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Love really can not wait

Love really can not wait
Origin edge falls, there are many rub shoulders looking back; many joys and sorrows, so much love, and hate; how many past memories, as there are when I look back.Life, however, we are passing through, can truly stop and how many? Do not know how to save, some fate destined to the length or turn the end or between two women. By accident, is inevitable. No, how can you have without experience, how can you choose. Live free and easy, look at the changes in the world; and yet, is the fengqing. Due to affinity, due to fate. According to the same, the same fate. Love in time, no words or language, love and relentless love in the world, not who I’m sorry who only who do not know how to cherish. People, have wonder rare, lost her. When the love has become war, lights will not have so much passion. When love is helpless, turn to leave, perhaps a lifetime of warmth. Time cannot be eternal, but from beginning to end. Lose or lose heart; forget anything, can’t forget the truth. Cherish the present, make love without regret.


There is a margin that missed, there is a love called give up. A song calls up memories, a cup of tea dyed strong mood. Everyone‘s heart, hold an untouchable. Broken broken read searching, deep and shallow lost in the blur. Sweet sorrow aimlessly, unforgettable precipitation to stray, lonely, which is the fragrance of the past, is shattered by thoughts. When the love has become, and how tough to forget. Forget not, but their hearts are not willing to; a meeting is not beautiful, but the outcome is notgive affection. Said to each other, than forget themselves in rivers and lakes, but who can do this for free? How can deliberately forget that unforgettable? The memoryblurred how can easily erase? If met, don’t stay if pity, don’t abandon if love, till death do us part. With sincerity to give no false heart to cherish its own truth.


Some more love to pull away, but more clear; some people would like to forget, butin the heart. Love is like this, always elusive happiness is not easy, always make people look for; sweet is not easy, always fascinated by heart. Eye heartthrob, and ripples of love; a separation to destroy all of the beautiful, gut wrenching pain of breathing. Love to cherish, the pain to know to protect themselves. Love needs to have to give up, your heart does not move, do not belong to you will eventually lose. Everyone has a heart back, but cannot touch; everyone has has a beautiful, lingering just amemory. Falling in love is just a, it takes a lifetime to forget someone. Not unintentionally, even if the answers don’t shed, love is sometimes a give up, is another kind of happiness; not heartless, even helpless, suffering from loneliness, melancholy, buried deep in their hearts. No regrets going through, just because love, it happened. As long as you live better than I do, and anything else, no matter what.


Margins, too much will lose some sentiment, expectations of high down deeper anddeeper. Some people, she cannot be forgotten and not give some love, read and not read are turned away. Fate is like this, or near or far, or meeting or parting. Love sometimes hurts. Bruised pain let the heart of desolation everywhere, terrible Miss notclosed, set fire to the lonely soaring, sentimental memories to fill the open atrium, shattered thought no place to hide. Is frozen and is heartbroken, and soul have nowhere. Love the astounding so what their comfort can forget, can be strong. If youlove, never conquers all, do not let the lover waiting for a loss if pity, do not leave, and death to the end. If you fall in love, make love, if love would give up if Miss, shallow memories to avoid pain off liver sausage, flood the lovesickness. Only fate free let it be and life needs to temper, to full. Fate takes, is wonderful. PostScript: love really can not wait, waiting for there must be a deadline, perhaps a year, may be a moment, whether we catch it?