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Love without consequence, I can do?

Love without consequence

Love without consequence, I can do?
If we love each other not happy, but I also don’t sad…… But can I let go? Not. Because I seem to have fallen in love with her now that love Love without consequence, let me have a little shame. Yeah! Love is elusive, don’t know why I met is always not with me forever man. I am twenty-eight years old, but I have met a lot of small woman, I began to call him a little girl, the little woman, to see her know, her character and so on. That I like the feeling of people, so I feel sad. But I am rational, and I will always be…… So we will not have what, love is not the result of love, regardless of the outcome would be like, not love is not a chance. Like the article he gave me yesterday:
When he met him, she was 24, he was 30, and he did not say anything else, even he himself didn’t think what happened between them.
She is not the kind of person who can describe with beauty or beauty. He never deliberately disguised himself, into the crowd, you can not immediately put him out. His clothes is very dull, pure color, look calm, as if is adaptable, his implicit but so that you won’t put him and most men confused.
Before meeting him, she never knew, and a person that he loved to get along with, can be so good. Because of the old relationship, he would have to take care of her. She is not a spoiled child, since childhood, is what I do not know, after some hardships, she is accustomed to him about everything. Two of them often sat silently together, just clinging hands, sit sit at night, what words can not say, like a song written in the spring is more beautiful than her smile, I haven’t seen her people do not understand.
One day, she was very excited to him, said: “if the two people can live together for 60 years, then a difference of 6 years, what is considered? “Suddenly there was a long silence between the two men. She looked up and saw his eyes, like a baby with quiet, like monks as omniscient, in such eyes, he felt his reckless and reckless, in his heart the sea is not worth mentioning how tolerant. In fact, she can think of, he thought, and even more thoughtful than she thought, more thoroughly. Not only is the relationship between age, his character and the birth of a tragic factor, one thing, the first thought is the outcome, but also not meet, they have been afraid to leave. For the emotional journey, he cannot be down-to-earth, so elegant is elegant, so that the people who were with him not to a superficial. His capacity is very good, although not always drink when they get together, he is not. In that time, with wine, is that the rainy weather, Weiyang night. He kept his glass, and she gently pressed his hand: “don’t drink too much, hurt the body. “He insisted, from the cup to see her:” then how? “In one gulp. Lamplight he long eyebrow into temples, gazing at her eyes beaming, for a long time, the look with a slight laugh, laugh at her, also laugh at yourself, dare to love Love without consequence.
We all love each other but can not love, 6 years old this gap is so small, and now regret, but now there is no such opportunity. Tell everyone to have the opportunity to Love without consequence, or later will regret it. If you give me a chance, Love without consequence, no matter what the outcome will be, don’t let yourself regret.
How many times in a person’s life can have such feelings? Take your youth. Don’t let yourself regret. There is no regret in the world. Love is to love without consequence.
I followed her…… No later.hat’s us happy memories
Occasionally, in a very quiet sleepless night, he would quietly remind yourself that he give up, after all his life in that part of the pain.
I don’t know what she meant to me, why did I use a six year gap to explain one thing, I think he loves me, so I can send it to me. I really Love without consequence, do not care what the outcome would be like.