In fact, you do not know

In fact, you do not know

In fact, you do not know
In fact, you never know, in my heart, there are a lot of things to tell you exactly. And how much of a similar experience would you like? May wish to discuss together.
In fact, you do not know, when I first saw you, I have been deeply in love with you. The birthday party, when I saw you, I always wanted to find a chance to chat with you, exchange phone, but in the end it was too shy and did not act. After the birthday, I have been in regret, have been complaining about why there is no action, but I still think you. After about three months, you for me for my birthday, I am very happy, also a mouth agreed, because I know that if I this time didn’t act, I believe a lifetime also not get a second chance. So I decided to drag your hand to you.
In fact, you do not know, after the first time you say “I love you”, my heart is sweet. It feels like eating a lot of desserts, and the teeth are falling off the same. From small to large, I am a very shy little boy, but also not confident, and will put the heart in the bottom of the permanent storage. But since together with you, you like a key, opened the treasure that I have been “dusty”. Since then, I do not fast not up to you alone, but whispering.

In fact, you do not know1
In fact, you always do not know, I with you together, not because of your beauty, not because you want to “salty”, but not because they want to show off in front of friends, but because I really love you. Of course, in my mind you are indeed a beauty, and I was a mediocre, ordinary people, we are really very not match on the surface. But I know, in my mind there is a very strange feeling, it is like someone else to say that the feeling of being bitten by ants, until now or this feeling.
In fact, you do not know, in the past you every day after school and I am on the phone, I have been listening to the. Because I know you are a very talkative person, and you have more experience than me, so I do not have a lot of time, in fact, just like your voice. Sometimes it may be too “pay attention” to listen, so that you say I can not react, but also silent down, be you mercilessly scold. But I do not know how to describe, even to you, I feel very happy. Now I’m not used to the sound of your voice. I used to be very little about you out, not because I do not want to go everywhere with you, but I know you are going to school on weekdays, Sunday is family day, so I don’t dare to bother you. But you don’t understand my mind.
In fact, you always do not know, when the other day when you said that your pet Bunny soon “homeless”, I used the how much scheming, much saliva, how much time will be able to convince parents let it “settled” in my family. At that time, the family has been opposed, said that a number of pets on the burden, but also to find someone to take care of. Regardless of family members how to oppose, I also take care of its responsibility on the body, hoping to complete your wish. If I doesn’t love you, why should I help you take care of it, cherish it. I have always regarded it as our “daughter.”, hope can make it white and fat, healthy, let you all the time to visit. But now, there is only the rabbit with me, listening to my heart.
In fact, you do not know, every time I take the initiative to go shopping, in fact, I want to get up earlier than usual, and then go to your home. While reducing the rest of my time, but whenever I think of this is because you, I will spirit to come over, behave as fit as a fiddle, not in front of you playing a ho owe. And every time to your home, round-trip fare to ca. 50 yuan, but I did not regret it, because that is for you to pay.
In fact, you do not know, I have never cooked a meal for anyone, but not the initiative to let the girls to my home. And you are the one who can make me make these two actions. In order to please girls boys, “” the cooking method is not rare. On the contrary, the boys want to do for girls, it must be very love you will do so. In the past, my understanding of the home, it will only be a family together, not my family, I would not let him come up. Now, home still has the smell of you, your shadow.

In fact, you do not know2

In fact, you do not know, my love for you is so deep. Now I, still hold the flashlight, in the hope that there will be no call or SMS, lose a chance. And in the SMS data cartridge, only you give my message, even if others passed to me, read and reply to, I will delete, as far as possible to stay with you for the past bit by bit. In addition, mobile phone photos, all the photos are still people, only you, not others photos. In my cell phone calendar, already entered the information a lot, your birthday, dating anniversary, even is the hope and you “signed” with the rest of the day. I have already set, originally intended to in two years as a gift “give you”.

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