Love the beginner’s mind, never away

Love the beginner’s mind, never away


Puppy Love 18 years of age, a chance she meets her fellow students, Blackboard ata friend‘s invitation to help him, he was standing in the back of the classroom seriously painting, so she sat silently behind him, perhaps from that day began to have aninnocent love. When calisthenics, she will intentionally or unintentionally to catch few glimpse in his direction, in the crowd looking for a glimpse of him, occasionally meet shy say hi, this is her greatest satisfaction, is the happiest little sweet. Can meet in the hallway, and became her biggest looks forward to every day.


Sports day, run by a landslide, he won the applause and cheers of the students, sheis also desperately rooting for him! At that time she was deeply in love with him!


An affair of the night, he took her hand, she said she thought it was the most beautiful words in the world, the two love each other so silly together, she believed the girl she is the most precious of all, in the passion of the night to him without reservation, she want to do that you should be able to keep for a lifetime!


She left her pen name changed his name, to let him see her every time the article was only he, her talent only one bloom for him!


His birthday, in the presence of so many friends, she gave him a kiss as a birthday gift, friends of the sound of booing, she blushed, is to allow friends to witness how much she loved him, her life only one exciting for him!


He said he liked to paint the Tiger, she traveled the whole of Xinhua Bookstore to buy a book with a pattern of Tiger album, he used a paper copy a lot, himself also a playful dialogue, this is the most touched by her love letters she received! Silently, she said, my dear, have you enough!


One of life, often, very often, because ignorant open relationships, because the fate of the fool, so we missed a lot of people shouldn’t miss, give up a lot to do and not to do things, when once again clear all misunderstanding, only to let sweet memories in the minds of the wanton flow … …


From the initial meet, know the love, only joy and sweet to each other, impossible to forget in my life, because this is the unforgettable first love, the most is her soft, the lost love. Once upon a time, she also wanted to completely forget him more thanonce, but each time when we decide, Xin Fu. Is everyone‘s life there is so a person, isa secret you forever in my heart, though, he may not be with you through life‘s partner, in a corner of your heart, always thought of as you wipe it away. Meets no regrets, not love!

“Spring warm cool seemed moment, UPS and downs also has is salt, I of Miss ever saw, points drip drops are in heart……” may everyone live with will has one unforgettable of love’s, real of love, may cannot hand led hand spent life, but has led hand of people, on should good treasure has, life of lover, is past repair to of margin! More than 10 years, has a family and do not want to destroy this small quiet, you have myheart, I‘ve got you, that‘s enough! Love the beginner’s mind, never away!


And your birthday, sweet memories come to mind, words into sincere blessing: fai, happy birthday! Happy happy forever!

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