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The most heartache distance in the world

The most heartache distance in the world

The most heartache distance in the world
The furthest distance in the world is not the end of the world, not the Cape, is the soul of the distance. When the two once close to the heart and then do not feel the warmth, love will come to an end. If there are one thousand reasons to give up, and only one reason to continue to love you, but the only reason is better than the one thousand reasons, it is: love only once. So, our story can be followed?
There are a number of stories, and perhaps it’s not the beginning of the end. Too late to smile, and we had to say goodbye to the wave. If not, why meet joy; if there is fate, why meet me? It is fate, after the rush to meet you and I turned that into a stranger, to become the most familiar stranger. Clearly know that love will not have the results, clearly know love will have a heart, but it is so serious.
There is a sound, never have to remember, but will never forget; there is a concern, never looking for, but will never be lost; there is a kind of thinking, never mind, but will never stop. Probably did not have a real, also does not have the so-called lost. Walking in the edge of love and pain, and consider the last glass of wine, drunk in a dream and wake up in a dream.
Really fall in love with a person may only a year, but to miss you, I am afraid that the exhaustion of this life is not enough? The once spent good time, once once wet my eyes to the truth, once meet the vision of a better future, how can forget?

The most heartache distance in the world1
I only have always treasured forever, forever moving, forever. I know you, is my greatest happiness; cherish you, I have never changed my mind; leave you, is my most helpless decision. People say there are three: preexistence and afterlife. If life can not be, I hope the next life, then, I will be me, you still is you?
I still can keep in the place you don’t appear, still can keep in the time you don’t know the time to think you; wait for you, think you, is the most sweet heartache. Stick your face in my chest, the tears already infiltrated my sleeve, you and I were silent for a long time, should not say you finally said that exports, after you turn left to embrace, I smiled and said goodbye, the heart but trembling, I have no courage to ask why you leave, want to say love you have for a long time can I never, only blame himself did not grasp your hand……

The most heartache distance in the world3

Lost you I know how important you are, now that regret is useless, heart although the pain, only themselves to blame hadn’t love unsaid, and now want to say love you have to find an excuse, after losing you I breathe or unpleasant. The most painful distance in the world is not your indifference to say you do not care, but you let go, I will always live in regret, can not forget!
The most painful distance in the world, is not I live in regret, can not forget, but you do not understand my sadness, do not understand my heart of loneliness! The most painful distance in the world is not that you don’t understand my sorrow, I don’t know my loneliness, but I can’t cry because I’m lonely. Now I am for you, also only a stranger, walking in the wind and rain, you will not be sad for me……