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Love in the world

Love in the world

Love in the world
There was once a boy fell in love with a girl, the boy is very good for girls. The girl was touched by the boy. Because the boy’s family is not good. The girl’s family objected to them. But the girl still insisted on getting along with the boy.
In the days when they were together, the boy often got the girl in the morning to play poker with his family and his family. Sometimes he took the girl to the field to see the scenery and went to the mountains…… The boy loves girl, what’s the girl’s. Even if you don’t want to go to the place also will accompany the girl to. The boy gave the girl the money to the girl. Oneself a point also don’t stay. The girl asked the boy to give the money to the boy’s parents, but the boy said he had a brother and sister. Still determined to give money to the girl. The girl gave her money to go to the drugstore to buy some medicine for the boy’s father, and to help the boy’s home. Although the girl can’t cook, but the boy will do anything. Do the boy she likes to eat rice, vegetables, cakes for girls. The boy was afraid the girl also does not have the girl to do not let the girl do.
In the eyes of the girl is happy, but also very envious of her. Girls themselves are very happy, content. A boy friend ask him to go along with the gold work, to three months, this is the first and the girls separate so long, boys are unwilling to look, the girl smiled and said to the boy; I am waiting for you to come back. The boy told the girl that he took good care of himself. When two people break up the moment, the girl turned to tears blurred eyes. The boy left, the girl was a serious illness. The girl felt the time was so slow. Do you want to have a boy outside? Eat what ah? What clothes to wear? How good it is!
After a month of zero two days, the girl’s birthday is coming, the girl forgets her birthday. Friends all come to celebrate the girl’s birthday, the girl in the mind, and the boy get along with their own is but the birthday, then every birthday is a boy busy looking for a friend to the girl birthday. Looking at the girl or not happy. Friends all smile girl single love. At the dinner, when someone knocked at the door, the girl got up to open the door, see the boy standing outside the door looking at his silly smile. He thought, how did he come back? Not to say three months? Friends see the girl standing in the doorway was stunned. All stood up and walked to the door, they saw the boy came back were surprised, then the friend said; don’t just stand there, hurriedly come to talk about why they gave us a surprise attack; said you took the boy and the girl came into the room and sat down. The boy said, today is the girl’s birthday, in any case to come back to the girl birthday. Also said work places not to come back, boy managed to intercede with the leadership, just put boy two days off, night is by car back. Said from his pocket and took out a small box, we can’t wait to open a to see, very delicate a ceramic pony show in front of everyone. Said the boy girl is a genus of horse, site work busy no time to go shopping, half a month ago to work on the road in a stall, saw the little horse is very good. Buy it and give it to the girl. Picked the girl’s hand to pull over and put on her finger a ring, marvel girl; the boy said with a smile; this is my site alluvial gold in the sand out of gold, large particles of I is with the mouth with, a saved up enough to beat a ring, I come back to beat for you. The ring above is a blessing. Friends a piece of cheers, applause. We all thought the car would have to sit one day, back and forth two days to give the girl a birthday, in the home will be able to stay for 3 hours. We are looking at the girl, the girl stared at the side smirking boy. Friend pushed push girl, silly to see what ah, see you this pony, I really did not expect stall unexpectedly still so exquisite gift. Girl this is in the hands of a friend to take over the delicate pony looked down, a word did not say, with tears to the pony took a bath. Girls and boys to embrace to come over, silly girl. Today is my birthday to be happy, everyone to accompany your birthday, smile, friends said unpromising girl…

Time like running water, six years gone by. The girl’s family still don’t approve of her marrying him! The girl’s father and mother really do not agree, no matter how the girl and the family explained, the result is that the family. Mom and dad want girls to find a better condition for the family, there is a job. Maybe the family is for the girls! Don’t want to let the girl find a no house, no work. No one has ever had a hard time! Said the mother and the girl, then you are not my daughter, cut off the relationship. Said the mother of the halo of the past. Look at the ailing mother. One side is the boy who loves his own. One side is the mother of 20 years of raising their own. The girl’s heart softened. Promised that he was not married to him.

Love in the world1
Afterwards the girl put what happened told the boy fondly looked at the girl, holding the girl’s hand and said; I understand you, blame me didn’t have the money to marry you! Don’t blame your mom and Dad! I have nothing to offer. The girl said; it’s not your fault; these years you earn money on me and my family. Don’t blame you! The boy hugged the girl and stroked her hair, the girl felt the head of her head wet, hugged the boy.
Soon after the girl’s mother asked the girl to introduce a field of the object; and the girl said the boy is quite good, there is work, family good…… Did not wait for the mother to say that the girl to her mother said you look good on the line, do not ask me.
So soon the girl’s marriage was set up by the family. The family was busy preparing for the girl’s marriage. The boy helped run! The girl looked at them like a lost lamb. Married the boy took the girl’s hand and said to the girl; baby I love you forever. There is no longer also a person like me so love you. You people do not agree with we together I don’t blame them, only to blame myself, don’t hate your family. They are also to make you happy, if you live a happy life; look at me would also be happy to. If you come back to me, I’m waiting for you! Waiting for you forever. Girls feel that they are not married, not to mention the boys very sorry boy. Tell the boy that you are a good man, and you will find a good girl. He’s good for her. She’ll never forget. Let the boy wait for her! Two people on the separation of the hearts of this! The girl did not sleep a wink all night!
Second days the girl got married. The boy rushed to the girl’s home, the girl had been picked up by others! He looked at the girl’s room and looked at the familiar, empty! For a long time the boy went away, and he went to the place where he used to go. Looking for memories, memories of the past.!
Married girls feel they have been married, although and her husband did not love, the husband does not know how to love her, but people are people, and slowly cultivate feelings. To be worthy of the people! It’s better for her husband and his family. Try to do a wife that the thing to do, a year later the girl has her own child.
The boy has never been looking for another girl, so it has been three or four years. The girl met the boy on her way back to her home. That the boy is still waiting for her, the girl is very guilty. She said to the boy; let him become the past memories, don’t persist in wilfully and arbitrarily. But the boy did not give up. The girl and the boy said; do you not find the object? Except me, I don’t think you can find the object. Or else you look for me to see? The girl wants to let the boy find a home. He didn’t want to just go, so the boy dared. At that time, the boy looked at the girl for a long time.

To the girl’s surprise, the boy really soon find an object, perhaps the girl dared to play. Maybe the girl was impressed by the handsome appearance of the boy. Listen to the boy’s family said the girl is much smaller than he. But the boy is very cold to her. That girl is good for him. The girl wants to marry him, the boy is not willing to. The boy’s family also let the girl persuade the boy to the girl. At that time, the girl wanted to; so the boy is no longer lonely, some people care about him. My heart is happy boy and a little sour feeling. When the boy saw the girl, she said to the boy with a smile on her face, the girl is better, and she said to me, I can rest assured that you find a friend I am happy for you. Get married earlier. Otherwise your family and I will be worried about you, the boy said angrily, I’m on you! People in the home is forcing me to find an object, you should not provoke me? The girl told him; it was all for him. Boy thought for a while, in a low voice said, as long as you happy is my biggest wish, a man heart if you fall in love with a girl, even if other girls in excellent too. I only have you in my heart! This feeling is only the most clear in my mind. I have no other request; even if we can not be together, I hope that I am also your closest person, no matter what is not happy, remember me, do not change the phone number? Although you don’t let me hit you, I don’t play. At least I feel that I can find you, will not be as before, no phone; contact not to lose your feelings. You are the woman I love most in my life is my spiritual support. The girl nodded. I promise you never to change the phone number. The girl thought, I can’t tell you, but I have a baby…… The child is innocent! You know my heart, you know? In this life I met you such a good man, how happy I am! But my child is my responsibility! I just can’t make you worry! In the heart of grievances only their own carry.
They go back to their own space; the boys still go to the girl’s home from time to time to help the girl’s mother to do some things that can be done, take care of the girl’s home. For a girl to do a filial piety…… Girl still take care of young children. They love each other with the intention to achieve the wish. Can not be together, but the real feeling of the great and selfless love. Pain and happiness!
Many things are always reality than expected more ruthless, meet both, parting is, the reality of the situation always in accordance with the development of an ideal situation, the fact is always appear not unified with the aspiration of the outcome, at the end of the year will go, the new year is approaching; girl’s phone rang; on the other side of the phone came a familiar voice; do not get angry, Kuaiguo Nian give you make a phone call to say hello, want to hear your voice, you okay? Girl answer; very good do not have to think about me, how do you? The boy said, “I want to buy a house, how do you see?” Girl happy to say ah. The boy went on to say that he would be able to live with you! Want to let you live a more happy life, want to take care of you for a lifetime. The girl said that shortness of breath to go with it; you forget, promise me to take good care of you girl? The girl said, “I’m joking with you, don’t get angry.”. Take good care of yourself, don’t be angry, smile, and eat…… I wish you a happy new year in advance! Girl one one promised, the phone hang up.
On the first day of the new year, the girl received a phone call from the boy’s home. The girl stayed, how could it be? What do you say? Not possible, we are still on the phone in the first two days. Phone over there and say, accept the reality. He suffered a heart attack, did not suffer, quiet walk. The phone fell from the girl’s hand, like a girl’s broken heart. The girl did not think of how the last time the boy received the phone became a farewell! Unable to accept such a cruel reality, can not use language to describe her feelings at this time! Can’t face him once to her affection. It can make up for the soul of his owe and guilt! This life owes him too much, too much…… When I want to be with the reality of her loss! This is not the fact that he not know what course to take her.

Love in the world2

Didn’t want to leave, but also can not escape, perhaps fate length has been drawn line, living away too many things, but the movie has left the truth. A person who has a regret, can feel the pain of the people. Sometimes miss all the same as the missed time, can not get back, just missed a little, you will miss too much, perhaps will miss a lifetime! Leave a lifetime of regret, and guilt. His departure in the girl’s heart together away, like a girl without a soul, live all day in huhu.
When I was a boy, he always reminds me of the past. Because of his memory, he will always think of him. And then somehow left the tears. Once, the girl is also very happy. Because he gave her no brains love. Because of his infinite inclusion. Think together occasionally he Chuichui back, he also for her draw eyebrows, in the street she was tired after a long walk, he will ignore others carry her and help her foot rub… Always use the selfless love for her to pay, people say; love a person can give a lifetime. If it is not personal experience, she can not believe that love a person can pay a lifetime. But he did it! She also realized that his life to her love. She is glad to have met such a good man in her life. Tears, can not escape the outcome, even tears also have a kind of happiness. Maybe people are like this, always have to wait until after losing to feel important, will want to cherish.
After all, it’s gone. He will not see him…… Think of him…… Whether he can really feel her heart, if you can feel the words, she wanted to tell him, really miss him, I want to tell him, his name has been filled with her memory; I want to tell him, she is to light a lamp for him to illuminate his return path;
Some things, some love, a lifetime can be carved into their hearts, and some people even left the hearts of life, some things in life are remembered. Even if the experience of a person alone, memories are beautiful. She can only to the day look forward to; if there is an afterlife, she will put him tightly, tightly embrace in his arms, crowded into her mind…
Fixed screen, eternal memory, their love turned in the endless miss……