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Love in the twilight, poetry written in a dream

Love in the twilight, poetry written in a dream
Really like and love, is in your heart. It cannot be Renegade, if convicted, is also outof love for you. The beautiful sunset you always remember, as good as forget my beautiful. Just for a moment, and is a light, but you are the most beautiful memories.Waving incense, not, like the Sun in the evening, so hold your dreams, hold your love. Give no answer to that ending, on this beautiful evening, I was in qiangdian in your love, in your heart.


Beautiful energy release in the Dim, Twilight beauty is really strong. Pulled up a golden red sky from the yarn of mask, that faint feelings of beauty, in the Acacia building. From the sketch lines, discern the outline of love. Be raised or landing, is floated or vacated. On track, say nothing at all. Only see with your eyes, take the time to think. The beautiful shape of the sentence, like from the attitude presented in the beautiful words, its rhythm and smooth run to pave the whole beauty of beautiful and moving. Man is the most beautiful poem I, you’re the most beautiful woman in love. You with your most beautiful love dew about my poetry of the United States.


My beautiful naked poems, still lying in front of you are watching, you feel with the lovestruck eyes, love in your Dim and polished. Jump flying pigeon dreams, you seewhat true love is. You have bound me in on the beauty of poetry, as in a beautiful sunset, dancing love gyros, as silly as the input. Your shyness into a sentence, or a poem, slide on the back of my poetry, as you find poetry export back in my feeling, you keep your little, thinking of what is the most beautiful? You like crawling animalswith your slender fingers, dip in the dancing poetry, the dew of light, you’re good eyes to see, see.


Bright in your dreams, yearning tenderness in love. At day and night in mutual occupies with this a moments, you as in dawn in qiangdian, on as from most beautiful of poetry wall behind, found has love of feel, on as back with face, in you of back Shang wrote Xia I love you of verses, at on as love of stove is tilt of, love of Sun crash in Ridge Shang, alone to beautiful of astride, a blind of Kiss was poetry recovered.


Really no reason not to love at this time, of which there are no words to say, just love it? Love! On as now leaves in Spinner, sand in scroll, mountain rock in fibrillation chestnut, storm in pour, lightning good as in tore with Earth, dang snow Shi, lights also in swaying, good beauty of mood, at on as stood back to slipped door to, with lips and eyes to love, with heartbeat and arm to surround, that is we love of according to, that is we love of evening. Like haizaiyuan breathing, covered with temptationto hair and sea breezes in combination of mountains, like in the depths of the garden of Eden, seeming to see Adam and Eve in the romance, the apparition of a beautiful and artistic conception, be in your qiangdian just like my poetry the beautiful dreams of love, that kind of draw you, praise you, praise you.


At this distance, is subtle and then reach. On as you of gentle plating bright I of eyes, in each a a and you wants to on of angle, silent depending on you Holy of beautiful, on as you of beauty engraved in I of body Shang, you in I love of dream in played I of poetry, on as whispers since flute sound gently fly out, in I love of sounds deep, only you in passed I love of world in of secret.


Drop the dream of love, love of twilight wrote. One of the most transparent in your fingers touch the moment you hold up the beautiful memories. You like to see flower pistil, silver waterfall flying all over the sky. You I look most beautiful poems written, as thousands of doctors feel that to think, to love.


Little by little, in this dream of the evening, the green notes, the beautiful pigeon dreams, like cormorants jumped on the boat flipping a figure, such beauty, beauty in love dreams, loving heart.