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Heard that love had been

Heard that love had been
Too much alone time gives us the harsh reality of love, happiness is used to love after a brilliant passing by the brilliant Fireworks. My story with you, having an affair with unease, and Red dust, dwellers, not to mention the memories, no romantic, no dye in dedicated time looking back between 3,000 emotions tangled, all sad cause lingering, not half a glass of wine and finish, but the most heart.


Miss love has deserted the good times, passing old of silly waiting for happiness, fate not for each other in this life you my previous feelings, good eventually lost yesterday, today unfortunately destined to become the next melancholy. Let go of your hand, lost all the tenderness, love went away, even to you has become an emotional luxury.


Gently I forget not quit when you are missing, our lost love are my indelible memories of unspeakable, that year under the starlit, I promise with you is we have no time to realize aspirations. Once the oath but arrived in time to hurry after all, at the beginning of love is lost to time and the reality, I am with you the whole time time, Acacia fragrance in the river our in the lush days of good love.


There was a time when I met you, my life began to fall into a situation beyond redemption, you make me love the bone, I’m still your eye you to ignore me, I still treatyou as before. Knowing that love hard, just as you love whoever love drunk, just foryou most love. Glass time grounded much of the time, no time wasted waiting, thatthrough the Red Dust road, drunk who‘s heart? Who brought the dream? If the years old when, looking back, she is still around, it was very good.


Maybe you‘re in love with me, maybe we can still be together, maybe not maybe, maybe it‘s all just beautiful dreams in my fantasy. After you left, I suddenly found thatwe love is so humble, humble to let low to dust. Forget you when I want to admit it,we love to die that day, we would not exist again any possible maybe.


When a man eager to two sweet, when two people yearning for one‘s freedom. When love is absent, with their only emotional solitude when love comes, we think thatthis is how you walk with happiness all the way love my dying day, in addition to endless loneliness there damn lonely yoke and disturbance of the alcohol in the sky. Flesh and blood we always stand the temptation of love, even if it makes their black and blue holes, when the wound heals, we chose, as always, for love obsession.


Love you understand and practice love is for the ride a success. Once upon a time,we suddenly found his 1100 degrees in the sea searching, float or sink, always find the soul mate, when the heart is tired, only to find that people have been standing behind his, readily waiting for you, just waiting for you a sweet turn and look back.


Love had you only knows, even we life among met had many people, falls in love with had many people, however these people also just himself through red back each other across end of a passing, a turned left already became each other of a distant of back, hurried and to, urgent urgent left, dang has days alone back past, is found had most love of that people now already became each other life in the a stranger people.


When I was young, we have all been longing for love, we have everything to love someone. When the man left that day, we thought his heart would be frozen for thatperson, and then with die alone. We thought that I love so true, so deep in love, losthis equivalent to losing all the good in your life, he will never again dare so earnestly to love someone.


Until then, the long years we stitched the wound healing, oncebeaten black and blue scar became the most powerful arm in our life, maybe then we have obscured the man‘s name and appearance, and then, on a sunny morning, we met another of his life shine warm people.


At that moment, we want to go back and look at the yourself, if you can, you want to touch her head, then smiled and said to her: stop crying, the man is just a passer your life, you will meet the most important man in your life.


However, when young, how can you understand, you will cry more pity: no, I lost him, I would never love a man.


It turned out that we were both just stay in that happy and sad, sad and in the goodold days, when you, me, and we used to love.


.but still willing to love everything the young age.


Farewell to lost love. Hello, I am someone.

The sky of love

The sky of love
Only if the first sign of life, what autumn wind sad picture fan.
Like summer, like spring grass, fragrant smell, can think of a lot of……
My name is Jing Tong, a fifteen year old girl who loves to dream. About the article, just some mood is really nice. Essays. Two days, with everything to make people admire the unforgettable memories. Like to have a look at the window sill, fantasy can have Superman into his world; fantasy for Cinderella, looking for their own prince……
In summer, flowers in early puberty, born of love, like.
I don’t understand love, he also don’t understand. Summer wind study is very good, is my former table, just to school, I was not attracted to him, until the second day, the hearts of a lot of fresh things to stimulate, in my mind, he gave birth to a little love, always wanted to see his eyes, however, he also did not know. In this way, silent love, heart secretly delighted.
Finally one day, I plucked up her courage, he said: ‘the wind, summer, i…. I Like you. ‘sick!’ He returned to a cold, thinking: I go, he is not a boy ah! I can summon the courage to confess, how could he? How can….. Hum…. You’re a big bad guy. I hate you. Even so, I can not forget him, instead, because he, I gradually understand, love is what. I don’t see him, every time I pass by his side, I have to avoid, he is also a natural way to rely on, damn, I want to say you understand? I blame. Air but more is to care.
I like you, no reason, not only is very short, I want to love you, has been passed down.
The summer wind let me fall into the abyss of misery, utter not a single word, his silence, witnessed my unrequited love.
Summer wind, I hope you understand, I mean, I know, you are a genius, like Naoki genius, remember you ever said to me, you will like Confucius, endless anymore, I admit, I am very headstrong, but you can pit can not be rejected me, this kind of words, I will more ruthless under heart to forget you. I like you, but now only 2 months, but, when I am quiet down, always think of you, think about what you are doing, even if you do not take care of me, I also want to do a silent support you. Even if we meet again after ten years, I will be proud of you, it is because of you, I learned to give up. Willing to give up, so I have been struggling, but want to be determined to isolate your life, just because you want to make you better, no matter whether you like me or not.
But it will not change the hearts of the people, but people michimoto volatile.
I think I still like you very much, but hide deeper, do not want to get out in the sun.
Give up is, willing to give up.

Love is a kind of compromise.

Love is a kind of compromise.

Love is a kind of compromise.
Two people quarrel, and finally a person to admit defeat in the first to apologize, I want to say that this is not the first to admit defeat, but he is too concerned about the feelings of the road. And this time the apology is the love elegant show, when vigorous drifting further and further away, can each other is of love finally test the.
Two people after many fate of the points and eventually come together, once a person into two, when I become us, together with the beautiful will be perfect show, but this love is not so smooth, need two people long time, each other a tacit understanding, will be perfect. Maybe she’s still angry. Maybe she didn’t give him a gentle, is still cold face, but who can recognize the table on the steaming hot meal, who can deny that already ironed clothes, these is love, because bones treasure, so it will be so elegant.
In fact, everyone’s love and love is not difficult to meet. It is difficult to be made one meet love. Love you and the person you love is not a person, so, love is still far from you one hundred and eight thousand miles away! Love is the two person to rub out the spark, is not a lonely monologue. Don’t think you love someone else is love, if she didn’t fall in love with you. So, you can follow her footsteps and then how urgent, it is just a person’s wishful thinking. Even if in the end you will have her, Faith moves mountains, this is not a perfect love. Because love is not the exchange, so, two people fall in love, the compromise is often the most care of people, because he knows a section of love each other, how difficult.
When your love in return is a feeling of gratitude. This can not be called love, that is why some people are very good to you, and you can not love, because in front of you do not understand the compromise, you think he is all the love should be, so that the true meaning of love.
Lake in the concentric lock is the witness of the love of two people, and concentric lock repair is not so easy, there is a person given up a lot to guard this sentiment, another individual needs hard pursue to be on her love beat, this infatuation definitely will be love to pure and perfect embodiment. Thoughts appeared, you think that she would think of you, this is also known as the heart.
Every one of us can not bear lonesome, restless feelings be triggered at any moment. In this secular world, love is transparent, clearly visible. If only feelings really worth pursuing, other things like Feeling’s Gone Away, fleeting. Then, a restless heart began to seek shelter can no longer lonely. When two people come together to love, like love. Can be in a lot of time, have a person, a section of affection, and can’t meet the needs of their love. For a long time, it is inevitable that will feel boring. Although the fresh feeling can not decide everything, but still can affect the person who is very bad to the feeling of self control. Betrayal, a very serious word, but also a fatal injury in love.
Love is a compromise of the elegant, but that doesn’t mean that someone can be under the umbrella of love do whatever they want, because too fancy love won’t let love covered with a layer of shame cloth, so once beyond the limits of love, tolerance, the graceful disappears, despite how do you regret to no avail, so love the elegance is limited.

Love is a kind of compromise.1
In love’s single mindedness is worthy of, the world has many couples have and have not had a vigorous love, but their Xiangruyimo is composed of the pieces of love is not the old myth, we impetuous and daring in love we are so not Gu, even only the eyes of the each other. When this heat disappeared suddenly we can not find the original meaning of love, because we do not understand the love of quiet, but also not understand the love of the arts.
Love is actually looking for a warm person for a lifetime. No matter what the world is the temptation to be able to withstand, and two only to move closer to the heart. Do not go out of the side to hurt people, sometimes I think of all the people in the world if they all know love, then how wonderful it is. Cherish the people who love you, cherish you in your side has always been to protect you, always put you as a baby. That person is really valuable. He’s in your side, you do not know that you really love him, and even thought that their care is the reason, rarely realized his important, and sometimes he and his temper, sometimes feel tired, sometimes feel the lack of passion, but when you do not have him around you, no one cares about your illness, suddenly found that the people who have been the most loved. You have to learn to love him, you have to learn to love the elegant, occasionally to tolerate his temper, then he will love you more.
Because love is a compromise of the elegant, if you learn, cherish a lifetime romance, this will be the best interpretation of the feelings and your for a lifetime love of meaning.
Whenever I think of a person, perhaps the tears have wet, perhaps regret had not learned to compromise

Love, scattered

Love, scattered

Love, scattered
High school life seems to be only for the University and efforts, one day to learn in order to be able to circle the parents generation distant dream, all the sustenance with the arrival of the third year and more easily.
He is lucky to be one of them. He would have assumed a coming stormin posture but because a person’s fate comes with some change.
That day, the white clouds as if they have to talk about the other side of the blue sky; the edge of the edge is quiet, see through the stars. The students hate not to head into studying hard words to each word into the stomach and digestion.
The students stopped, I come to introduce a new student. At this time, the class teacher and the new students are already standing on the platform. Hello, my name is Zhao Ruyi, I’m glad to meet you. The students have to look up the new visual human girl, with bright eyes, enjoy the gentle. Of course, our fellow men can see, is the hot thorn as in the face, I felt, well! A sound. More like a man of praise, the angel of salvation has come. If you can, you will be in front of He Fei. Ah? What I do not know what fly sleep standing up, full of laughter.
Why did you come here? He asked. Because of my household registration in the province can not participate in the college entrance examination, so come back ah. A unique understanding, to make the two began to warm up.
Not good, it will be late. He flew in a hurry to think, how to sleep over it. Hurry to school rush, just halfway; discover that, the headmaster is scolded Zhao Ruyi, this is what ah? He fly brain transient short circuit. Hello, Hello! The student you come over, unexpectedly and late! I’m standing here for five minutes.
When they walked into the class, in the eyes of the boys write full of surprise, and the teacher was listening Taoism, Jennifer in our class come ah, air route is not very safe, Malaysia Airlines can fly lost, careful next time. At the same time, the two face flushed. At this time they became the eyes of the screen couple,
Give you candy. Why? He asked. For no reason, even if we can too hard. Well, He Feigang is going to reach for, just feel the blood coagulation, surrounded by murderous rising. You take it back, he said, “he said.”. Now that you’re given, you take it. Then, as the sugar where the desk was a fly.
In the next few days, he received several male students to fight with his message. He Fei, go out and play football, some of the students in the class called him. And so on, right now. Because of the high school teaching building distance basketball court, so that playing football is to take a third grade three high school tradition, usually they also often play. Today we’ll point luck, playing the loser of a team doing push ups. As a result, he flew a team to complete the upper limb strength.
Afternoon classes live collective labor, rub the glass, the class was announced, a group of side windows.
As they fly and what group soon finished. He Fei pick up the scraps of paper back to see such as holding a book is what turned. What do you see? Look at the diary, as explained, let me have a look. He Fei said, smiling. Yeah, well, you have to look at what I’ve assigned. Yes, no problem! He flew fast answer. On the He Fei’s desk, if it’s in a good turn. At first, he is still in that one, can wait for a little bit of attention, He Fei’s eyes to the other page. Such as to hear how to fly the bad laugh to know that he was fooled. Immediately get up to grab, how to fly the two legs of the arm to work hard to protect. Oh, where are the flying and hand over his forehead. Are you all right? He flew to the concerns of the question. Welcome here is a hum. He flew to keep his diary on the table. As I leave school on his desk when what many painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and a knowing smile. Fairly you have a conscience, such as in thinking.
Do you like watching the snow? Love ah, like their white body with pale and fell, the fairy tale in the world. He just watched her fly.
Winter before winter is always very cold, and how many lives. Self-study class, two people in the corner, hey, you heard that one night every day a man to call her. Is that what you have. I guess she is not at all what school, ah, is nurturing mistress, then dumped……Rub! He Fei stood up, the pace of the heavy walk to the side of the students. I really feel sad for you just saying, He Fei said, then picked up a rain like fist greeting on the head.
Chinese new year has become a habit, but also become a tradition, in fact, is not a year, it is a family reunion.

Love, scattered1
School begins as scheduled. He Fei, I think one day come to school early to tidy things, can not think of the school is not open. After the fight, they had not spoken for a long time. He Fei did not expect such as in accordance with the call to him, you go to the hotel, ah, that is not on the line. No, I don’t like to the Internet through the night, we go together. He Fei thought is also, and the family said to go to the students home to play, the night may not be back. Parents also feel that let him relax, just go with him.
You play games or do ah? I want to see love apartment. As excited to say, where to start to play the game, at midnight, he flew to play tired, found in the body curled up in a chair, quietly sleeping. Fei took his clothes off cover on the body such as, looked like in accordance with the eyelash hushanhushan, occasionally crystal tears, so for an instant, He Fei always want to quiet down, don’t know he is not the real meaning to clear up the tears! After the dawn of what to fly as back to school, He Fei back home to fill the sleep, the taste of a night’s sleep is really not good, he flew in the mind. Parents only when he is tired of playing.
Near the entrance of the college entrance exam is only a month, and the only way to continue to test the students’ hearts. This day, after the test, the sky suddenly began to rain. He Fei didn’t take an umbrella, such as rain back to the dormitory to take an umbrella, and seeing where to fly home. The rain slowly became pattering up, the two side by side under the umbrella. Where are you going to apply for it? He Fei asked, of course is to choose a city to see snow, as thought says, in the end is what? I won’t ever tell you He flew in a hurry, the umbrella in the hands of the hands forward, as in the wind and rain to stay in a mess, such as in accordance with the following. So one in the first in the play after the chase. Later I come to where the umbrella.
On this day, the streets of Ma Rulong, a quiet down. He Fei is still thinking about yesterday’s things, this time I was not alone on the road. When he flies to stand in front of her arm, I accompany you to see the snow! He Fei cool said, as did not answer, but Xilihuala tears has betrayed her.
How can you not come? He Fei thought, may have entered the classroom early, he flew to try to comfort themselves; but restless mood has not hidden, but must be in the classroom.
After the test, he flew to contact with the other end of the phone, but the other end of the phone is like the sea. He Fei want to understand, he also can’t want to understand.
After the University, and finally in the other students in the mouth to know, the entrance that day, such as the mother of a car accident died, such as in accordance with the sick, only the father of a man in the hard support.
He Fei leave to the home, such as in the home, after a turnover of the father moved, moved to the home, is said to be a very distant place.
He flew to find out the address of the home after the letter sent a letter, the letter is only a word,
If in accordance with, a person to see the snow good lonely, or I accompany you to see the mountain.