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Where I want to go, you’re in my heart.

Where I want to go, you're in my heart.

Where I want to go, you’re in my heart.
Silly to wait, not know you will come back, but because my heart there is love.
You’re not careful to betray the feelings of the same, after a very quick turn and turn. If you turn around, you should not look back. Since the discovery of their own mistakes, they should turn around, big step in the direction of the right, rather than always turn back to blame their own wrong, and even the heart can not put that part of the error. Each section of love are coincidental, but every marriage must be. Like you always find no place, how can I go hand in hand with you.
True love is to destroy the human endeavour. Only when a person feels that love can make him more enthusiasm into the study and life, he will realize the happiness of love. However, the “first love” will lead to life trek, love is an important part of life, but not all. Love is like a butterfly, which is more beautiful than it is.
Our things, only for bad in the bottom of my heart, can not open the scars, scars in my heart has long been a scab, no one is willing to visit; some road, still need to go, do not need to be accompanied; some scenes, only moved to have their own, not moved others. The rest of the merciless years, ya, I want to all the pain in the shoulders, rain and wind.

Where I want to go, you're in my heart.1
Where I want to go now, it’s your heart, not marriage.
If you decide to leave a person, action to be fast, to cut the Gordian knot; if you decide to fall in love with a person, time to stretch a point, see he is really suitable for you. But I spent a few years, but still did not see clearly your heart.
I like you, only one now; I love you, love is a whole future.
If life is a road, we are not born crying. Always want to use the peace of mind to see everything in the world. I do not know how to use what kind of attitude to look at your feelings.
I know that love is not for a perfect person, but to learn to use the perfect vision, to appreciate a person who is not perfect. I also know that most people who know you, is the most warm partner. However, our love, like living in a vacuum; in fact, the world’s most capable of happiness of love, is to love, to live in each other’s hearts, that person, live in our side.
I always want to be a quiet walker, in the depths of the world keep yourself, hold the initial germinating and joy. Simply write down your love and miss, I want to, two people in love, if you really want to be together: so what resistance will go down together! To see whether they really cherish the world’s most beautiful love and this wonderful fate.
If I was your only love that person, I will cherish our fate. If not, I will proceed without hesitation to give up.
Never say that there is no more suitable person in this world, maybe tomorrow, you will meet the person who loves you more. In fact, after breaking up need not bear grudges, but did not need to give up. Love does not belong to a fixed two people, but a more appropriate two people.
You ask me why I love you, it’s just as hard as I want to describe the water.
Three big regret in life: no choice, no choice, continuous choice. Your life seems to be full of regret.

Where I want to go, you're in my heart.3
I am waiting for a person, one can accompany me to listen to all the sad love songs, but will not let me want to cry. Would you be that person? I’m not sure.
Love a person, do not need to do anything for her life. Love a person, only need to do some little things for her. Love a person, for her life for her to do these little things. Love is, to put a little concern, extended to the whole life.
Love is not a pity, but a strong attraction. Who still remember, when the moon, round another missing; who can forget the past, goodbye, make painstaking efforts. The most beautiful heart, but is, you met me, I met you, and then waved, said goodbye.
Love is not perfect, but it is not perfect to love the most touched people. Love is not an end, but a journey. My most want to go to the landlord, is your heart.
Into your heart, I am not looking to abandon all the bitterness, but always ready to suffer. Really know the bitter taste, experience the bitter sweet, this is my attitude towards our feelings.