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Red dress in his shadow

Red dress in his shadow


Love is like a undo the problem, more like inescapable cycle. From you is my love, you want to escape to escape out, and just like you I’m firmly stuck, cannot leave like that. Like a knot, like a missing lock cannot be opened, nor crack. Love is so strange,heart itch, also said he could not understand. Want to love, can not do without. Want to love, so hard to guess.


You cannot always set the answer, as are attracted to that love maths problems, wanted to own work out. Is to go and still not understand, as that love is an untitled solution and how efforts are also unable to figure out. They are set up in the maze of love, no matter which direction that love at psychedelic, that is hard to guess.


You want to walk out from the maze, but how hard is it to no avail. The love like track your machine, you are helpless, also a loss. Like all love the illustrations, all in thedream to restore you love, you are hysterical fantasy. Miss drive you, like crossing the back to your first love, memory, Association like that you‘ll love, those beautiful illustrations, I give you the beauty and memory. You forget the beauty of your soul dream, just like my soul lead you, my love will lead you. You appreciate pretending intoxication, the beautiful love to pay you as surprising and shy beautiful recognized me, and you like I love the bonfire lit in my most beautiful poem you like in that dancing in the fire of love and I love it, just like a burning fire, shot up in. All love like in this beautiful fire burning, as my window between beautiful figure, appearing in yourdream, you keep thinking.


You like the bonfire dreams, pick a hot love you pretended not to know me, you want to refuse burning, you can avoid that kind of fall. But you is check not that piercing of wants to, you on as in rainy night of alley in identified with love of House, you as jaw of found has I of number, you for I lit has love of candle, in Acacia of dream in groping, you see has I most beautiful of all, on as that love of dream in that candle in jumping, you in elated of appreciate, each a times of beat, will called you heart swing was. You like my beautiful love impressed you shy blush and the integrated redshy, awkward watching with your eyes, dark look. Like that love harps, plucked in your hands, that you hair red think. When you were the happiest and most happy, as ifyou‘re swimming in the beautiful world, called you to be hopelessly in love.


All reunion and fantasy as your temptations, you like in the rugged beauty of the qiangdian, who call what you want to dream, where love can do is put on the appearance of a red rose, you look really beautiful, is booming. I like the illustrations of a red, you loved the candle lighting, beautiful renewed, you keep thinking, he kept thinking.


You like the candle in that building, those beautiful, wonderful time. You do not want to emulate in the rain, you want to rip off a flowing yarn, I love mask. You like seeing beautiful in transparent red dream me, it beats for you as red in color. You werealways for me the beauty of the story, call me like that and play for you, your mind is like at this time carries a live deer, that tacit jump for me. You like fresh fantasy insmearing my beautiful outline, like love that touch the color part of the illustration.

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You can’t hide that kind of beauty, we cannot forget those beautiful again. My beautiful shadow always overcomes you, you can’t escape the cycle of I love, love hysteria, Yi Yongprison love.


I really want to dream about the way you put on your Red yarn, tonight came up tomy window, I also holds a candle to look at you. And I imagine being able to achieve it? I’m silly.


These days many are desperate, will become a dream all the time. How many yearsof anticipation, becomes a fantasy, but fantasy, I have not killed, I’m like squinting atdreams and your shadow on the run.


You can’t escape the cycle of I love, beautiful track I can’t escape you.


Love is hard to guess, do not know will understand?


I really want to go back to the beginning, those beautiful days. Your elegant and graceful beauty, beauty of your reserved tenderness, can not call me and desire. I like to see you wearing a red dress as I go to look is so beautiful, is that

Money can’t buy love

Money can’t buy love


The idea has always been put down, like you are holding a pigeon dreams, not willing to release, so uncomfortable. Love, do not pay attention so much, or you do not love. What marriage money to buy, that is bullshit. If you do not like to do basic, even if you make too much money, couldn’t get to her heart because she does not loveyou. All the vain things, you do many times for her, or even tens of thousands, but eventually broke up, ending margin.


Fell in love with a man and like a person with money can not buy, you can only use the money bought her for a while, but it can’t buy her a lifetime. You spent the money, but not her heart. This kind of thing in a relationship, in the case of, finally broke up. Love is not bought with money, is really like, to get the true love. Not to do what is the most stupid thing, a woman‘s heart, who did not say to whom, don’t like to have to work together, it is a most painful? You say it is. Don’t make something that does not correspond to reality, insight into the woman‘s heart, to understand, tolove. Don’t be blind and impulsive, to have a quantitative, select what you want? Not see the pretty flowers pick, that‘s not true, and will eventually lead to that love fail.Like is like, is to love. Don’t go around like that, much less skittish to love, to find. Love is measured, not the desire for, nor wild relative. Give love a clean sky, one of themost beautiful in the world.


Love, it is necessary to pay sincerely. Don’t like, don’t make enemies fast, woundedpain thing. Don’t like that errand with money, it is an inexpensive love, even if you buy it is futile. Woman‘s heart is not who are trying to take away, she was the most determined character, not that money can buy, even if you got it, cheap, or even nothing. Woman, don’t be slaves to money, to have their own dignity and self-respect.Love love love don’t when money is in the chips. No money can buy love and need love care and love. Not in vain without love, even if you bought her, it will not be happy.


Men‘s desires are endless, like a good thing, be sure to get his hands on. He will think of ways to implement, to try. But the woman must hold his own and not to be misled by the interests of his mortal, to recognize his true nature, do not believe his gossip, cannot easily cast into his arms, it was hurting. Woman don’t be so frivolous, not to throw herself into the arms of the block, to consider their own, what man worth loving, what kind of a man to stay away from. Not for money. Would you believe that money can’t buy love. Your careful consideration, the meaning of love.


What is the happiness of love? This is very deep. A review will make you want to for life. A smile can make you a lifetime of happiness. Don’t you think? Love is not easyto use, nor do you want to get. It is the most expensive thing money can’t buy. Yes,he can give you cars and villas, can give you money, then what‘s the use, and you are not happy, like all day culture of the vase, any place where you where you still, youare not happy at all. Woman? Never did a man proud, to have their own lives and do their own thing. How many examples of the luxury women love lessons. You’re not he belongs, nor his replacement, you are a man of flesh and blood, a sense of self-esteem, a loving woman. Do not be drunk passed out head money interests, your results will be disastrous.


Love is true love, even if you are not a penny for her, but her smile in your review, you will grab your heart, will make you want for life. Love is like that, very subtle things.


A crush on someone and falling in love with someone, is to love and like. Don’t be in love with, and don’t like it, don’t go to work together. That money can’t buy.


Happy woman and man to love, that is happiness. Must perish the thought, moneydoesn’t buy happiness of love, you say it?

Love glass, time story

Love glass, time story


In the age of innocence, who do you love heart anxious appetite for thought? Andwho longs for love to take you to open the second half of the season, splendid in flourishing the unease? Some of the stories, had time to mention, has been quietly faded away. Some people, could recall, already precipitated dimming. Some thought,always looming, inadvertently involving the inner light of emotion, all the heart cutout all the fleeting Fireworks, folded all the seasons out of time story, has mettoday‘s Miss, love became the most emotion.


In time, read a review of touch of warmth, good youth memories we‘ve been sad story, it so far away, yet so close, it was so fuzzy yet so clear. At that time, when you moved to the heart, but dare not tell you inner feelings, your world has always been that I never reach space, passing of happiness eventually become indelible youth between you and I regret that, but I wish it could once again regret that, because it is so beautiful.


Genesis, heart, mind, started missing and began day and night care. Edge together, love strong, love, begin to care, slowly began to understand. When you start to meetlater, when then said goodbye to the start, love was always plenty, those old good times still scattered in the glaze in the fireworks.


44 age of when, we wrong put goodwill as is like, then of we too easy was a people of talent and sample looks by attract, we thought himself like has this people, then began to he day and night Miss, inside is how desire near he a step, is never go near half step, we desire expression, is shame Yu opening, we are thought except this people, himself yihou may never met so like of a a people has. Then one day, this simple favor as the years passed, a Dim. It turned out that we were growing up, we all experience these wonderful Green affair in the ignorant.


At the age of 88, we mistook love as love, then comes a beautiful youth, we are veryeager to have a great love, we thought it the end result must be together forever. Once upon a time, we can have that person give their all, because you believe in love,because of love, so I believe you. Later, those good stories and the warm memorieswith you in my heart, ever restless, no ups and downs, but inside a little bit fleetingmemories.


At the age of 76, we prefer to think of love as goodwill and like, for fear of rejection,so I rejected others, fearing their future love sad, so now select missed, but how doyou determine that a person is not die with you soul mate? However, all this will come to pass, because you will be missed again.


When we all do not know love, thought he had loved, after we all know love, chose to wait, just eagerly waiting for us to lose the happiness of passing.


We all said goodbye to growing up, we all grow up in farewell. The people I met tosay goodbye, had unconsciously wandered away, each of whom peer making love, you already love the Lakes there on the way home. Those vows that once said forever, has the dust settles, perhaps this is the fate of love between you and me, but I never regret falling in love with you, because you and I used to love each other.


Love has always been an inscrutable thing. Some stories are slightly sad, some people may not be perfect, and we all thought we could forget, forget the memories of the old days. But at the end after many a summer, walking in the familiar Street, all eyes seem to have returned to the us in the past.


In himself ignorant of age in, total thought best of love is himself willing to to beloved of people pour do all, however, experience has some love injury, through has some tears, ignorant after only found, that is how young of idea, because since is best of love, so also deep love with we of that people, and how willing to see beloved of human has he abandoned all, that is not best of love, but most selfish of love just.


, I love you love a mess later, you hurt me was unbearable. After after the fall of Red Dust love, slowly understood, a person trying to maintain all but two hearts separated, time is not on the same parallel lines, love is bound to no longer have any overlap. We love you turned and walked away that day, had no final destination. No return love, maybe there would be no reason to go, but waved their well-being, owes theother.


Through has red of stranger, trained has love of trauma, through has distressed of tears, we are to learned in years of passes in the cure himself inside of love injury and disturbed, because I know, in back of better years in of a corner, end will has so a a people came to himself of front with himself said a sentence: actually I like you is long has, can let I like you like have more long some, also not need too long, on this lifetime good has.


At that time, we are no longer the ignorant kids in love get hurt and cry easily, whilethey also had enough to say a word: How did you come? I wait until flowers thanks,thanks to you.


Perhaps such an outcome, we deserve that good love it!

Love in the twilight, poetry written in a dream

Love in the twilight, poetry written in a dream
Really like and love, is in your heart. It cannot be Renegade, if convicted, is also outof love for you. The beautiful sunset you always remember, as good as forget my beautiful. Just for a moment, and is a light, but you are the most beautiful memories.Waving incense, not, like the Sun in the evening, so hold your dreams, hold your love. Give no answer to that ending, on this beautiful evening, I was in qiangdian in your love, in your heart.


Beautiful energy release in the Dim, Twilight beauty is really strong. Pulled up a golden red sky from the yarn of mask, that faint feelings of beauty, in the Acacia building. From the sketch lines, discern the outline of love. Be raised or landing, is floated or vacated. On track, say nothing at all. Only see with your eyes, take the time to think. The beautiful shape of the sentence, like from the attitude presented in the beautiful words, its rhythm and smooth run to pave the whole beauty of beautiful and moving. Man is the most beautiful poem I, you’re the most beautiful woman in love. You with your most beautiful love dew about my poetry of the United States.


My beautiful naked poems, still lying in front of you are watching, you feel with the lovestruck eyes, love in your Dim and polished. Jump flying pigeon dreams, you seewhat true love is. You have bound me in on the beauty of poetry, as in a beautiful sunset, dancing love gyros, as silly as the input. Your shyness into a sentence, or a poem, slide on the back of my poetry, as you find poetry export back in my feeling, you keep your little, thinking of what is the most beautiful? You like crawling animalswith your slender fingers, dip in the dancing poetry, the dew of light, you’re good eyes to see, see.


Bright in your dreams, yearning tenderness in love. At day and night in mutual occupies with this a moments, you as in dawn in qiangdian, on as from most beautiful of poetry wall behind, found has love of feel, on as back with face, in you of back Shang wrote Xia I love you of verses, at on as love of stove is tilt of, love of Sun crash in Ridge Shang, alone to beautiful of astride, a blind of Kiss was poetry recovered.


Really no reason not to love at this time, of which there are no words to say, just love it? Love! On as now leaves in Spinner, sand in scroll, mountain rock in fibrillation chestnut, storm in pour, lightning good as in tore with Earth, dang snow Shi, lights also in swaying, good beauty of mood, at on as stood back to slipped door to, with lips and eyes to love, with heartbeat and arm to surround, that is we love of according to, that is we love of evening. Like haizaiyuan breathing, covered with temptationto hair and sea breezes in combination of mountains, like in the depths of the garden of Eden, seeming to see Adam and Eve in the romance, the apparition of a beautiful and artistic conception, be in your qiangdian just like my poetry the beautiful dreams of love, that kind of draw you, praise you, praise you.


At this distance, is subtle and then reach. On as you of gentle plating bright I of eyes, in each a a and you wants to on of angle, silent depending on you Holy of beautiful, on as you of beauty engraved in I of body Shang, you in I love of dream in played I of poetry, on as whispers since flute sound gently fly out, in I love of sounds deep, only you in passed I love of world in of secret.


Drop the dream of love, love of twilight wrote. One of the most transparent in your fingers touch the moment you hold up the beautiful memories. You like to see flower pistil, silver waterfall flying all over the sky. You I look most beautiful poems written, as thousands of doctors feel that to think, to love.


Little by little, in this dream of the evening, the green notes, the beautiful pigeon dreams, like cormorants jumped on the boat flipping a figure, such beauty, beauty in love dreams, loving heart.

Love you in the beautiful, loving you in Flash in the Pan

Love you in the beautiful, loving you in Flash in the Pan


When you are the most beautiful, how could I forget. Eyes and mind are converted.Like scented deep erosion of my body and nerves. Love in the place of the soul, pulled like a bamboo shoots. My love at this point have no way out, like your soul is captured, that itch arises spontaneously. If your Enchanted rose, was opened on the top of my head, I love the handlebars. I keep pedaling, keep riding, love that bike, ride your dream, your heart.


Maybe love will not forget that everything you gave me. At that time I love your beauty through the Pavilion, I miss you and love you bent is always death. Although thethen weak I deplore and regret, but in retrospect was one of the most beautiful scenery. Isn’t it? Had I to regardless of regardless of put you as, you is so of willingly of for I, and I also has what scruples, you of reserved already was I of love rendering, you of gentle already was I of love capture, you as of input called I spirit rippling, see you of beauty has as break has I of roof, I was you of beauty capture, on as heart has is like of compliance you, neural also already was you of beautiful harness, as hyper have cannot himself, on as that opposite of rose spent in lovely like of open, I in wrapped up of see with, appreciate with. Aroma like that take away my soul, my refuge compliance, temptations-like compliance, as if I were you belong, along with the intoxicating fragrance of your elegant, slutty. Just like there was no backbone, your own soul drive, all beautiful in qiangdian, and I was like out of the thatched cottage amid distracted kid and sniffed the intoxicating fragrance.


Then select is the most necessary, I stand the temptation of your such a beautiful, beautiful styled itself intoxicating. Finally terminated there the most beautiful memories, like much until the special torment that the impulses of desire, just to enjoy the fragrance of roses, not to pick. This is how exciting activity, a man at the time restraint, how rare it is and cognition. For true love, for you from harm, select it‘s head moves. Then for a moment, that you are unhappy. But when you demand from desire, when sober, you think, my exit was right, I was going to like you, you suffer for a lifetime, or will bring pain to all of your life, you say? Love is responsible for love is not selfish. My regret that the best opportunities, also I don’t do you suffer a lifetime thing. I love you really, really like you, I stopped my actions, I am responsible for the love of you, sorry I can’t do your thing.


I was very poor, even downright poor. For you, I like it, even though I was suddenlyone again, I‘ll love you bear them in mind, the love you gave me too much, not I’mnot sure, but I’m responsible for you. I don’t have any regrets, the dedication of your love for me, I had in mind, I would like to see your lovely roses, like static in my heart, is so intoxicating heart and spleen.  goldjewelrystores


Your smile is my smile, your beauty is my beautiful, I remember all your life. Those flowers filled the room, I always dream for you, for you. In some cases, chances are the best choice. And I chose to give up is for you. You are a fresh and lovely roses, I can not do, though, is the opportunity you have given me love, but I have to hold his own, don’t do anything against conscience and call you a lifetime thing, love is notgetting is to satisfy, but love is true love and care.


Mind is cultivate sentiments of love, but the heart is also the spirit of beauty medicine. Not to a temporary relief, a pleasure to enjoy happiness. To hold his own in thebeautiful, new moon made more beautiful. Do not impose to damage nor responsible investment, love is happiness, and spiritual. Opportunities are not exchanged, butto taste. Regret is a kind of beauty, because that option is on.


Even love, will be responsible for each other, do not call for a lifetime to regret things. People there? Who do not have emotions, but to behave. Don’t let greed get in to


Love, true input to pay sincerely, even if we are not together, and will long remember that beautiful, then flashed by.


Love you in the beautiful, loving you in Flash in the pan.

You can never afford to love

You can never afford to love

You can never afford to love

Youthful days, they just like a plant pansies, bright and fresh; settleddays after changing their life, are quite different. Years of the Decade,change not just the face, there are people and ideas.




White dress girl, with blonde hair, fair skin, starting from high school,side stream of suitors. This is where many beautiful girls envy, there areso many unpredictable concern and care, there is always so much warm eyesfollow. Perhaps, she unintentionally tasting sour feelings prematurely, butat a young age, self-control after all, but the attractive Green apples.


In high school, she began a desperate love, neglect their studies, theUniversity entrance exam. Mother earnestly advised her, and break off withthe boys, then repeat a year, refused to listen to anything she says,finally left to the mother: you leave me alone, let me die! She was afraidto miss this boy to like her, love her, moths are also recognized.


At the age of 20, she couldn’t wait to marry. Thought, happiness willcontinue, but real life has just begun, love is like a jiabuzhu test. Never considered the practicalities, became a required course for every day, all romantic memories have been fixed, the days become plain water, laughing, sweet little couple, also start to bicker … … All of this, she wasunexpected.


It turns out that bears first fruit on the trees, although rare, is not necessarily the best, the most sweet. Too afraid to miss, too afraid oflosing himself to adhere to, it may not be really appreciative. Love for along time, require years of Polish, to see if they can stand up to wind and frost sleet, can be used to bread of life.


Go too nasty, love too nasty, often driven to distraction. What‘s the rush?Not the old days, no shortage.




Yellow dress girls, doesn’t look so beautiful, is not so outstanding, justin General. Memories of growing up, she‘ll always be another foil leaves,few people pay attention to her, inner planet called inferior seeds,germinate slowly. In her youth, like white papers, without poetry, withoutblushing, as much as there is a littleknown secret love. She always thinksthat love is a distant thing.


The marriageable age, at the urging of his family, she was dating, marriage.After all, because the Palace of love and marriage, she said it is notclear, perhaps just to complete a task that is important in life!Occasionally think of their own life, she can’t help but feel some regret,is like a flower can bloom flowers in showy flowers, quietly hiding himself,Bud, but ultimately did not open.


Peony rich, romantic roses, Peony charm, it‘s innate nature, the reason fornot holding. Even a cluster of baiju, live in the flowers withered in thefall, still proudly in full bloom, and blooming, but with another noble.


Flowers, who is also true. Love and happiness, not beautiful woman exclusivepatent, it belongs to everyone who love life, as long as you don’t give upinitial insistence, you believe they could wait and have a unique emotion.




Purple dresses girls, love, pain, single, back-and-forth of life to manypeople, seeing her friends began to marry and have children, she will notpanic. She told herself: no need to envy the love from others, I can bang,just let me wait to hone. More later to happiness, the experience waiting for and cherish is not easy.


Was appealing to her when she would meet, but never easily suffer needlessly. She believed that, time will be the best for the back, the bestarrangement is time.


The brave thing in this world, not jump ahead group, but after a walk, look at the scenery, dialogue and his heart, and not be tired by waiting to wait.Too eager to have the time, tend to get the right person, even cravetenderness together, and finally can only lose.


She knows rumors are things that will never go away, there‘s too many peopleand things that are not accepted, but life‘s still own, whether it wasapplause or laughter, their laughter than anything else. Life script, lovethe ending, to write their own. Not for earth-shattering, vigorous, but tomake life rich and interesting, love me long.


Finally, 30 years old that year, she met the right person. He is wearing herfavorite Plaid Shirt, pick a gardenia, smiled and handed her. Not luxury,not noble, but deeply touched her heart. Intuition tells her that it‘s herpeople who have been waiting for. Days later, they walked together seasonslong. At that moment, she felt, all the strength and youth waiting paid off,all the lonely and uneasy time, were aimed at the here and now of Chrysalisinto a butterfly.




In life there are always some good, hard wait for change to come. It‘s notfussy, not their standards just to keep their own heart, indifferent tolife. Short of lonely, temporarily live, just to meet a better person, in order not to take lives.


We all have the opportunity to meet that accompany their whole life, onpeople, just take some time. So, not because of loneliness and make love,believe, years is plenty of time, you meet a better person, you will neverhave a relationship.

It turns out that we are just in the World Traveler

It turns out that we are just in the World Traveler
We were just in the World Traveler, sanshengshi above is engraved with thefate of traces, without you and I alone, fate is on why so many people seek,with the conversion of rings, alternate time River flows, is changing thelife of regret? Has life changed? The flow of time makes me forgeteverything on Earth, but I can’t have been the most beautiful encounter.

World Traveler

Go edge to edge has left us far too much sadness, but always impossible toforget, forget that a touch of sadness


Sad days wandering alone in the dark of night silent. Look to the stars ofthe night sky, bottom up those painful Ming


Happy and sad memories. Alone to rely on memories in front of the window hadspot, but his eyes shed tears in the middle of it. In this quiet and sadnight unable to sigh.


How many earthly joys and sorrows, unsatisfactory scattered, leaving someunforgettable memories, and scattered in the dust, and the unforgettablepain, became a long fare, expect them to shed light on the years left scars.All human life is learning to forget, but there is so much to do, and when time across the lonely nights, see sativa in a touch of sadness, alwaysinfected with a helpless feeling. Remember, old age, loneliness itself.Emotional story in the world of the traveler.


World Traveler tells everyone, always feeling confused, meticulous care whybecoming dust scattered, are saddled with not years of vicissitudes, also isvulnerable to time sanding? Engraved on the stone writing, why you aremissing me? The poetic chapters is a flick going, became the sentimentalwriting. Meditation, is his lack of warmth, are not doing well enough, oremotional too fragile, and withstand a little rain will die. And we didn’tgive a grip, a play apart to play, have become each other‘s observers.


How far is the distance of heart and heart, why not see each other‘sposition. An idea is the horizon, turn around so easy, a gulf barrier, will eventually become unable to ferry its banks. Old time, so will the memoriesdried? Unintentionally be stitching pictures, who touched the pain, tearingsomeone sad. Read all my thoughts in the rain, rain strongly hit the windowdrops down stirred a heartache. Rain mixed with disturbing thoughts, twistedinto a knot. Want to open the Windows to rain, strengthening of baptism, asrain washes all the heartbreak, peel off all alone.


Often be unwilling, for some random encounters is so deep, if all the hurtis too hard, do not know how easy to let go, then who is going to appeasethe time left? Always question whether years lived up to what I, or me todrag down the years? Otherwise, why get out of their disturbed spiral?Always read in silence in a text, look for the sections of the same mood,only to find that all the statements are expressions of deep enough. Havelate-night writing, outline of the graffiti was a happy encounter, but time and time again is infection by the sad, that one‘s dialogue is so humble,one-man show without audience is so feeble.


World Traveler tell everyone a feeling for the whole life to play iscomplete, so how to direct a perfect ending? World life, we all loseendurance, evolving into each other in a variety of spectator. Rememberingit as unable to close the gate, always in lonely midnight pours, sadtentacles stretching, relentlessly tearing in the lonely night. Shooting stars across, full of words how to tell. Always thinking, lonely in theMiddle, you will have the same loss? Meteor fall will the moment of stunning


Gradually learned to disguise, through the earthly bustle packaging with asmile himself, always cover the blue eyes. If the smile is the mask sorrowmedicine, I did not have been looking for good reason. Face the oftentransitory thoughts, always told myself not too stubborn, written andperformed by solo will not get any relief, always trying to resolve with thefaint melancholy in the heart, but I can’t find an excuse for forgetting.


In red travelers tell us, often silent and a corner of the time, countingtime watching rain, drifting clouds ever blossoming understanding solitudeof the sky? Forced to stay after all, catch a gentle. And there is always somuch to the world, for a portrait, but again disappointed in separated.Always thinking, if not meet in this gorgeous, you you, I or me, then eachwill have lived a comfortable life, waiting for a simple. If we had anothermeeting, then will leave everywhere downtown, pick up pieces spliced intothe spring with a stunning.


Thought in the spring season, full aroma full sleeves, but a man‘s fragranceand how can perform a romance for two. The flower open flowers, bees andbutterflies dance everywhere, add put a Miss lonely. Thickening of the ringin, looked at me with a tree view for, was swaying into a wicker serum leptin. Old time, alternation of night and day to keep, and I took long tocover up the emptiness inside. When night fell, stars and influences, whileignoring the scattered Moonlight, as reflected in the pool round of qingyingfull lonesome, as with it and I kept silent black and white, crazy keeping awordless ending.


No fruit in life, edge to edge to retain not live too much, if I could do it again, I would like to pick up a beautiful leaf blades, shake it all sad,cut out the shape of spring, chic bookmark full incense made from a green.If the time that old, I would like to turn into a dust plume, forget all thesadness, the accumulation of years of rotation of all the events of the pastare no longer referred to. our Love without consequence


World Traveler tell you, directed and performed by solo the whole life tothe interpretation, a different interpretation of the tragic comedy. Whenthe time to stay in the memory, I‘d rather turn into a invisible windshadow. Most beautiful encounter in life is but a sad memory, with theelegant but always forget sadness in dribs and drabs.


It seems I’m destined to be with you in the World Traveler.

Love without consequence, I can do?

Love without consequence

Love without consequence, I can do?
If we love each other not happy, but I also don’t sad…… But can I let go? Not. Because I seem to have fallen in love with her now that love Love without consequence, let me have a little shame. Yeah! Love is elusive, don’t know why I met is always not with me forever man. I am twenty-eight years old, but I have met a lot of small woman, I began to call him a little girl, the little woman, to see her know, her character and so on. That I like the feeling of people, so I feel sad. But I am rational, and I will always be…… So we will not have what, love is not the result of love, regardless of the outcome would be like, not love is not a chance. Like the article he gave me yesterday:
When he met him, she was 24, he was 30, and he did not say anything else, even he himself didn’t think what happened between them.
She is not the kind of person who can describe with beauty or beauty. He never deliberately disguised himself, into the crowd, you can not immediately put him out. His clothes is very dull, pure color, look calm, as if is adaptable, his implicit but so that you won’t put him and most men confused.
Before meeting him, she never knew, and a person that he loved to get along with, can be so good. Because of the old relationship, he would have to take care of her. She is not a spoiled child, since childhood, is what I do not know, after some hardships, she is accustomed to him about everything. Two of them often sat silently together, just clinging hands, sit sit at night, what words can not say, like a song written in the spring is more beautiful than her smile, I haven’t seen her people do not understand.
One day, she was very excited to him, said: “if the two people can live together for 60 years, then a difference of 6 years, what is considered? “Suddenly there was a long silence between the two men. She looked up and saw his eyes, like a baby with quiet, like monks as omniscient, in such eyes, he felt his reckless and reckless, in his heart the sea is not worth mentioning how tolerant. In fact, she can think of, he thought, and even more thoughtful than she thought, more thoroughly. Not only is the relationship between age, his character and the birth of a tragic factor, one thing, the first thought is the outcome, but also not meet, they have been afraid to leave. For the emotional journey, he cannot be down-to-earth, so elegant is elegant, so that the people who were with him not to a superficial. His capacity is very good, although not always drink when they get together, he is not. In that time, with wine, is that the rainy weather, Weiyang night. He kept his glass, and she gently pressed his hand: “don’t drink too much, hurt the body. “He insisted, from the cup to see her:” then how? “In one gulp. Lamplight he long eyebrow into temples, gazing at her eyes beaming, for a long time, the look with a slight laugh, laugh at her, also laugh at yourself, dare to love Love without consequence.
We all love each other but can not love, 6 years old this gap is so small, and now regret, but now there is no such opportunity. Tell everyone to have the opportunity to Love without consequence, or later will regret it. If you give me a chance, Love without consequence, no matter what the outcome will be, don’t let yourself regret.
How many times in a person’s life can have such feelings? Take your youth. Don’t let yourself regret. There is no regret in the world. Love is to love without consequence.
I followed her…… No later.hat’s us happy memories
Occasionally, in a very quiet sleepless night, he would quietly remind yourself that he give up, after all his life in that part of the pain.
I don’t know what she meant to me, why did I use a six year gap to explain one thing, I think he loves me, so I can send it to me. I really Love without consequence, do not care what the outcome would be like.

[the last love letter] you gave me the most happy memories

happy memories

[the last love letter] you gave me the most happy memories
When I met you, you are still a spotless girl, and I was one of the most common youth. Met you, perhaps you are sentimental and that beautiful face attracts me, so, I will love you in silence, watching you…… Until the day a minute of the past…… Remember the young love, is pure like, is like you have never said to you, just like in the day you are looking at you, quietly watching your little sad, laugh, and you know your little bit. At that time always want to hope that you can see my one eye, say a word, but not so much for you to see my one eye, say a word. Because I just hope that I can still love you silently, I do not want to be disturbed, but also afraid of being you know, found…… So sometimes I always think, perhaps because fate let me in this vast sea of people see a you, but perhaps you my fate is not enough to let me and you do not say, not enough to let me and you together, not enough to let you like you like me. Perhaps this is the world’s farthest distance…… Let me only in this world to continue the desolate and deserted, but also worried that, perhaps one day you will become another not belong to me”…… But we are giving each other the most happy memories, let us all remember each other.
Quiet time flowing, how many storms, in a few years, I meet with you the opportunity is very few, perhaps I do not deserve to see you, perhaps you already have their own life, love you, still on the bottom of my heart, don’t want to just want to silently hide forever…… Now think of those years, although not to meet with you, but you still silently watching the news, because you can remember the news to be happy for a long time, after a long time is long, lonely and sad, love you not only increase. Perhaps until now, you do not know, do not know that there was a man like you so long……
Although we met a very short time, but it is my best happy memories, because at that time we were together, how happy, happy, ah, although we are not necessarily together, but these happy memories, is my most happy memories. Do not know if this is not your best memories? Perhaps too.
When we are together, like you, afraid of losing your message……
Maybe you just like the beautiful morning, can beauty to a whole day, but I only like the evening watching you shed beautiful sunlight, in the night dream…… And my heavy dew tears and deeper the night, maybe you are the night sky bright stars, and I but how also can not touch your light. Perhaps a long time later, I can only in my memory to meet you, perhaps you can only in my memory…… I hope I can forget the whole world will not forget you
Because I like you very much. I love you very much……
I think I can never escape the fate of torture, will find in my world you don’t see, but never expect you to appear in one day in the lives of others, and you and I eventually even passing have no chance…… And you’re still living a good, even better, and I’m still…… I can only take these happy memories as my happy memories. Remember the little things we together. Happy sad.
When we meet again, you still have to see you when the beautiful, I still look at you, and you have more than one person. I can also put the original young and ignorant at this time, and you can meet in a simple, simple greeting, just looking at you when I have some impulse, want to ask, do you know that there is a world I love you. And in the end I was willing to put that love in their hearts, let him forever engraved…… Now I look at with him in a very happy, I still put the impulse to suppress, in the heart silently blessing you can live happily, and we in together time I take it as my best happy memories is good, of course, I hope you don’t forget our time together. Although we are not together, but still hope you can remember.Our love makes me grow a lot.
Perhaps this is my young time for me that a result, or you can not see, perhaps I do not want you to see, I end my youth, from now on, I am no longer young…… Now I am no longer young, but I will remember my best happy memories, happy memories of you have me. At that time, we were so happy, but now it is only a memory.

Emotion: Love requires free in order to have a better result

Love requires free in order to have a better result
Emotion: Love requires free in order to have a better result
Saying strong twist is not sweet, for love is free love to the most beautiful results love requires free
Sitting one afternoon in the summer, open diary, quietly counting thefleeting sadness with pen and ink Heart but slowly dug out in theafternoon once your hand in the hand, and turn those scenes


Although everything is destined to end, but it is not my wish to see thoughvery reluctant to part with those beautiful in the rain, but I decided, todo my own. Since love had too many doubts and heavy than for love let go,put you in the heart, as I won’t be around to find, will not have to worry about the years given my share of frustration, just with you in mind to staytogether, no longer worried about who will steal you, no longer feel thefrustration and pain of those stolen alone


Actually, I’m not so clear, leaving you wave back, was given the river of mytears. Turn is stored there is no place of melancholy.


Love is a woman‘s lifelong attachment to, despite knowing that love isalways beautiful fairy tale,(Love makes me grow up fast network are illusory story games, but I want tobe in a fairy tale story, hope the story flowing for whom the beat in mychest and happy forever.


In the spring of that year, wind-blown love, now the summer wind blow away love has disappeared, leaving only the aftertaste when you walk around. Airusand of the hand, hard to hold, but lost. Left only injured hand, so it let go, people who love travel, let love in my heart for burial. Wave, giving aloved one a beautiful freedom of the sky.


I know that love is gone, does not necessarily mean that and put it down.Turns but does not necessarily mean no worries. Those days when not used,how to use it. When I used to go with loved ones, forget long beautifulscenery. Now I will be alone and enjoy the roadside scenery. Slowly, Iexpect nothing, and slowly the pain words less, slowly destroying itself inthe wall of thought no, Word is that fleeting aftertaste and nostalgic.Gradually learn of couse, used to enjoy the scenery without you.


Love requires free, despite telling myself to learn to let go, Love requires free,forget that you open network but could not escape from the storm and enmity.Loved, hated, and walked, exhausted, let go … …


In fragile and sensitive heart, or love needs freedom still hasexpectations, still confused. But, no longer wallow, learn to hide sadnessslowly. Get used to quiet of sunrise and sunset the next heart, slowlysettling once .


Love requires free, turned around and it was a simple act, but it is apainful metamorphosis. Who have years of passion and dedication are driftaway, Love requires free, settling down is a weathered the gentle waters ofthe mood of love.


Sitting on a summer afternoon, listening to your recorded voice, gently putink in journal hidden sadness of the past. Shades of the past, slowlystroking over the bottom heart beats, or sad or confused, or frustrated ormelancholy