Originally, this is love

Originally, this is love

Originally, this is love
Sixteen years old, is a hazy youth; sixteen years old, a worldly age.
She first met him at the age of sixteen, is that bloom brilliant season. Perhaps in the sixteen years before they have had a common intersection, but it is only a pass through it. He had not noticed the most obscure students in the grade, and she was also immersed in the new campus of curiosity, too busy to take care of their own teachers and other students in class.
At the age of sixteen, she was in the middle school, is still a very ordinary grade students, and he is the grade of the beloved English teacher. High school next semester, may be God’s favor, her efforts have finally paid off, the teachers began to pay attention to her, was chosen to be the subject of English subjects in class. An accidental opportunity, as the whole grade of English training excellent person in charge of him, to her class to find her to ask the situation of learning. For the first time, she did not understand why they were so bold, in front of the stern teacher asked a chatter, probably the first time, she felt his kind. On that one, she firmly remember the teacher, but he has a thousand students, and he can remember her. Perhaps student vanity (hope school excellent teachers to pay attention to their own) mischief, or is she really fell in love with learning. She started running to the office, to he consult various learning problems, and even occasionally in after a day of night classes with him and talk about their goals in life. At the beginning, he was tired of the endless looking for his “troubled” students, but her bright and lively, diligent, so he had to start to pay attention to this humble student. Because of his concern, she will have to work harder than before. She also said that she can not say why it will take him as a driving force for their own learning, but a feeling of the beginning of a non transparent.

Suddenly she was seventeen years old, seventeen years old, have passed the examination with her insulation, so this year became her regret years. That year the college entrance examination may be because the problem is too simple reason, she is better than any exam, for this is also happy for a while. But fate always seems to like to play a joke on her, the year of the admission line is higher than in any previous year. She hopes to Jiangxi river water, Yugu Pavilion looked at the river, heartbroken. When she decided to give up all the end of her, she thought of him – that gave her so much love for him. So she called the number for a whole year. She did not speak to him about where she was, what kind of state, no, because he didn’t ask. He served as a good teacher in the study of administrative office, there are busy things. She is just a passing in his life, and even the official teachers and students are not, will not ask her about these small things. And she asked something about repetition, hear she has to repeat the idea, the phone, he is obviously very happy, down on hand things patiently tell her to to repeat what kind of preparation, and tell her that can separate to fill her who pulled down the course at the weekend. Originally on their own has been desperate and sent forswore not to repeat her, because his remarks may also be because of the campus youth does not happen, in the hesitation chose go back and continue to struggle for one year. That time, he saved her. From then on, in her heart, she felt more than he was her teacher, but the feeling that she had no idea of what it was: gratitude, admiration, or Hida
Four that year, just he also to cram school teaching, that year is he no longer as the grade leader. For her he didn’t his senior leader, is more friendly, more amiable and easy of approach. In cram school her, everything is strange in her class teacher, before it can adapt to the new environment she can to ingratiate themselves with the teacher only him. Even later, and the teachers are familiar with the class, she has a problem or a habit to look for him. In the eyes of others, he has always been serious, no smile on his face. And only in the face of her time, he always smile, appear very happy. Perhaps she was born to be a person who can give others laugh, perhaps – and that year, is her life in the most happy year, even though this is not only because of his happiness, but at least 1/3 of his achievements. At the same time, she also received a gift from God, the ideal university’s acceptance letter. About to leave school before a night, they in the bright sky embracing parting, the moment she still doesn’t know this is what a feeling, she wondered: to say is the emotion between teachers and students, the is how deep a love, if love, it seems worse what.

Originally, this is love1
So with this hazy feeling and to his dismay, she went to a distant and strange city. For her to leave, he is happy to sad, happy is as a student, she finally Zhang Chi fly; sorrow is she gone. Met then is a distant dream. Came to a strange city, in addition to miss her family, she is more than Miss him. Each received a phone call from his, she always chatter that half an hour, anxious to put himself in the university all told him, and he share harvest of joy in the campus of the University, also told him in the midst of a helpless encountered in a foreign land. Nevertheless, he has not been able to say the love, which also makes her feel for this feeling is not defined. Until the age of eighteen birthday, she received a send him a birthday gift, in the small gift box note says “I love you forever”.
For a moment, she understood, for many years the feeling of feeling, it is love.

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