Red dress in his shadow

Red dress in his shadow


Love is like a undo the problem, more like inescapable cycle. From you is my love, you want to escape to escape out, and just like you I’m firmly stuck, cannot leave like that. Like a knot, like a missing lock cannot be opened, nor crack. Love is so strange,heart itch, also said he could not understand. Want to love, can not do without. Want to love, so hard to guess.


You cannot always set the answer, as are attracted to that love maths problems, wanted to own work out. Is to go and still not understand, as that love is an untitled solution and how efforts are also unable to figure out. They are set up in the maze of love, no matter which direction that love at psychedelic, that is hard to guess.


You want to walk out from the maze, but how hard is it to no avail. The love like track your machine, you are helpless, also a loss. Like all love the illustrations, all in thedream to restore you love, you are hysterical fantasy. Miss drive you, like crossing the back to your first love, memory, Association like that you‘ll love, those beautiful illustrations, I give you the beauty and memory. You forget the beauty of your soul dream, just like my soul lead you, my love will lead you. You appreciate pretending intoxication, the beautiful love to pay you as surprising and shy beautiful recognized me, and you like I love the bonfire lit in my most beautiful poem you like in that dancing in the fire of love and I love it, just like a burning fire, shot up in. All love like in this beautiful fire burning, as my window between beautiful figure, appearing in yourdream, you keep thinking.


You like the bonfire dreams, pick a hot love you pretended not to know me, you want to refuse burning, you can avoid that kind of fall. But you is check not that piercing of wants to, you on as in rainy night of alley in identified with love of House, you as jaw of found has I of number, you for I lit has love of candle, in Acacia of dream in groping, you see has I most beautiful of all, on as that love of dream in that candle in jumping, you in elated of appreciate, each a times of beat, will called you heart swing was. You like my beautiful love impressed you shy blush and the integrated redshy, awkward watching with your eyes, dark look. Like that love harps, plucked in your hands, that you hair red think. When you were the happiest and most happy, as ifyou‘re swimming in the beautiful world, called you to be hopelessly in love.


All reunion and fantasy as your temptations, you like in the rugged beauty of the qiangdian, who call what you want to dream, where love can do is put on the appearance of a red rose, you look really beautiful, is booming. I like the illustrations of a red, you loved the candle lighting, beautiful renewed, you keep thinking, he kept thinking.


You like the candle in that building, those beautiful, wonderful time. You do not want to emulate in the rain, you want to rip off a flowing yarn, I love mask. You like seeing beautiful in transparent red dream me, it beats for you as red in color. You werealways for me the beauty of the story, call me like that and play for you, your mind is like at this time carries a live deer, that tacit jump for me. You like fresh fantasy insmearing my beautiful outline, like love that touch the color part of the illustration.

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You can’t hide that kind of beauty, we cannot forget those beautiful again. My beautiful shadow always overcomes you, you can’t escape the cycle of I love, love hysteria, Yi Yongprison love.


I really want to dream about the way you put on your Red yarn, tonight came up tomy window, I also holds a candle to look at you. And I imagine being able to achieve it? I’m silly.


These days many are desperate, will become a dream all the time. How many yearsof anticipation, becomes a fantasy, but fantasy, I have not killed, I’m like squinting atdreams and your shadow on the run.


You can’t escape the cycle of I love, beautiful track I can’t escape you.


Love is hard to guess, do not know will understand?


I really want to go back to the beginning, those beautiful days. Your elegant and graceful beauty, beauty of your reserved tenderness, can not call me and desire. I like to see you wearing a red dress as I go to look is so beautiful, is that

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