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Baby, I’ll love you forever

Baby, I'll love you forever

Baby, I’ll love you forever
Baby, I am very sad to write this diary, and I do not know how to do it, tears, tears from the eyes of the outflow, do not want to rub. I want you to be a good person, but now you still do not want to understand, want to know. The decision that you made is all for us. Baby still do not want to understand that the final decision is in my hands, people are not the right to let us apart. I cried to myself that if she can be happy let her go! But you know what? I really can’t let go, for you or for me.
I can’t put my hand, you are the only one I love in my life. The only girl who would do so. Maybe later I will not love you, because the love of this life has given you. You say you to me no feeling, did not in the past that kind of passion not think me (now know for a fact that you do not change, but can not stand against the family pressure, I am very ashamed, because I said that will not let you wronged by the slightest, but you wronged when I don’t on your side), remember to once and you said flat faint is true, yes, after the passion insipid and renewed passion, another insipid. Passion dull should be a wave of alternating appearance. As long as they really love each other, to die will have a passion. I also long for the passion of life, that is what we want to have, really love you, love you, you need to know that this is a necessary step in the sublimation of feeling, every relationship will have this transition period. Some people have passed the final walk together, some people did not go in the past to give up a life of regret. I don’t want us to be the one who regrets the whole life. I only hope that we can come to the end, quite the past, to continue our way……
If I am not at your side, you must be happy, so can I let go of your hand when the pain, my last love is to let you go, do not want you because I am embarrassed, let you go to find their own future life.

If I am not at your side, you must take good care of yourself, don’t let yourself be like a child, want to learn to grow strong, learn to take care of themselves, to understand the feelings of others.
If I am not at your side, you must be strong, in the face of setbacks, do not give up, in any sad and sad when I want to tell me, because this world and I will always love you, care about you.
If I am not in your side, regardless of family and friends how to urge, do not easily treat marriage, marriage is not playing cards, re shuffling to pay a huge price. What can be a play, love, life will only appear once. Whether Mendanghudui does not tight, the most important should Hing when interest, otherwise there is no common language, even together, will still feel lonely. So baby don’t give the feelings to a person, also don’t easily believe a person, in the absence of a man to marry you more don’t easily give him, because you easily give him, the man also will easily hurt you, abandon you, think you easily give him also easily to others don’t deserve his treasure, and these injuries are never make up for.
If I am not at your side, please be sure to find a more painful than me you will take care of your people to love you for a lifetime, but I hope that the person is not others but me. If the last is not me, then find a good man, a man is not good or bad is determined by the money, want to verify his sincerity and do not have to use the money, because he is in life to do every little thing to explain to you how he is a man. Good man is a kind of habit!

Baby, I'll love you forever1
If I am not in your side, treat later life don’t put money and love to treat, also remember me and you said if you love a person, what degree, what status, if you love him, he is to clean leather shoes is also no matter, maybe this sentence some naive, but you want to know and a person in together is a lifetime, money don’t love that is what day? You should think of it. And his love of people together, drink plenty of water to eat pickles is happy and happy.
From the beginning I take you as my loved ones. If I not in your side, remember your sleep at night when the quilt cover, do not let yourself cold, if not sleep. Give me a call when you, my cell phone for you open 24 hours. Remember to sleep more sleep, most know baby love to sleep.
If I am not at your side, you must give me happiness, must be happy every day, you know? Don’t give me the time to be upset, make a bad temper. I hope that you will be able to spend your life in peace, because this is my biggest wish is my biggest concern!