The highest state of love

The highest state of love

The highest state of love
One day, the girl asked the boy: honey, what is the highest state of your love? The man wants to say: “I think it should be a life and death! Because a person can die for another person, can abandon life, that of people is the most important of all, it should be is the realm of love the highest point. ”
The highest state of love, the girl thought, nodded. Because she thought of it.
She saw a lot of love, it will always be the most heroic life and death together. But, more common people love is just the usual love and hate, just ordinary sad and happy. A quick, quick, quick.
Left is perhaps the final residence, and the walk is a passing. If you have experienced the love of life and death is the highest point of true love, then the next dull life and how to face it? But the love of life and death, in the face of the next ordinary life and years of baptism, and how long it can last? Perhaps most people can not understand, can not understand. Have experienced life and death, it is said that it can not afford the baptism of the years?
After a while, the girl and the boy had a fight. Because the girls recently often cry sad and often no reason to make trouble out of nothing. She asked the boy said: “after the make trouble out of nothing in the end what is true love?”
The boy is very surprised, did not answer her directly, but asked her: “how do you, do we have experienced so much, still can not explain what?” The girl is silent!
The girl woke up after sleeping for two days, she would like to see a problem.
Perhaps the highest realm of love, should be the habit. When you get used to a person’s life, you really fall in love with him. Love is a person to another personal habits of recognition, love to the highest level is the recognition of his habits. This is called inclusion.
Just like my mother used to Dad snoring, never adapt to adapt, to could not sleep without his snore, this is a habit, this is love! A man accustomed to a woman, her willful coquetry, even make trouble out of nothing, make trouble out of nothing. Although sometimes will still do not understand, but he can humility, to adapt, to feel her vexatious, much ado about nothing. And this kind of tolerance and understanding, slowly also became a habit. And girl from often capricious and unreasonable, much ado about nothing habits, felt his understanding and tolerance, know what used to be a person’s life, has now become a two person’s life; formerly a person’s thoughts, now turned into a two person’s thoughts. Be able to truly experience the world of two people, how to think, how to face the new life. Will go to understand his feelings, and can always feel his love. With the love of this understanding day by day, capricious, vexatious is less and less, the understanding for girls, slowly has become a habit.
A person will change, for another person to give, this is love. The philosophy of love is sometimes so simple, in fact, in the life of the drip. If you always can not adapt to a person, to adapt to all his habits, it can only show that you do not have the heart to love him. Or that you are not in the realm of love, for love is in the details.

The highest state of love1
When you have been used to your lover all the habits, such as his clothes of tobacco flavor, such as his morning bath, such as he does not like to eat hot pepper, such as his all you do not have the habit, or you simply do not like the habit. When you think that everything has become a habit, and you really want to think, in the process of adaptation, and how much he changed how many habits, he changed how many habits. In your true (and not one hundred percent) to think clearly, then don’t ask what love is, because this is a very stupid topic!
Love is as simple as water, the ability to touch, drink, let us feel cool and comfortable.
When experienced life and death, the flat in the personal habits, it is difficult to change. Two people’s personality and habits, slowly reflected. This time the tolerance of each other’s habits, or to stick to their own habits do not compromise? Said tolerance, understanding, support for other people’s habits, said the easy, difficult to do.

Not to compromise, the two people will have a dispute, often this time will appear again and again the crisis. Dispute or crisis, after all, will be in the past, after all, will be attributed to calm. But after the dispute, we must think carefully, think about things right and wrong, who is right, who is wrong. Correct to insist, to correct the wrong. Some want to communicate with each other, some want to digest. But maybe you are not necessarily right now, maybe you’re right. The standard of which no one can speak clearly, because there are too many people in the life of the habit of waiting for two people to run in, to feel, to fight, to tolerance…… This is perhaps the whole of life, this is perhaps the course of love, the reason is that the truth is not clear. Some people are not accustomed to another person’s life, but still went to the end of life; some people will use a lifetime to catch each other’s habits; and the people are very early to understand, how to face the habit of love……
Girls now believe that love is the water, easy and simple. But there are a lot of people don’t understand the reason. She is the same, too, like a woman, like a man.

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