No love, that will care

No love, that will care

No love, that will care
If you have loved, you will certainly feel the feeling of heartache! When the feeling of heartache comes quietly, you can not refuse, but can not hide, only silently endure the pain and sorrow…… It’s not easy to know who really love a person. But, when life has no intention of let us meet, the reason can not overcome the feeling of blind. Maybe this is love! What is love? What is helpless, without the relative? I seem to understand. Love, not love, not love, this is what kind of feeling? Sour, sweet, bitter, hot can have this taste? This All thoughts are blasted., be reduced to fragments, is a kind of what kind of feeling?
The most hurt in the world is the feelings, but people can not be ruthless. So, in my mind I think, read aloud; in the memories of sorrow, like a; in the world of mortals love, hate, the earthly injure, pain… Fell in love with the people, this is destined to be a story written with tears and sad. Once thought there is no love, no longer for who moved, but did not want to, but I met you. You are like this, come to my world inadvertently, and disturb my heart lake. And I, too, have not been to prevent you from your life, and your peace. Why there are so many of the edge of a strange combination of circumstances? Love, once missed is always miss. We shared a piece of the sky, but not at the same time we smell flowers; we work together on a piece of land, but not at the same time printed footprints…

No love, that will care1
Do you know? I want you! Standing at the crossroads, thinking of you, sitting in the car, thinking of you, walking in the crowd to think of you. When I think of you, I will think about you… Many a night, are searching for the traces of you in the river of memory; many times, in our chat record feel your presence; most of the time, only in the information looking for miss you. Most of the time, I can only think of you like this. Since then, a heart to do the trip, a sad way. Many a cup of tea, a cup of thick tea, a thin, let the bitter soak their every nerve. Many a rainy day, looked at the rain falling, thoughts returned to every moment with your dialogue. Between us does not have what love, there is no life affection, but our hearts has that never give up constant care.

No love, that will care2
Never really asked if you really love me? In fact, without you, I have to understand, there is no love which will have to care? Feelings of love can not defend, no tomorrow, no commitment, no future, it makes many lovers in the pain and happiness! Do not want to let you know I am full of sadness, full of fear. If you create a fast, a worry. I just want to give each other a relaxed and pleasant space and environment, let us know each other and happy because, do not care about forever, only care about once owned. Who said that? Since the love, who do not want to enduring as the universe? This sentence only a helpless self consolation, who knows this and behind, how a sour and pain of the heart, is a kind of helpless?

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