Landscape via a lift, shake off the dust

Landscape via a lift, shake off the dust


Everyone, life has only one being taken and other landscapes are passing. Love of flowers, is drunk in a tear, crave warm, would love the Sun, while I admire the heart pure, is shield downtown 3,000, dyeing and cool autumn frost … …


When people are taking the busy clutter, but free time alone. A look around, a forgotten past, interpret the world rub shoulders with each other. You never regret, Iturned and not frowning, turned out to meet is a mistake, all the sorrow is just a hangover.


Life there are only two State, one is alive, one is filled for others. The most painfulthing in life, the people you hurt a soul, you can’t half of empathy. Not all encounters are beautiful, not deep love can be together. Cannot pray, and most cannot beforgotten. Met in the spring wind, footsteps do not migrate with the seasons, thepromise does not represent a return.


Foreign soil, I was still me, even the neon still won’t assimilate. The world is shouting, quiet as ever. While trying to make money, but not much, feelings not with money to the side, like a sentence in his hometown, a friend said: you! Is the only placeI‘ve ever seen would not be bashed women. Not be lofty, I need only rely on their own hard work, and feel. Man alive, always insisted that makes bones soft, fall in dignity. Never promise anything easily, because I have said I will do. Never thoughtrich after you, and the Joneses. 40 years not been in KTV, can’t sing or dance, maybe some people will think this is grave, derailed with the times, it doesn’t matter tome what people think, I have my own likes and stands, that‘s enough. Time, the environment will change a lot, but once you know what you want, even in a dream, detachment. Will not be going to prove how good and hard, just because rush forward. Strength of a woman not men you spend much money, is not relying on one man can live very well.


Suddenly came to Zhengzhou has more than a month, and as previously quiet. May be where the heart is end of the world, did not drop. When not bring much, didn’t buy anything, in addition to, I‘m thrifty, but I remember mother son phone, bank card, in addition to these weightless. No nostalgia, no expectation, even apart from MOM know that I left to the unknown is really a man at all, everyone around him to believe that Zhengzhou was waiting for me, I was looking for a home. Not want to explain, go your own way, worthy of their own heart is enough. 40 years old,I have no desire, no amount of money will be no surprise, now give me a luxury car, I am that quiet me, quiet living, not to show off, not comparing, really became acup of tea, not weight-bearing.


Passion and I don’t have, I asked MOM: what the hell, why would turn out this way,is not to gut? Such a young age shouldn’t be so Ah! MOM: you ruined four years,are old, this is after the vicissitudes, detect anything dead. Is out for days, will not feel oppressed, loneliness becomes a habit very terrible, will block all, tried to go into downtown, accepted the life of debauchery, but know, I is a wonderful work, where to live in their own world. Floating paper flower, nothing fit. No matter who, is not to load for me, or I’m going to disappear, there is no her. Work for someone else, don’t take my crush, live, and I was selfish


Times change, people change, people who do wrong are afraid to admit that, he(she) is destined to do great things. May be changed, really did you gather, not tostay, not pandering, stubborn to do themselves. It’s raining, room is very dark turned on the light, just a few lines, to provide for his own obsession. Life without a conviction would not be successful in whatever you do. Difficulty is trying to solve, rather than leave the problem to others in the world can depend on is yourself. I canmake money and still thrifty, has a lot to do, not wasting, not wealth, my principle is: do you like better, everything yourself as much as possible, do not ask for help.Money not spending no money, not to spend.


Everyone is starting from zero, no matter how brilliant you are relationship and not a dime today, your friend‘s ability to have the skill it is not you, no need to take someone else‘s accomplishments to his own gold. Capable people who never mentioned I know, are branded in the eyes from the admiration of others. Any time respect for others is the greatest respect, you closed the trampled under the feet, theeyes of others you are worthless. Most of the time without explanation, is the rumors themselves don’t care about is the way to go, purpose has nothing to do withothers. Word does not belong to me, I don’t, you can’t afford to give me, I refused, which is the equivalent of life.

Red radiant, who also beginner’s mind does not change, into the original appearance. Floating a piece of bleakness, when you have a goal when, how hard can resist, bite, won’t stop a tear drop. Experienced looking back, but dream a, Tim climaticups and downs the last silence. Do not rely on, remember that one straight back .


Fate is at the end of you in front of me, delimitation of space I have telekinesis died. Distance between people, more than a turn. I don’t like pretending to myself, but I tried to arm themselves. Days are warm, but not absolute to rely on. Purely individual connection is integrated and able to breathe independently is the best model of cooperation, partner in marriage is actually signed the contract, provided that the moods of each other. If two people are choosing to live together, you let theother side as well as once upon a time, that is to choose to fail. Love, marriage, or know, can make you live color is happy, if it always rains in the eyes, that way can aperson go.


The best love is close, this makes sense, marriage is like a partner, total chehoutuiwho were shut out until eliminated. The essence of life is that you can not excellent,but you can’t be stupid bird didn’t know to fly. Every day live the unexamined, just in time discredited, who are always busy, but not much idle time to time. Occasional leisure read more books, raise raise birds have the conditions to do a simple travel, your days will be abundant, if leisurely into boring, that you are living a tragedy.


I like busy, tired but with proportional to the harvest. Hard as all, and nobody on the way to success is not stumbling, walked to the last is again no tired are adhered to. Sisters in the group chat yesterday, one says men tube, one saysstocking, I feel bad pipes and stocking, men and women together, consciously. You walk ten paces, I slow down to go eight steps, which is a common struggle. One, another to know love and contentment, a relative response will be happy. Loveand marriage, does not want to close, but what to do with each other, each can bea help and not drag, this is the perfect combination.


Life is a drug, and it was cited, and boiled bitter air, the results are perfect. Do notseek the Buddha, not earthly bound, the road is half minute fireworks themselves, independent of others. Landscape via a lift, shake off the dust. If the heart sunny, though the terminator!

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