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You can never afford to love

You can never afford to love

You can never afford to love

Youthful days, they just like a plant pansies, bright and fresh; settleddays after changing their life, are quite different. Years of the Decade,change not just the face, there are people and ideas.




White dress girl, with blonde hair, fair skin, starting from high school,side stream of suitors. This is where many beautiful girls envy, there areso many unpredictable concern and care, there is always so much warm eyesfollow. Perhaps, she unintentionally tasting sour feelings prematurely, butat a young age, self-control after all, but the attractive Green apples.


In high school, she began a desperate love, neglect their studies, theUniversity entrance exam. Mother earnestly advised her, and break off withthe boys, then repeat a year, refused to listen to anything she says,finally left to the mother: you leave me alone, let me die! She was afraidto miss this boy to like her, love her, moths are also recognized.


At the age of 20, she couldn’t wait to marry. Thought, happiness willcontinue, but real life has just begun, love is like a jiabuzhu test. Never considered the practicalities, became a required course for every day, all romantic memories have been fixed, the days become plain water, laughing, sweet little couple, also start to bicker … … All of this, she wasunexpected.


It turns out that bears first fruit on the trees, although rare, is not necessarily the best, the most sweet. Too afraid to miss, too afraid oflosing himself to adhere to, it may not be really appreciative. Love for along time, require years of Polish, to see if they can stand up to wind and frost sleet, can be used to bread of life.


Go too nasty, love too nasty, often driven to distraction. What‘s the rush?Not the old days, no shortage.




Yellow dress girls, doesn’t look so beautiful, is not so outstanding, justin General. Memories of growing up, she‘ll always be another foil leaves,few people pay attention to her, inner planet called inferior seeds,germinate slowly. In her youth, like white papers, without poetry, withoutblushing, as much as there is a littleknown secret love. She always thinksthat love is a distant thing.


The marriageable age, at the urging of his family, she was dating, marriage.After all, because the Palace of love and marriage, she said it is notclear, perhaps just to complete a task that is important in life!Occasionally think of their own life, she can’t help but feel some regret,is like a flower can bloom flowers in showy flowers, quietly hiding himself,Bud, but ultimately did not open.


Peony rich, romantic roses, Peony charm, it‘s innate nature, the reason fornot holding. Even a cluster of baiju, live in the flowers withered in thefall, still proudly in full bloom, and blooming, but with another noble.


Flowers, who is also true. Love and happiness, not beautiful woman exclusivepatent, it belongs to everyone who love life, as long as you don’t give upinitial insistence, you believe they could wait and have a unique emotion.




Purple dresses girls, love, pain, single, back-and-forth of life to manypeople, seeing her friends began to marry and have children, she will notpanic. She told herself: no need to envy the love from others, I can bang,just let me wait to hone. More later to happiness, the experience waiting for and cherish is not easy.


Was appealing to her when she would meet, but never easily suffer needlessly. She believed that, time will be the best for the back, the bestarrangement is time.


The brave thing in this world, not jump ahead group, but after a walk, look at the scenery, dialogue and his heart, and not be tired by waiting to wait.Too eager to have the time, tend to get the right person, even cravetenderness together, and finally can only lose.


She knows rumors are things that will never go away, there‘s too many peopleand things that are not accepted, but life‘s still own, whether it wasapplause or laughter, their laughter than anything else. Life script, lovethe ending, to write their own. Not for earth-shattering, vigorous, but tomake life rich and interesting, love me long.


Finally, 30 years old that year, she met the right person. He is wearing herfavorite Plaid Shirt, pick a gardenia, smiled and handed her. Not luxury,not noble, but deeply touched her heart. Intuition tells her that it‘s herpeople who have been waiting for. Days later, they walked together seasonslong. At that moment, she felt, all the strength and youth waiting paid off,all the lonely and uneasy time, were aimed at the here and now of Chrysalisinto a butterfly.




In life there are always some good, hard wait for change to come. It‘s notfussy, not their standards just to keep their own heart, indifferent tolife. Short of lonely, temporarily live, just to meet a better person, in order not to take lives.


We all have the opportunity to meet that accompany their whole life, onpeople, just take some time. So, not because of loneliness and make love,believe, years is plenty of time, you meet a better person, you will neverhave a relationship.