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Can not put the love, is not to love

Can not put the love, is not to love

Regret is love, make life difficult for the situation
Regret is love, make life difficult for the love, love to care for understanding, love to cherish tolerance, heart, love how put, why forget love life, if the roots have a dream, why a gentleman solvable, if the gentleman has language, so the roots can Listen, all bloom again, with the flowers fade with Crescent, frost dew Emotion far, yet so far away love deep, lonely hearts smoke conditions, such as sitting in a lotus forget how to love, shy touch time, some of the study if the Red Some dream read faint, fingertip temperature, over the quiet good years, either cut Acacia, enchanting the soul of Aria brow bent, feathering a long time, dance a tie Ink crosswise, Pingchuang by column, twist a thousand years of scriptures, across the moonlight waterfront for you, stand as a thin pad, I pour gently, just to warm it in a meet, no matter ends of the earth, regardless of marshes, life, lots to talk about right and wrong, emotions , who woke unknown who get drunk, forget love, their most pain, can not let go of love, his most understand.

If a person really waiting for you, how long will wait, if a person with a love you, how can tolerance, in feelings, to chase the tired, do not force the United States, life can not be repeated, can not stand the feeling linger a lot of things they want to remember you, remember more, they want to forget a lot of feelings, the more forget, I experienced a fleeting everything, experience of human well-being, through the people have changed, learned self-healing, some of the experiences, only their feelings, some of the mood, only you know, can not tell the wronged, was the most aggrieved, heart pain, only the most pain! Foot of the road, no one determines the direction for you, tell yourself, people must rely on their own, people give up easily, no need to regret, persistent situation, we must cherish, really happy, it is like to fight to get on the treasure lost it down, remember, do not let anyone influence your mood, do not let anyone dictate your life, do not let anything, about your feelings.

Love in the heart, in deep love, not waiting to have, just to know, do not miss the face, only to feel, heart to heart, is a silent understanding, sympathetic, is silent Meet, want anything else in life too, as long as there is a Personal warm live in my heart, all the language is not love, and hard feelings, love is always vowed not to spend the heart, because of a big crowd, it seemed so unexpected encounter, because Ruoruo truth, feeling only Exceptions will be irreplaceable, most really love, always frank, the best partner, always been in, what love of beauty is, is docked when tired, is to rely on when helpless, sad refuge when, it is a practical and reliable, in fact, true happiness, than take care of your heart to accompany take life for you, regardless of wind and rain as well as a pair, and your fingers are interlocked hands, to be landscape seen through the heart is still attentive, the situation remains steady, who is your encounter, who you are by chance, who is with you miss, you have to rub shoulders with who, who accompany you in front of you and who will always desire and love in not love, love between heart.

Who performed my hand, grabbing my Half mania, who kiss me the eye, hide me Half displaced, who ask of my face, comfort me Half sad, who carry My heart and into my Half Qingshuang, who helped me the shoulder , quiet drive I, I, who call it my heart, cover tyrannize my life, who abandon me, leaving me alone War I, who can next to my liking, so I have no regrets in this life, who can help me arm, vertical and horizontal square Upload Warriors, who can pour my heart, like the empty patch of land Mi, who can bury my sad, vain world laugh, my heart mad Iraq, I cover the lips, remove my previous life displaced, embrace of my arms, in addition to my past frivolous, Executive hand, accompany you crazy one thousand students, kissing son eye, with your eternal reincarnation, hold hands were you I, weathered, kiss the child’s eye, I affectionately grant you, pull Seoul hand, take you all this life, ask Seoul show neck, block wind and rain you this life, to pull the child of black hair, pull the child I emotions, I hold your hand, I love to ride long, for a true heart, not necessarily, but feeling good for a person, not duty, but cherish.

If people can see, why so many tangled and suspicion, if the feelings can grip is maintained, there will be a lot less confusion and helplessness, fear of losing your people, will care about your every move, worried that the situation can not last long , will watch what you say, because we wanted to have, so always nervous, because inseparable, so often mind one bit, between people, with the heart of a trust between the heart and the heart, to the is a magnanimous true, deal with feelings seriously, have deep affection, another soul transparent, will love forever. Let people who love you, there is a sense of security, to forever cherish the day you will know: people will not lead to the people, not too seriously wife, no matter how well someone will turn a blind eye; right again more people may turn a deaf ear, you are kind, you forgive, you have repeatedly patience, finally heartbroken, you tolerance, you conserve, you let go, the final loss of confidence in this world, there are always people who do not appreciate, there are no Thanksgiving The heart, a long time, you will know who is really on Hello, who is pretending to smile for you, as time goes by, you will understand who utter devotion, who turned and ran, distressed you, you could not bear the pain, I do not love you, do not care about you hurt.

Feelings, if you move a person really, will be cranky, often, is not trusted, just because so much about, too afraid to lose, a little small doubt, will toss and turn into a loss, casual little ignored, will Lost inexplicable impressive, duplicity loading does not matter, in fact, other precious than anyone else in your heart, jealousy deliberate slander, want nothing more than to prove your position is understandable, without feeling too beautiful, as long as people love, that the genuineness of the heart, can sad for you, for you and happy for you to read, then why not a happy life, how many people into life, staying true to have a few, how many scenery passing in front of, really remember can have a few, missed the scenery, you can look at, feeling lost, can not be repeated, inter-poly edge scattered, difficult to know spend, where shifting alliances, know never very far away, only to hold hearts scenery, is the most beautiful, each has the same feelings, is the most true love, is to let a person live in the heart of another person, simple, only thoughts, only miss, happiness, and occasionally sweet, occasionally sentimental , seeding, nothing to brothels, the heart has been connected, no regrets, irrespective of the distance, has a deep-seated love, love to the depths is silent, love to be nostalgic when concentrated.

Red in the past, no one grip is maintained Lang Syne, how can we do things of life as I intended, laughing and crying chosen by the people, set their own sorrows and joys, really good, not unilateral to pay, the real situation, not the calculated gains and losses to Maintenance. Ken Avenue and follow the laws of heaven and earth return to the origin, willing to readily attributed quiet after a lively, willing Fortunate 后肯欣 then Fanshen in Qing Ji, willing to get off the ground after the body back wisely person, in this world of course, is rare, so rare to keep themselves, based on the world, woolly-headed, confused rare situation seen through, you understand how to proceed, see through human, you understand how to get along, things to see through, you do not want to work, and see through human, you do not want people , the world is big, the individual is very small, happy person, you can enjoy one of the lucky, you can free and easy, people’s happiness, can be casual, life needs a little bit of enlightenment, it is called enlightenment comes naturally, life needs a little detached , the kind of detached serenity indifferent calledRegret is love, make life difficult for the situation