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For love, know is also a kind of happiness

know is also a kind of happiness

To know is also a kind of happiness
For love, know is also a kind of happiness, because only know how to cherish or lay down their own love, to find their own happiness. Let others find their own happiness. This is for the two people who are happy, so that is a kind of happiness”.More classic love stories in theĀ http://anchorsawayblog.com/
Wind know cloud of sorrow, lonely cloud know month, month know water love, mind water understand the flower, flower know butterfly whispers, butterfly know wind gentle. A person can love many times, only then can do without injury? How many times can the heart hurt, to be able to do no trace? The young do not know love, but as a dedication to chase and be. In the old age, the love, but the freedom to love and be loved. Lost, only know how to cherish; missed, and then know how to rub shoulders, often life. But miss, are not the one who understands you, understand you, will always be silent for you, for you, waiting for you, a lifetime. Only know how to be true happiness. Will have “know is also a kind of happiness”.
Love like the hands of sand, grasp tightly but from point to seam between the drain; as is the moon in the water, trying to salvage instead more Yujue illusory; the red like a flower in the mirror, a few flowers flower Xie is a piece of cloud. Think of a person, is to put water into tears; love a person, is to tear into blood; hate a person, is the coagulation of blood and tears into a beautiful rose. Forget a person, is open chest and open the vessel, the rose flower a flower to from inside dig out, crushed, trampled, reduction of blood, tears, into the water. With the passage of time, some wounds healed, some never be healed, through the spring autumn will still large tracts of flowers open, boundless grass green moss.
Know may meet but can not beg, maybe you are struggling to find the life also can not find, perhaps you don’t expect a review, it was found that the less of a person. He is so, you know. And you are so he knows, harmony, there is no a crack, as if for you to create a single height of the general. Know is also a kind of happiness, also don’t have two people together on happiness, sometimes not as far as together more happiness. You will find yourself to be truly happy if you want to know it. So say “know is also a kind of happiness” the meaning of these words is very deep, this all depend on oneself slowly digest. Others can’t help you.
All the deepest feelings in the world are derived from the understanding. Have friend, really stay, there was the intersection of soul. Understanding is the soul of the intersection, is a kind of Xinyu; friend of two people, between each other silently, because know let the heart has a close, the share of tenderness have department, the heart has cleverness. Know, is a kind of care, let the hearts of two people meet each other cherish. In the world of love, also need to understand, interdependence. Cannot defend the people, understand the heart, a love is not see the appearance, but deeply in my mind; not to touch the love, but passion in the heart. Know, quietly accompany, no vows of eternal love, but can also be forever; there is a know, even utter not a single word, but always warm to tears. Know, is a kind of happiness. Silently accompany, silent silent, quiet and warm, quietly tears. A person’s life, are looking for a friend, a man and his soul as like as two peas. A good friend, friend. The soul of the intersection, the heart is close to, love to be converted. Can’t see, touch, but thick about. Have a soul utter not a single word. No oath, don’t promise, but I quietly spend together.
The fate of life, perhaps it is already doomed. Bai Luomei said: “to meet all the world, are after being apart a long time.” Perhaps, each with a red dust in the road, a person waiting for you, silently, with years of life, waiting for you, only to encounter a heart to heart. Such as full of peach mountain, neither early nor late, just met, a peach face, suddenly heart, bright eyes. Your eyes, your eyebrows, your dimples, your chin, smile, like a music, and deeply hidden in the bottom of my heart, for your dream soul around, the heart with you. The vast sea of humanity, there will always be so a person, slowly read you, put you as a friend, understand each other, understand each other, that is the world the most beautiful edge, even thousands of miles, the heart is also close together, right close.
Your dream has her, her dream has you, often in the dream together, in the heart is full of happiness, with warm spring. Even if you feel all alone, even if you feel that all the people have betrayed you, the world is left you alone, will not feel lonely and lonely. Because there is always a heart with you together, a pair of eyes watching you silently, Qiannian your, your blessing, love you more than anything in the world. Such as father, mother, brother long sister, than the lover know more about you, than a lover more know you, closer than friends, more than their loved ones close to the heart. Perhaps you will say, this is the blue Confidante, somewhat ambiguous, but all the world is more pure than emotion. Such as Jin Yuelin and Lin Whei-yin, a lifetime.
If you are well, it is sunny. The wind and rain, he will be in your heart hold an umbrella; when it’s dark, he will be in your heart a lamp; when you are sad, he would take the trouble to comfort you; cry, he will give you a mind; tired, he will put shoulder leans over. When he is in, you will feel warm, feel the deep love. When he is not in, you will worry about, for he worried: “what’s wrong? Will not have something to do?” Cross the street, you will charge him, “pay attention to safety!” It is cold, you told him to “dress!” He often tells you that, like you, the same feeling.
Know, such as a fairy tale, pure, quiet, do not touch the dust of the earth. Perhaps you think it is too beautiful, feeling so little unrealistic, and even a little afraid, afraid of fate is very shallow, happiness is very short, afraid of injury and regret. Put this belated and deeply hidden in the bottom of my heart, not with anyone mention, don’t want anyone to know, only hide in the hearts of the most holy place, for fear it was disturbed by the people. In no place, sneak out exclusive, feel two hearts between happiness and joy.Want to learn more about the story of the prose in Love also has a kind of fate