The eight day of the twelfth lunar month

Just the car, he saw her alone or in the night of the cold. She also saw him, and quickly ran to him, eager to ask: “how?”” He sighed and shook his head. A hint of disappointment flashed across her face, but it soon disappeared. She asked: “do you have a meal?” He grabbed her cold hand and said, “I have eaten it. Go, let’s go back.”
They walk in the desolate street. The night wind is not easy to find a target, from scratch to their endless. They go against the wind, hold hands, step by step, and walk hard.
“This ghost weather, it’s cold!” He could not help him. She looked at him and said, “do you know what day it is?”” He thought for a long time, really can not think of what day is today. She said: “today is Laba!” “It? Haven’t thought about it for a long time. In rural areas, every year to drink Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits……”
When he thought of eating, he suddenly felt hungry he had not eaten. Looking for a day’s work, is still around the wall, he was depressed a little loss of appetite. In fact, just want to eat, just enough money in his pocket the return fares. And now, wake up in spring. The insects like hunger in his belly, “cuckoo” cried. She said: “the village elders say” La seven Laba, freeze off Chin ‘, no wonder so cold today.”
He said: “I only think this year’s special cold, cold have all about the human life!” He remembered the cold hole encountered when looking for a job, those who face colder than snow. He couldn’t help but shudder, looked at the front of the icy streets long endless. He did not know, his future will be how, when to meet the spring.
He can’t find a job. She can’t understand it. He is the first college students in the village, how could not even work to find it? She did not know how small, how close they were, and how far away they were. Where a person came to the city, was immediately overwhelmed in the surging crowds! She did not know, now college students, they are like spring flowers all over the mountains and plains on the hillside. She thought that he was the only one in the world! She doesn’t know as well, is now looking for a job, not just rely on the strength of their class that a few every day to play games are the make-up of the students is because of the relationship between, early to put work was signed. Of course, he won’t tell her that. In her heart, he has always been tall and perfect. Now, his job being blocked, he feels she has on their ability to produce doubt. He didn’t want to change his image in her mind.
In front of a clothing store is not closed, the bright lights illuminate the long street. Walking in the past, she was attracted to the inside of the clothes, the envy of his eyes and eager to sting his heart bursts of pain. He looked at her clothes, or from the countryside, so the earth, so old. The girl in the city, who had not been dressed for twenty years.
The village girls are jealous of her and said she was looking for a college student, the future will take her to live in the city Villa, eat, wear, too little grandmother, like life. She has been proud of it, looking forward to, secretly le. But now, what can he give her? She had to wear the country or homely fare, the countrified clothes…… He suddenly felt that he was useless. A big man, read so many books, spent so much money, in the end it is not even the ability to buy clothes for a girlfriend!
It’s getting colder and colder, the way home is like a lot of home tonight. It’s not half as long as you go. Said to be “home”, in fact, where is what ah! It was only a temporary loan, and it was a farmer’s home on the edge of the city. However, because of her, the simple little house also has a little home warm feeling, especially in such a cold night.
“Home” has finally arrived. He quickly grabbed one of the most thick clothes to wear. She turned away, and he thought she was going to the bathroom.
After a while, she with a bowl of reeky things come in. He saw, is Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits! She said, “I know you haven’t eaten yet, you have to eat it quickly.”!” He asked: “how do you do it?” She said: “I to the landlord aunt to the grain afternoon, I borrowed a bit her pot cook it well, just to warm. The landlord aunt said, since we can cook with her pot, after we do not go outside to eat. Only in this way can save a little money, but also here to support a few days… ”
He ate steaming porridge, thinking of his useless, thinking of her own good, tears can’t help, a heart a heart of roll fall down. Fall in reeky porridge.
After eating, he wiped his mouth with a paper towel, and wiped the tears on the face. He didn’t want to let her know he was crying. She cleared the dishes, said: “go to bed early, to get up early tomorrow.” He thought of tomorrow, think of the face that is colder than snow, my heart burst of fear, I really hope that don’t come tomorrow, let yourself in this small room hide forever!

They lie on the bed, the quilt is very thin, they are hugging tightly, in order to warm. She said, “do you still remember? The village elders said, Laba is often one of the coldest days of the year. The weather is Laba, every day is warm.” He said, “it seems like that.”.” She said, “so, you don’t lose heart. Although you are not smooth, but bad in the end, a good day will come.”
“In the end, a good day is coming.” He read this sentence several times in his heart. He thought, she is not much, can say so there is “philosophy” words to encourage him, visible is very much a thought of. He read a few years, let him as pour as a church mouse and her family, but did not find a job. She not only has not said a word Yuanguai, also pay more care of him to take care of him, trying to encourage him, how could he live up to her deep love and hope!
Think of here, he was full of confidence and courage, in her face a heavy kiss, said: “you rest assured, I will find a job tomorrow.”! I will let you live a good life!”

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