Love to the end of the world, love is the way of life

Love to the end of the world, love is the way of life

Love to the other side of the horizon, but love is life road Man
Love to the other side of the horizon, but love is a diffuse way of life, to love is very simple, keep love life is difficult, emotional moment, love life, love day Love me love to be true, soulful love long love be constant, Acacia worried about unfulfilled love , how much love for life, love life, if there is a dream, destined situation in which, together leave, life without hate, love, such as if the thing of the past, the situation was poly hurry injury leave, who knows the pain of Acacia, Acacia worry who know, a cavity sustenance Acacia nowhere, no place to place, wonderful time, love already dream, unattainable love, to each other is love, Sauvignon Blanc and keep that feeling, everyone can have, no one wants to grow, to love difficult to reach final , spend it easily separated, love one day, feeling like a puddle of water, a quiet, white clouds, floating in the direction of love, a Wang Ningjing of water, always yearning feel this with you, but unfortunately the end is mortal, I changed not a cloud, it can not into water, only at one end of the horizon, but love is life, accompanied with knowledge, understanding love, perfect life, I whitehead or.

Distance, thoughts produce beautiful love, can understand, love hearts have converted, the happiest thing in life is that there is a person living in my heart warm, make life together cry, laugh together, must be the most pro, but it is a happy life, and make their own sad, must be recent, and make their own heartache, it must be favorite, life, dampen our hearts, destroy our faith, we are the most valued, sadly depressed, alone reprove those endless grief, from love, love begins, exudes a faint fragrance, really understand love, not a certainty, but not scheming to try to figure out the other side, but a heart to heart between understand, Du Yi window, quietly tears, Duwusiren injury has ailments, persevering, Qingsi a few knots, still can not escape a Acacia, Qingsi hard cut, Acacia too hard, but it is nothing to look heart, tears skirt Sang, from ancient times and eventually became infatuated empty, passionate heart of the people destined War countless people have feelings, that heart will be emotional, every emotion, are even the slightest understanding of the heart, every one really, all inclusive in wind and rain peers, has never been able to forget.

Qingsi cut constantly, unable to retain the love, life, subject to emotion and mood, lost the confidence of love, wasted years of the journey, you go, leave the world situation, but yet my heart with love go, no love life, love every night, hope, love every night thinking, are suffering every night, many nights spent almost all his eyes open, so repetitive thoughts like a curse, never been able to escape, perhaps you never know love it so like you, quiet night, his thoughts always floating far and near, thoughts have become worried about the deepest night, is crazy, stupid, what this rambling thoughts to an abrupt end when, When lonely soul to dust settles, when we can meet again, get rid of Melancholy, unstoppable Acacia scattered in the wind, scattered in the horizon, in this beautiful season, my heart is still there deep expectations, in my heart you will always be my favorite, no matter when and where, my blessing with you forever, May Jun everything safely.

Loved, do wrong to consider right, better, do not go to weigh winning or losing, trying hard, and disappointments, tireless in life, the result is not all warm, cherish, care to know, the old warmth rest on my mind for a long time, forget the sweet tenderness together, forget daily life once, forget your soulful eyes, once beautiful so gone with the wind, like a blur of broken dreams, ephemeral love, separated in sight of ends, even if this meant Song of concentration, yet so far away is a dream, to become the deepest regrets of life, the deepest pain, the world from now on will no longer have you, lovely still waiting for you, you will love in my heart, deeply buried, to accompany life after more than yourself, even if alone, even helpless, know how to pay, knowing the intentions, dull life, let us cherish sincere feelings, is to give us to understand the truth, do not cherish, slowly fade out of each other’s hearts, do not want to pay, getting out of each other’s world, life, plain room bathed with love of sincerity, life, hard at his mouth, the voice of love.

Qingsi constantly pulled between love, unable to retain the edge Lihen, people, can nearly be far, between heart and heart, it can really be false, between feeling and emotion, can thick, too can be short, between things and things, can fan, you can simply, do not embarrass yourself, go natural, naturally forget, in case of a natural, not forced, to go one place, see a landscape, step by step, firm step faith, does not require much desire, longing heart, if, on the front line, I feel tired, just rest, keeping indifferent mood, feeling simple happiness, those unspeakable words, if someone listening, is happiness, those depressing thing , people understand, is happiness, emotional world, in fact, does not need much of a hearing, it is a warmth; a companionship that is a mind, talk to the mind, to give the affection, sent embrace, into the heart is moved, implied tears, someone hurt, hidden difficulties, people understand, is not accompanied by distance, communication is good, friend is not much, just enough to understand, feeling not long, really like

Love life, I love, I heard treasure, waving farewell, horizon discrete, since the situation for the end of the world, love for the Cape, hard stare, but it is no longer difficult to meet, it is difficult dependencies, you vaguely remember that shallow brow, deep call each other’s eyes look back, there’s a great affection, or in dismay gradually disappearing in each other’s world, after all, not a fairy tale, not writing a part of our story, eventually became worried about each other forever, time is ticking , but could not escape Acacia prison, still crush, several Acacia dream is to get out of this misery, a second fall in a dream, but do not want to wake up, alienated, will be not cherish, strange , will be do not want to pay, there is a friend is not life, but in life, there is a companionship is not around, but mind, never in hand, but the real owners, never met, but keep in mind, do you think happiness, went to look for, you think worth it, waiting to go, do you think happiness, go treasure, mutual love life, I love keep.

Heart, love, where life does not bloom, love love, where life does not spring, the heart has a sun, there are loved ones, wherever they are not afraid of the dark, let Taoyuan stored in the heart, who will There is always a ray of flowers, let love implanted in the heart, the side will always have a sun, keep comprehend roll after years later, there is clear sky around forever, life will never have a beautiful legend, life is always like this, that lost, may come on the road, that has, probably the way to go, poke emotional fog, always just passing through, the world is too big, too small person, through a road, always want to see the scenery, because It has been unforgettable, think of a person, always in tears, as it has been integrated into the feelings back when, finally found, at the corner of life, stay a feeling, this love, had warm life, tell yourself happy beautiful, happy Preferably, Aihenjiandan life, life is difficult to spend, how far should always love, love to be very long how long, love to the other side of the horizon, but love is a diffuse way of life.

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