So she believed him, just as he believed her. But she is not a little girl now, the reality of the society also let her become sensible. Now she only worry, is afraid he can not have her parents that pass, two parents because of a little misunderstanding, the relationship is cold. It makes her very worried. He determined to tell her, he will crush all stop them together in disorder, even her parents, can not stop. She told him, her parents decided to occupy the eighty percent component direction, he froze. He did not know how to carry on, he was afraid of the results of her fear, afraid of her parents do not agree, afraid of her parents do not see him now, two years, a No. He told her to his family’s condition, to give up the house in the secular sense of the essential. But he loved her, and she decided that she. And even put her as the faith, and keep the love. Because “the Hawthorn Tree” is true, because the “ladder of love” is really. So he believes that their love is true. But as his only source of power, she did not dare tell him: we must be together. She also said, afraid that he is better, the more he owed him in the future. He did not believe, if they are true, except death, can have another power it was broken up? Later he knew that this power, known as the “reality””. He began to doubt everything, even suspected her feelings for him. He felt the moment of his faith in the collapse, he wanted to know the result, that he began to doubt the results: her feelings for him, is like, or just a good impression? He even supposed, if only good, so, he will keep his first kiss, and that he married people.
Buddha said: all the students are born, all the fate. A chance meeting, suddenly look back, destined to each other’s life. From three years ago to the present, they are already doomed, each other is not passing. When he learned that the moment of “love”, he knew, he will not give up, will not be willing to. He will find his faith, he will still firmly believe in her, but will continue to believe that she is the one, that with his first love, together towards marriage hall of people.
First love, has not come and enjoy the sweet love, you have to face the reality of this powerful obstacle, a little confused, a little upset, but he can only go forward, in order to this ideal fate, but also for the dream of a dream……

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