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Emotion: Love requires free in order to have a better result

Love requires free in order to have a better result
Emotion: Love requires free in order to have a better result
Saying strong twist is not sweet, for love is free love to the most beautiful results love requires free
Sitting one afternoon in the summer, open diary, quietly counting thefleeting sadness with pen and ink Heart but slowly dug out in theafternoon once your hand in the hand, and turn those scenes


Although everything is destined to end, but it is not my wish to see thoughvery reluctant to part with those beautiful in the rain, but I decided, todo my own. Since love had too many doubts and heavy than for love let go,put you in the heart, as I won’t be around to find, will not have to worry about the years given my share of frustration, just with you in mind to staytogether, no longer worried about who will steal you, no longer feel thefrustration and pain of those stolen alonehttp://anchorsawayblog.com/


Actually, I’m not so clear, leaving you wave back, was given the river of mytears. Turn is stored there is no place of melancholy.


Love is a woman‘s lifelong attachment to, despite knowing that love isalways beautiful fairy tale,(Love makes me grow up fast network are illusory story games, but I want tobe in a fairy tale story, hope the story flowing for whom the beat in mychest and happy forever.


In the spring of that year, wind-blown love, now the summer wind blow away love has disappeared, leaving only the aftertaste when you walk around. Airusand of the hand, hard to hold, but lost. Left only injured hand, so it let go, people who love travel, let love in my heart for burial. Wave, giving aloved one a beautiful freedom of the sky.


I know that love is gone, does not necessarily mean that and put it down.Turns but does not necessarily mean no worries. Those days when not used,how to use it. When I used to go with loved ones, forget long beautifulscenery. Now I will be alone and enjoy the roadside scenery. Slowly, Iexpect nothing, and slowly the pain words less, slowly destroying itself inthe wall of thought no, Word is that fleeting aftertaste and nostalgic.Gradually learn of couse, used to enjoy the scenery without you.


Love requires free, despite telling myself to learn to let go, Love requires free,forget that you open network but could not escape from the storm and enmity.Loved, hated, and walked, exhausted, let go … …


In fragile and sensitive heart, or love needs freedom still hasexpectations, still confused. But, no longer wallow, learn to hide sadnessslowly. Get used to quiet of sunrise and sunset the next heart, slowlysettling once .


Love requires free, turned around and it was a simple act, but it is apainful metamorphosis. Who have years of passion and dedication are driftaway, Love requires free, settling down is a weathered the gentle waters ofthe mood of love.


Sitting on a summer afternoon, listening to your recorded voice, gently putink in journal hidden sadness of the past. Shades of the past, slowlystroking over the bottom heart beats, or sad or confused, or frustrated ormelancholy