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It turns out that we are just in the World Traveler

It turns out that we are just in the World Traveler
We were just in the World Traveler, sanshengshi above is engraved with thefate of traces, without you and I alone, fate is on why so many people seek,with the conversion of rings, alternate time River flows, is changing thelife of regret? Has life changed? The flow of time makes me forgeteverything on Earth, but I can’t have been the most beautiful encounter.

World Traveler

Go edge to edge has left us far too much sadness, but always impossible toforget, forget that a touch of sadness


Sad days wandering alone in the dark of night silent. Look to the stars ofthe night sky, bottom up those painful Ming


Happy and sad memories. Alone to rely on memories in front of the window hadspot, but his eyes shed tears in the middle of it. In this quiet and sadnight unable to sigh.


How many earthly joys and sorrows, unsatisfactory scattered, leaving someunforgettable memories, and scattered in the dust, and the unforgettablepain, became a long fare, expect them to shed light on the years left scars.All human life is learning to forget, but there is so much to do, and when time across the lonely nights, see sativa in a touch of sadness, alwaysinfected with a helpless feeling. Remember, old age, loneliness itself.Emotional story in the world of the traveler.


World Traveler tells everyone, always feeling confused, meticulous care whybecoming dust scattered, are saddled with not years of vicissitudes, also isvulnerable to time sanding? Engraved on the stone writing, why you aremissing me? The poetic chapters is a flick going, became the sentimentalwriting. Meditation, is his lack of warmth, are not doing well enough, oremotional too fragile, and withstand a little rain will die. And we didn’tgive a grip, a play apart to play, have become each other‘s observers.


How far is the distance of heart and heart, why not see each other‘sposition. An idea is the horizon, turn around so easy, a gulf barrier, will eventually become unable to ferry its banks. Old time, so will the memoriesdried? Unintentionally be stitching pictures, who touched the pain, tearingsomeone sad. Read all my thoughts in the rain, rain strongly hit the windowdrops down stirred a heartache. Rain mixed with disturbing thoughts, twistedinto a knot. Want to open the Windows to rain, strengthening of baptism, asrain washes all the heartbreak, peel off all alone.


Often be unwilling, for some random encounters is so deep, if all the hurtis too hard, do not know how easy to let go, then who is going to appeasethe time left? Always question whether years lived up to what I, or me todrag down the years? Otherwise, why get out of their disturbed spiral?Always read in silence in a text, look for the sections of the same mood,only to find that all the statements are expressions of deep enough. Havelate-night writing, outline of the graffiti was a happy encounter, but time and time again is infection by the sad, that one‘s dialogue is so humble,one-man show without audience is so feeble.


World Traveler tell everyone a feeling for the whole life to play iscomplete, so how to direct a perfect ending? World life, we all loseendurance, evolving into each other in a variety of spectator. Rememberingit as unable to close the gate, always in lonely midnight pours, sadtentacles stretching, relentlessly tearing in the lonely night. Shooting stars across, full of words how to tell. Always thinking, lonely in theMiddle, you will have the same loss? Meteor fall will the moment of stunning


Gradually learned to disguise, through the earthly bustle packaging with asmile himself, always cover the blue eyes. If the smile is the mask sorrowmedicine, I did not have been looking for good reason. Face the oftentransitory thoughts, always told myself not too stubborn, written andperformed by solo will not get any relief, always trying to resolve with thefaint melancholy in the heart, but I can’t find an excuse for forgetting.


In red travelers tell us, often silent and a corner of the time, countingtime watching rain, drifting clouds ever blossoming understanding solitudeof the sky? Forced to stay after all, catch a gentle. And there is always somuch to the world, for a portrait, but again disappointed in separated.Always thinking, if not meet in this gorgeous, you you, I or me, then eachwill have lived a comfortable life, waiting for a simple. If we had anothermeeting, then will leave everywhere downtown, pick up pieces spliced intothe spring with a stunning.


Thought in the spring season, full aroma full sleeves, but a man‘s fragranceand how can perform a romance for two. The flower open flowers, bees andbutterflies dance everywhere, add put a Miss lonely. Thickening of the ringin, looked at me with a tree view for, was swaying into a wicker serum leptin. Old time, alternation of night and day to keep, and I took long tocover up the emptiness inside. When night fell, stars and influences, whileignoring the scattered Moonlight, as reflected in the pool round of qingyingfull lonesome, as with it and I kept silent black and white, crazy keeping awordless ending.


No fruit in life, edge to edge to retain not live too much, if I could do it again, I would like to pick up a beautiful leaf blades, shake it all sad,cut out the shape of spring, chic bookmark full incense made from a green.If the time that old, I would like to turn into a dust plume, forget all thesadness, the accumulation of years of rotation of all the events of the pastare no longer referred to. our Love without consequence


World Traveler tell you, directed and performed by solo the whole life tothe interpretation, a different interpretation of the tragic comedy. Whenthe time to stay in the memory, I‘d rather turn into a invisible windshadow. Most beautiful encounter in life is but a sad memory, with theelegant but always forget sadness in dribs and drabs.


It seems I’m destined to be with you in the World Traveler.