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How to love

How to love

How to love
In the emotional world, is no win, win lose affection, but also the feelings of. Not all love needs to start, need to be the result of. Love never trial period, love is love, not the bet, but every one go all out…… Some people say, love makes one humble love, let a person lose yourself. They say, who love, who will lose more. Yes, I admit, love is a game. But love is not a war.
Love is not to restrict each other, nor to beat each other. But, love is a kind of power, love is a kind of excellent, flexible, durable, strong strength. Between men and women, there is no high can be divided, who is more excellent than who, who is more love, who more pay more. These are irrelevant. Prior to this, after how many people you loved, you will love this, how many people? In the past no fuss, future never predict, only today, you whether a single-minded, defends this in the world there is no utilitarian feelings.
If the other side of the deep love, as a constraint of the key, must be in both sides is a very sad thing. The one who loves is not respected and cherished. To be loved, to get in behind the vanity is arrogant. Happiness, far across the mountain heavy water. At the beginning, all the people pay in time, are not willing to seek say repeatedly repeatedly said, had to return. And do not complain, do not regret, not anger not to blame. But, to the end, all the people, all thinking of paying to get the corresponding return, and even more should be more. Only because they have been paying, not to be considerate.
Love is never to say sorry and to afford, nor stare, there is love or not love, do not wait until the miss to regret why had I not to fight, strive for will not regret it. In love, there are no winners and losers, only love and not love, happy love to love, love is not forget simply and restore the crying is not love but in sympathy. Compassion and love is not equal, so that a man with compassion for their results will be more pain and more heartache.
Is love really don’t care about your self-esteem, true love should let people love their own true happiness, rather than wishful thinking to push each other into submission. Desperate love is not a person’s performance, that will only make the other side more no resistance, this is not in love but he was torturing him. Why do we have to do it without the result? Why don’t let yourself get out? In exchange for the meaning of love and compassion? Obviously feel the other side has been in the……

How to love1
I want to love, is not winning or losing points. Love and love to love a field. Who can say that deep love is the loser. I think, put the feelings of the deepest and most true that one is the most happy. He (she) love true, love completely. To experience true love in life. Is very rare. How many people have not met their true love in life. Love is a wonderful process. If you have to separate from each other, adios.
In the future days all the past will become your warm memories. Love, love, happiness, experience. Hurt, pain. In any case do not regret their own. Because in love there will never be a loser who wins. Into the heart to love, fishing machine will feel very happy! As can be together, to see the fate of the……
Life always has so many helpless, can still have so much love happiness, so, with a grateful heart to see your lover, whether he is not in your side. Love, it is best to head into the qi. Tilt the balance of time, two people, should not be over emotional weight weight, should not be spoiled by being pampered. To love happiness, two people, pay equal love, treat each other’s love. Respect, freedom, love, forever, two people will be the common winner of love.

I heard that you’ve been looking for me.

I heard that you've been looking for me.

I heard that you’ve been looking for me.
Our story, what should I say.
I’m fine
In July 2014, listen to my friend said, you have to find me. I’m fine, I can only say to you.
I had a dream that one day, you will find me. So, I often sit in the age of big flower bark inferior you have secretly in the dead of night, look at your blog, stood on the roof towards the direction where you touched a lot. Only, those, are once.
In July 2012, I began to flee. Because I don’t know what relationship we have, what can I do to stay with you. Friend, classmate, lover. I have spent a lot of time to contemplate, in these relationships, there will be no solution. I spent a lot of time, like the person you like, do you like to do, see you have seen the movie, and walk you through the road. So I lost myself in the way that followed you.
Since, we are not lovers, in not together and what relationship. Although, the town will be reluctant to rain, do not put the stone alleys, forget the rain in town you. Since, we can not be together for ten years, not to leave and what relationship.
In July 2013, I heard you were there.
Has been back to Anhui for a year, getting used to the dry weather here, not accustomed to the hazy days. I have changed everything, and I can still hear the news about you.
Heard, you will go to the ancient city of Zhenyuan to visit the summer. As far north as me, I went to the. I don’t know why.
I experienced a long way to go, a route north to South and come. When I was in Zhenyuan to Guiyang the last bus up pitch-dark, I was not a bit sad. Just because, I’m a little to you, close to you.
Close to you, it’s better than nothing.
Arrived in Zhenyuan is the middle of the night, just to find a hotel, motion sickness symptoms persisted, what also didn’t eat in a hurry to sleep. Don’t know why I like this, and did not go through untold hardships, want to meet your plan. In my long Qingshi Ban road around, I walk in the forest of ethnic characteristics of the shop, do not deliberately go to search your shadow, but sometimes can’t help but think, you have not walked in the street, you are not also went in the shop, you are not with me, sitting in the seat, quietly appreciate here lights wanes.

I heard that you've been looking for me.1
Zhenyuan is very small, but we have never met.
In fact, I am not sad. I, after all, is a shallow.
I want to meet the end, The coming days would be long., will meet.
In July 2014, I met the students after being apart a long time.
From his mouth heard you ever find me, heard later you burgeoned in the University, I heard later you have girls confession to you, I heard later you really together.
I heard so much in 2014. And I, when I heard about it, was on the train station, carrying the ticket to your city. When I finally decided to face you, tell you, I want to be with you. To find out, everything is too late.
Come to your side, to keep you.
Finally, I was on the road to your train, on the road with a lot of memory in skimming over the surface, do not stop. Arrived in Guizhou, a man sat for a long time in the GuiYang Railway Station waiting room, bought a return ticket.
I think, some people, is doomed to miss, such as you. In fact, I am not sad, at least once you find me.