Exquisite love prose “engraved in the hearts of love”

engraved in the hearts of love

Exquisite love prose “engraved in the hearts of love”
In that period of time he experienced a let him “engraved in the hearts of love really is forget that period of time, because she gave him a hard Ming, engraved in the hearts of love, if time can backwards I think he will cherish this affection, let me they this” engraved in the hearts of love “and fine. And I don’t regret it. I’ll let him live in their hearts forever. Let’s begin our body.
In the summer, maybe, somewhere its own days, in the shade of a tree, he saw her, her eyes is so leisurely, her quiet and subtle smile can let a person forget common. At that moment, his heart stop, as if afraid because of their slight move and disturb her, upset the scene of harmony and perfect picture. However, she still noticed him, perhaps his eyes too was scorching. She smiled at him, perhaps not to him, so that he knows her, she called the cloud, than he is a, but also art professional.
Since that day, his heart is like v. dropped a bomb. He knew in his heart, she has never give up. His thoughts seemed to have left her with a smile. He is no longer that can stay in the library every day and he was indifferent to the outside world. Because, he knows, even in the hands of the book but his mind is still stuck in her body, his mind always have a sense of desire to see her, and that fear is far from peek. So, his figure is often outside the classroom, in order to see her every day.
Until one day, he couldn’t help himself to share her thoughts, wrote a note tucked in her book, he just wanted to put yourself to her that love has long been mind tell her all, put his hidden already a long time of “Volcano” completely dissolved in a word: if you like, I will always be you the shade of the tree tree. Note issued to two days, he was like a three years, his heart is afraid of another kind of look forward to. After two days of his anxiety, he finally came to her in third days. I have not dared to expect forever, because it is not too realistic, can not see nor expected things, I do not believe, nor can I believe.” She suspected him of her love? Doesn’t she know she has to he Chafanbusi.? “No, I must let her know that I love her, always so true,” he thought, so, the second note and his heart to her: time will prove my love for you. So they began a period of engraved in the hearts of love.
So real and not to declare their after a year, he quietly concerned about her life, when she caught a cold on the table will take a cold medicine, open the bottle of water never see empty, but they never said a word, his action appears to be invalid. She’s still as old as he is.
Finally one day, a group of rogue coveted by her beauty, actually want to tarnish his mind goddess, just as they Guaijiao walking toward her, he appeared frail man, he unexpectedly pit one against ten in the after a struggle because alarmed passers-by to rogue fled ended, and he also because of who in a few knives and fall to the ground.
When he woke up, he has been lying in a hospital bed, and she did not, as described in the novel beside him to accompany him, just as he was depressed, he found a letter from the pillow, is her, said:
The wind:
Don’t blame me for Frence leave, because I really do not dare to face your love, I do not deserve. The young age I was tortured by a strange disease. In the medicine pot to grow up, I, alone, inferiority, I dare not contact with people, not to have friends, not to say love, I thought it would be such a life. However, it happens that you, I am your persistent, delicate and moved, but, I can accept it? So, I’m heavy, with your deep love. This “engraved in the hearts of love,” I will always remember in my heart.
Take care Love your cloud
After he read, deeply her silly, love and how will be the external factors and corruption?
So, he will go away, even if he is to find the far-off regions, she made her, always can shelter trees.

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