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Love glass, time story

Love glass, time story


In the age of innocence, who do you love heart anxious appetite for thought? Andwho longs for love to take you to open the second half of the season, splendid in flourishing the unease? Some of the stories, had time to mention, has been quietly faded away. Some people, could recall, already precipitated dimming. Some thought,always looming, inadvertently involving the inner light of emotion, all the heart cutout all the fleeting Fireworks, folded all the seasons out of time story, has mettoday‘s Miss, love became the most emotion.


In time, read a review of touch of warmth, good youth memories we‘ve been sad story, it so far away, yet so close, it was so fuzzy yet so clear. At that time, when you moved to the heart, but dare not tell you inner feelings, your world has always been that I never reach space, passing of happiness eventually become indelible youth between you and I regret that, but I wish it could once again regret that, because it is so beautiful.


Genesis, heart, mind, started missing and began day and night care. Edge together, love strong, love, begin to care, slowly began to understand. When you start to meetlater, when then said goodbye to the start, love was always plenty, those old good times still scattered in the glaze in the fireworks.


44 age of when, we wrong put goodwill as is like, then of we too easy was a people of talent and sample looks by attract, we thought himself like has this people, then began to he day and night Miss, inside is how desire near he a step, is never go near half step, we desire expression, is shame Yu opening, we are thought except this people, himself yihou may never met so like of a a people has. Then one day, this simple favor as the years passed, a Dim. It turned out that we were growing up, we all experience these wonderful Green affair in the ignorant.


At the age of 88, we mistook love as love, then comes a beautiful youth, we are veryeager to have a great love, we thought it the end result must be together forever. Once upon a time, we can have that person give their all, because you believe in love,because of love, so I believe you. Later, those good stories and the warm memorieswith you in my heart, ever restless, no ups and downs, but inside a little bit fleetingmemories.


At the age of 76, we prefer to think of love as goodwill and like, for fear of rejection,so I rejected others, fearing their future love sad, so now select missed, but how doyou determine that a person is not die with you soul mate? However, all this will come to pass, because you will be missed again.


When we all do not know love, thought he had loved, after we all know love, chose to wait, just eagerly waiting for us to lose the happiness of passing.


We all said goodbye to growing up, we all grow up in farewell. The people I met tosay goodbye, had unconsciously wandered away, each of whom peer making love, you already love the Lakes there on the way home. Those vows that once said forever, has the dust settles, perhaps this is the fate of love between you and me, but I never regret falling in love with you, because you and I used to love each other.


Love has always been an inscrutable thing. Some stories are slightly sad, some people may not be perfect, and we all thought we could forget, forget the memories of the old days. But at the end after many a summer, walking in the familiar Street, all eyes seem to have returned to the us in the past.


In himself ignorant of age in, total thought best of love is himself willing to to beloved of people pour do all, however, experience has some love injury, through has some tears, ignorant after only found, that is how young of idea, because since is best of love, so also deep love with we of that people, and how willing to see beloved of human has he abandoned all, that is not best of love, but most selfish of love just.


, I love you love a mess later, you hurt me was unbearable. After after the fall of Red Dust love, slowly understood, a person trying to maintain all but two hearts separated, time is not on the same parallel lines, love is bound to no longer have any overlap. We love you turned and walked away that day, had no final destination. No return love, maybe there would be no reason to go, but waved their well-being, owes theother.


Through has red of stranger, trained has love of trauma, through has distressed of tears, we are to learned in years of passes in the cure himself inside of love injury and disturbed, because I know, in back of better years in of a corner, end will has so a a people came to himself of front with himself said a sentence: actually I like you is long has, can let I like you like have more long some, also not need too long, on this lifetime good has.


At that time, we are no longer the ignorant kids in love get hurt and cry easily, whilethey also had enough to say a word: How did you come? I wait until flowers thanks,thanks to you.


Perhaps such an outcome, we deserve that good love it!