[the last love letter] you gave me the most happy memories

happy memories

[the last love letter] you gave me the most happy memories
When I met you, you are still a spotless girl, and I was one of the most common youth. Met you, perhaps you are sentimental and that beautiful face attracts me, so, I will love you in silence, watching you…… Until the day a minute of the past…… Remember the young love, is pure like, is like you have never said to you, just like in the day you are looking at you, quietly watching your little sad, laugh, and you know your little bit. At that time always want to hope that you can see my one eye, say a word, but not so much for you to see my one eye, say a word. Because I just hope that I can still love you silently, I do not want to be disturbed, but also afraid of being you know, found…… So sometimes I always think, perhaps because fate let me in this vast sea of people see a you, but perhaps you my fate is not enough to let me and you do not say, not enough to let me and you together, not enough to let you like you like me. Perhaps this is the world’s farthest distance…… Let me only in this world to continue the desolate and deserted, but also worried that, perhaps one day you will become another not belong to me”…… But we are giving each other the most happy memories, let us all remember each other.
Quiet time flowing, how many storms, in a few years, I meet with you the opportunity is very few, perhaps I do not deserve to see you, perhaps you already have their own life, love you, still on the bottom of my heart, don’t want to just want to silently hide forever…… Now think of those years, although not to meet with you, but you still silently watching the news, because you can remember the news to be happy for a long time, after a long time is long, lonely and sad, love you not only increase. Perhaps until now, you do not know, do not know that there was a man like you so long……
Although we met a very short time, but it is my best happy memories, because at that time we were together, how happy, happy, ah, although we are not necessarily together, but these happy memories, is my most happy memories. Do not know if this is not your best memories? Perhaps too.
When we are together, like you, afraid of losing your message……
Maybe you just like the beautiful morning, can beauty to a whole day, but I only like the evening watching you shed beautiful sunlight, in the night dream…… And my heavy dew tears and deeper the night, maybe you are the night sky bright stars, and I but how also can not touch your light. Perhaps a long time later, I can only in my memory to meet you, perhaps you can only in my memory…… I hope I can forget the whole world will not forget you
Because I like you very much. I love you very much……
I think I can never escape the fate of torture, will find in my world you don’t see, but never expect you to appear in one day in the lives of others, and you and I eventually even passing have no chance…… And you’re still living a good, even better, and I’m still…… I can only take these happy memories as my happy memories. Remember the little things we together. Happy sad.
When we meet again, you still have to see you when the beautiful, I still look at you, and you have more than one person. I can also put the original young and ignorant at this time, and you can meet in a simple, simple greeting, just looking at you when I have some impulse, want to ask, do you know that there is a world I love you. And in the end I was willing to put that love in their hearts, let him forever engraved…… Now I look at with him in a very happy, I still put the impulse to suppress, in the heart silently blessing you can live happily, and we in together time I take it as my best happy memories is good, of course, I hope you don’t forget our time together. Although we are not together, but still hope you can remember.Our love makes me grow a lot.
Perhaps this is my young time for me that a result, or you can not see, perhaps I do not want you to see, I end my youth, from now on, I am no longer young…… Now I am no longer young, but I will remember my best happy memories, happy memories of you have me. At that time, we were so happy, but now it is only a memory.

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