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Choose the city life, met a person Whitehead

Choose the city life, met a person Whitehead1

Choose the city life, met a person Whitehead
The quiet time, and your language; the long, with king; flourishing, and the old gentleman. Wanted to come to this life, there will always be so a person, holding your hand, bring love into life, tilt a gentle, stay with you for a frost dyed hair, accompany you to see. –.
Time flies, light in the summer will be a kind of acme graceful, rhythm in the years of the pupil of the eye, I light at the corner of the lean season, Enron in this quiet. Gently day, exudes a tranquil fragrance, the fragrance is time precipitation. Has been considered, the most lasting happiness, is from the dull day; from the quiet mood; from the ordinary day in a bit of a bit of sentiment.
Busy fall do eventually is dull, the beauty of life is not brilliant, and lies flat and; the beauty of love is not vigorous, but in ordinary Xiangshou, warm company.
When I was young, had to love had a lot of fantasy, so eager to become the protagonist in the fairy tale of love, looking forward to the white horse prince one day across the mountains came to me, holding my hand to happiness.
However, years such as water time was removed, Prince eventually did not come, I also did not wear the Cinderella of the crystal shoes, the homecoming in will be a peace of mind put in the years to come, with the an insipid love.
Friendly friendly “choose one city with Madoff, a Whitehead friendly friendly encounter, I do not know where to see this sentence, can not help heart moved, wanted to come to this life, there will always be so a person, holding your hand, bring love into life, tilt a gentle, stay with you for a frost dyed hair, accompany you to see the fine water flows.
How many earthly fireworks, in thin pieces of time quietly Yinyun; how many vicissitudes bumpy, in the skill is holding years COSCO to, any appearance in day to day dull slowly old, although flowers fall, the wind lived dust; water flows, thin clouds passing, however invariant is each other old smile.
Perhaps the beauty of life is met, I do not know how many people this life will encounter, nor do I know how many people love to meet, perhaps there are many people in this world can be amazing your time, but be willing to stay in your side until you cry, accompany you to cry, accompany you to wait, accompany you bloom, perhaps only then one.
A glimpse of life is wonderful, also is the most true happiness. Buddha said glancing back for 500 years in preexistence, only for this life as a rub shoulders, then in the tens of millions of people met you, hand of life, it is a kind of practice!
Maybe you are not the best, but must be the most know love me. Tired, your shoulder can let me rely on; a cold day, your arms is my warm, sad time can be comforted by you; when you are lonely accompany you smile, happy to share with you; ups and downs we walk through together; the red troubles we face together, any time insipid fleeting, let time erase the passion, your love always.
Maybe you are not so perfect, but it must be the one who knows me best. Know is the heart and soul of the same; it is the soul and the soul of the dependent; know is the love of the two people in the hearts of the most beautiful flowers, sometimes, more important than love.
Because to understand, so understanding; because of Xiangxi, so inclusive. Love is not does not noisy, after a dispute can together; love is not a fight not trouble is noisy over after be troubled still buchibuqi. A know, how much joy; a company, how many warm and love without words, flexuous, silent love, all joy, you is my life the most beautiful scenery.
Eileen Chang said: I have been looking for that kind of feeling, that in the cold day, holding a pair of warm hands, the feeling of ease forward. Life in hand, how warm, from the young to the faltering; from the roots of white hair, in each other silently gaze slowly getting old, what is engraved with the heating time of this feeling is more precious?
Always thought the best love, must grow with the time. I don’t envy the flower before the moon whispers of love; also don’t envy chaozhaomumu pledge of eternal love, I envy is 100 hair gray sunset dependent support figure.
From the acquaintance of life with two tire, to the time love shine into affection, hold the hand, do not have time to go back, when passion retreat, when the romance has exhausted, only a heart warming can stretches. Love is gradually Yidai wide eventually not regret dedication, love is for the Iraqi consumers have not regret people languish; love is the twilight smile, hand in hand altogether sometime, the best love is to give you a lifetime.

The earth under the eaves, how many people have much love, how many romantic themes of the lingering, how much happiness and warmth. When you walk in lights, I will for you kindle a light your way home the lamp; when you dusty rushing back, I will with gentle hands for you to wash away the tired; when the wrinkles on your forehead, I will hold your hand, accompany you grow old, in the trivial life, interpretation holds hand of the child, and son Xielao eternal.
Some people say: love a city, because the city lives a certain person, can be together with the person you love, even the time is beautiful. Even the fencer farming, homely fare, as long as you are with good. Then find a green mountains and blue waters of the place, find a secluded cottage, or cloud water Zen garden, where there are bright sun and quiet leisurely, and your bright smiling face.
Gather it all in a bunch of flowers in the dull day, holding warmth accompanied all the way, let the fragrance of love in daily necessities; in the warmth of a cup of tea, savor life’s poetry; in a bowl of porridge light, romantic feelings of life, every morning you and sunshine in is my happiness.
Spring day, I want to pull your hand to stroll in the path leading to the field, under the blue sky, a passing breeze, is behind a row of green bamboo Aoba, the distance is capped the mountains. I and you skim spring Yihong clear, carrying a wisp of breeze clear, see butterflies fly dance, to listen to the flowers of the voice, enjoy every ray of sunshine warm, every drop of rain moist feeling, to cherish the warmth grows in sunny in, this moment, I would like to put down all the obsession, just want to be the treasure in the palm of your hand, with a bloom time, watch happiness.
A rainy day, we snuggle together, sitting by the window, to the banana voice. Ren Guangyin in flowing out of the window, I brew a pot of fragrant tea, quietly feeling the cool breeze and drizzle lingering, pour a cup of years precipitation of fragrance, fine time to listen to the nonsense, aftertaste past a wonderful picture, tea life bit by bit, in the quiet time, Dankan fleeting fireworks, sipping years static.
In the years, but the years of incense. Until the old that day, Liangbinbanbai, faltering we have not walk in Qianshan step Wanshui, you and me around the fireplace, in our wrinkles and grey hair, breakdown time traces. Thank life fate, let me meet you, a feeling, never grow old, only for good and you know; a love, hidden in the heart, only for and love you indifferent, this life, the happiest thing is holding your hand as you walked through the. When earthly fireworks slowly in silence; when the fingertip flashy gradually dissipated, you are still so holding my hand, years old, still in love, the original in my life the most beautiful time is from the encounter you that moment start.