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Love really can not wait

Love really can not wait
Origin edge falls, there are many rub shoulders looking back; many joys and sorrows, so much love, and hate; how many past memories, as there are when I look back.Life, however, we are passing through, can truly stop and how many? Do not know how to save, some fate destined to the length or turn the end or between two women. By accident, is inevitable. No, how can you have without experience, how can you choose. Live free and easy, look at the changes in the world; and yet, is the fengqing. Due to affinity, due to fate. According to the same, the same fate. Love in time, no words or language, love and relentless love in the world, not who I’m sorry who only who do not know how to cherish. People, have wonder rare, lost her. When the love has become war, lights will not have so much passion. When love is helpless, turn to leave, perhaps a lifetime of warmth. Time cannot be eternal, but from beginning to end. Lose or lose heart; forget anything, can’t forget the truth. Cherish the present, make love without regret.


There is a margin that missed, there is a love called give up. A song calls up memories, a cup of tea dyed strong mood. Everyone‘s heart, hold an untouchable. Broken broken read searching, deep and shallow lost in the blur. Sweet sorrow aimlessly, unforgettable precipitation to stray, lonely, which is the fragrance of the past, is shattered by thoughts. When the love has become, and how tough to forget. Forget not, but their hearts are not willing to; a meeting is not beautiful, but the outcome is notgive affection. Said to each other, than forget themselves in rivers and lakes, but who can do this for free? How can deliberately forget that unforgettable? The memoryblurred how can easily erase? If met, don’t stay if pity, don’t abandon if love, till death do us part. With sincerity to give no false heart to cherish its own truth.

Some more love to pull away, but more clear; some people would like to forget, butin the heart. Love is like this, always elusive happiness is not easy, always make people look for; sweet is not easy, always fascinated by heart. Eye heartthrob, and ripples of love; a separation to destroy all of the beautiful, gut wrenching pain of breathing. Love to cherish, the pain to know to protect themselves. Love needs to have to give up, your heart does not move, do not belong to you will eventually lose. Everyone has a heart back, but cannot touch; everyone has has a beautiful, lingering just amemory. Falling in love is just a, it takes a lifetime to forget someone. Not unintentionally, even if the answers don’t shed, love is sometimes a give up, is another kind of happiness; not heartless, even helpless, suffering from loneliness, melancholy, buried deep in their hearts. No regrets going through, just because love, it happened. As long as you live better than I do, and anything else, no matter what.


Margins, too much will lose some sentiment, expectations of high down deeper anddeeper. Some people, she cannot be forgotten and not give some love, read and not read are turned away. Fate is like this, or near or far, or meeting or parting. Love sometimes hurts. Bruised pain let the heart of desolation everywhere, terrible Miss notclosed, set fire to the lonely soaring, sentimental memories to fill the open atrium, shattered thought no place to hide. Is frozen and is heartbroken, and soul have nowhere. Love the astounding so what their comfort can forget, can be strong. If youlove, never conquers all, do not let the lover waiting for a loss if pity, do not leave, and death to the end. If you fall in love, make love, if love would give up if Miss, shallow memories to avoid pain off liver sausage, flood the lovesickness. Only fate free let it be and life needs to temper, to full. Fate takes, is wonderful. PostScript: love really can not wait, waiting for there must be a deadline, perhaps a year, may be a moment, whether we catch it?

The eight day of the twelfth lunar month

Just the car, he saw her alone or in the night of the cold. She also saw him, and quickly ran to him, eager to ask: “how?”” He sighed and shook his head. A hint of disappointment flashed across her face, but it soon disappeared. She asked: “do you have a meal?” He grabbed her cold hand and said, “I have eaten it. Go, let’s go back.”
They walk in the desolate street. The night wind is not easy to find a target, from scratch to their endless. They go against the wind, hold hands, step by step, and walk hard.
“This ghost weather, it’s cold!” He could not help him. She looked at him and said, “do you know what day it is?”” He thought for a long time, really can not think of what day is today. She said: “today is Laba!” “It? Haven’t thought about it for a long time. In rural areas, every year to drink Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits……”
When he thought of eating, he suddenly felt hungry he had not eaten. Looking for a day’s work, is still around the wall, he was depressed a little loss of appetite. In fact, just want to eat, just enough money in his pocket the return fares. And now, wake up in spring. The insects like hunger in his belly, “cuckoo” cried. She said: “the village elders say” La seven Laba, freeze off Chin ‘, no wonder so cold today.”
He said: “I only think this year’s special cold, cold have all about the human life!” He remembered the cold hole encountered when looking for a job, those who face colder than snow. He couldn’t help but shudder, looked at the front of the icy streets long endless. He did not know, his future will be how, when to meet the spring.
He can’t find a job. She can’t understand it. He is the first college students in the village, how could not even work to find it? She did not know how small, how close they were, and how far away they were. Where a person came to the city, was immediately overwhelmed in the surging crowds! She did not know, now college students, they are like spring flowers all over the mountains and plains on the hillside. She thought that he was the only one in the world! She doesn’t know as well, is now looking for a job, not just rely on the strength of their class that a few every day to play games are the make-up of the students is because of the relationship between, early to put work was signed. Of course, he won’t tell her that. In her heart, he has always been tall and perfect. Now, his job being blocked, he feels she has on their ability to produce doubt. He didn’t want to change his image in her mind.
In front of a clothing store is not closed, the bright lights illuminate the long street. Walking in the past, she was attracted to the inside of the clothes, the envy of his eyes and eager to sting his heart bursts of pain. He looked at her clothes, or from the countryside, so the earth, so old. The girl in the city, who had not been dressed for twenty years.
The village girls are jealous of her and said she was looking for a college student, the future will take her to live in the city Villa, eat, wear, too little grandmother, like life. She has been proud of it, looking forward to, secretly le. But now, what can he give her? She had to wear the country or homely fare, the countrified clothes…… He suddenly felt that he was useless. A big man, read so many books, spent so much money, in the end it is not even the ability to buy clothes for a girlfriend!
It’s getting colder and colder, the way home is like a lot of home tonight. It’s not half as long as you go. Said to be “home”, in fact, where is what ah! It was only a temporary loan, and it was a farmer’s home on the edge of the city. However, because of her, the simple little house also has a little home warm feeling, especially in such a cold night.
“Home” has finally arrived. He quickly grabbed one of the most thick clothes to wear. She turned away, and he thought she was going to the bathroom.
After a while, she with a bowl of reeky things come in. He saw, is Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits! She said, “I know you haven’t eaten yet, you have to eat it quickly.”!” He asked: “how do you do it?” She said: “I to the landlord aunt to the grain afternoon, I borrowed a bit her pot cook it well, just to warm. The landlord aunt said, since we can cook with her pot, after we do not go outside to eat. Only in this way can save a little money, but also here to support a few days… ”
He ate steaming porridge, thinking of his useless, thinking of her own good, tears can’t help, a heart a heart of roll fall down. Fall in reeky porridge.
After eating, he wiped his mouth with a paper towel, and wiped the tears on the face. He didn’t want to let her know he was crying. She cleared the dishes, said: “go to bed early, to get up early tomorrow.” He thought of tomorrow, think of the face that is colder than snow, my heart burst of fear, I really hope that don’t come tomorrow, let yourself in this small room hide forever!

They lie on the bed, the quilt is very thin, they are hugging tightly, in order to warm. She said, “do you still remember? The village elders said, Laba is often one of the coldest days of the year. The weather is Laba, every day is warm.” He said, “it seems like that.”.” She said, “so, you don’t lose heart. Although you are not smooth, but bad in the end, a good day will come.”
“In the end, a good day is coming.” He read this sentence several times in his heart. He thought, she is not much, can say so there is “philosophy” words to encourage him, visible is very much a thought of. He read a few years, let him as pour as a church mouse and her family, but did not find a job. She not only has not said a word Yuanguai, also pay more care of him to take care of him, trying to encourage him, how could he live up to her deep love and hope!
Think of here, he was full of confidence and courage, in her face a heavy kiss, said: “you rest assured, I will find a job tomorrow.”! I will let you live a good life!”

Landscape via a lift, shake off the dust

Landscape via a lift, shake off the dust


Everyone, life has only one being taken and other landscapes are passing. Love of flowers, is drunk in a tear, crave warm, would love the Sun, while I admire the heart pure, is shield downtown 3,000, dyeing and cool autumn frost … …


When people are taking the busy clutter, but free time alone. A look around, a forgotten past, interpret the world rub shoulders with each other. You never regret, Iturned and not frowning, turned out to meet is a mistake, all the sorrow is just a hangover.


Life there are only two State, one is alive, one is filled for others. The most painfulthing in life, the people you hurt a soul, you can’t half of empathy. Not all encounters are beautiful, not deep love can be together. Cannot pray, and most cannot beforgotten. Met in the spring wind, footsteps do not migrate with the seasons, thepromise does not represent a return.


Foreign soil, I was still me, even the neon still won’t assimilate. The world is shouting, quiet as ever. While trying to make money, but not much, feelings not with money to the side, like a sentence in his hometown, a friend said: you! Is the only placeI‘ve ever seen would not be bashed women. Not be lofty, I need only rely on their own hard work, and feel. Man alive, always insisted that makes bones soft, fall in dignity. Never promise anything easily, because I have said I will do. Never thoughtrich after you, and the Joneses. 40 years not been in KTV, can’t sing or dance, maybe some people will think this is grave, derailed with the times, it doesn’t matter tome what people think, I have my own likes and stands, that‘s enough. Time, the environment will change a lot, but once you know what you want, even in a dream, detachment. Will not be going to prove how good and hard, just because rush forward. Strength of a woman not men you spend much money, is not relying on one man can live very well.


Suddenly came to Zhengzhou has more than a month, and as previously quiet. May be where the heart is end of the world, did not drop. When not bring much, didn’t buy anything, in addition to, I‘m thrifty, but I remember mother son phone, bank card, in addition to these weightless. No nostalgia, no expectation, even apart from MOM know that I left to the unknown is really a man at all, everyone around him to believe that Zhengzhou was waiting for me, I was looking for a home. Not want to explain, go your own way, worthy of their own heart is enough. 40 years old,I have no desire, no amount of money will be no surprise, now give me a luxury car, I am that quiet me, quiet living, not to show off, not comparing, really became acup of tea, not weight-bearing.


Passion and I don’t have, I asked MOM: what the hell, why would turn out this way,is not to gut? Such a young age shouldn’t be so Ah! MOM: you ruined four years,are old, this is after the vicissitudes, detect anything dead. Is out for days, will not feel oppressed, loneliness becomes a habit very terrible, will block all, tried to go into downtown, accepted the life of debauchery, but know, I is a wonderful work, where to live in their own world. Floating paper flower, nothing fit. No matter who, is not to load for me, or I’m going to disappear, there is no her. Work for someone else, don’t take my crush, live, and I was selfish


Times change, people change, people who do wrong are afraid to admit that, he(she) is destined to do great things. May be changed, really did you gather, not tostay, not pandering, stubborn to do themselves. It’s raining, room is very dark turned on the light, just a few lines, to provide for his own obsession. Life without a conviction would not be successful in whatever you do. Difficulty is trying to solve, rather than leave the problem to others in the world can depend on is yourself. I canmake money and still thrifty, has a lot to do, not wasting, not wealth, my principle is: do you like better, everything yourself as much as possible, do not ask for help.Money not spending no money, not to spend.


Everyone is starting from zero, no matter how brilliant you are relationship and not a dime today, your friend‘s ability to have the skill it is not you, no need to take someone else‘s accomplishments to his own gold. Capable people who never mentioned I know, are branded in the eyes from the admiration of others. Any time respect for others is the greatest respect, you closed the trampled under the feet, theeyes of others you are worthless. Most of the time without explanation, is the rumors themselves don’t care about is the way to go, purpose has nothing to do withothers. Word does not belong to me, I don’t, you can’t afford to give me, I refused, which is the equivalent of life.

Red radiant, who also beginner’s mind does not change, into the original appearance. Floating a piece of bleakness, when you have a goal when, how hard can resist, bite, won’t stop a tear drop. Experienced looking back, but dream a, Tim climaticups and downs the last silence. Do not rely on, remember that one straight back .


Fate is at the end of you in front of me, delimitation of space I have telekinesis died. Distance between people, more than a turn. I don’t like pretending to myself, but I tried to arm themselves. Days are warm, but not absolute to rely on. Purely individual connection is integrated and able to breathe independently is the best model of cooperation, partner in marriage is actually signed the contract, provided that the moods of each other. If two people are choosing to live together, you let theother side as well as once upon a time, that is to choose to fail. Love, marriage, or know, can make you live color is happy, if it always rains in the eyes, that way can aperson go.


The best love is close, this makes sense, marriage is like a partner, total chehoutuiwho were shut out until eliminated. The essence of life is that you can not excellent,but you can’t be stupid bird didn’t know to fly. Every day live the unexamined, just in time discredited, who are always busy, but not much idle time to time. Occasional leisure read more books, raise raise birds have the conditions to do a simple travel, your days will be abundant, if leisurely into boring, that you are living a tragedy.


I like busy, tired but with proportional to the harvest. Hard as all, and nobody on the way to success is not stumbling, walked to the last is again no tired are adhered to. Sisters in the group chat yesterday, one says men tube, one saysstocking, I feel bad pipes and stocking, men and women together, consciously. You walk ten paces, I slow down to go eight steps, which is a common struggle. One, another to know love and contentment, a relative response will be happy. Loveand marriage, does not want to close, but what to do with each other, each can bea help and not drag, this is the perfect combination.


Life is a drug, and it was cited, and boiled bitter air, the results are perfect. Do notseek the Buddha, not earthly bound, the road is half minute fireworks themselves, independent of others. Landscape via a lift, shake off the dust. If the heart sunny, though the terminator!

Peach dream I always can’t finish

Peach dream I always can’t finish


That‘s dream? I was drunk, that aesthetic. The flowers are lovely, beauty my heart,pure and elegant bright pink stole my heart. Like memories of wakes up, opened her sleepy eyes and see peach beautiful beautiful fantasy world, just like before thepeach is the beautiful waist, memories in the branches on the tree upright. Liu Zhixuan outlined from the soft intoxicating beauty of outline, seen from the straight, beautiful pine and unyielding character. That kind of beautiful memories of pink, as ina whispered, probing secrets, beauty beauty that flowers come together, imagine the love of beautiful, heart like a wild drunk.


See the delicious peach, just as immersive as input. The fragrance refreshing, like the insight in the kiss that beautiful state of mind. Flower blossom, a twig of contests, door like a wild open heart, open like a blossom. Oh! What a beautiful dream, enticing-like intoxication. Just like those forest dreams of leisurely, and I have been indexed. A beautiful pink, TooT, tender and full of beautiful, every now and then I closed my eyes, remembering the love to visit. Just like the beautiful peach blossoms, attracting countless bees fly, countless butterflies around. Good beautiful of mood, I was input beautiful of intoxicated among, on as and those beautiful of small animal in qiangdian, I wrapped up of Kiss sucking with Peach of incense, on good as that powder Doodle of beauty in and I said with whisper, OK as and peach whispers, feel with peach beautiful of mood, that feast for the, mesmerizing, mood rippling of beauty, called I really of unable to.


Peach in his hands, that delicate and attractive. As the gentle contours of the butterfly’s wings, in transparent pink qiangdian. As if reading about peach, eyes looking at the beauty of peach, worships the dream is not over, I was intoxicated by that beautiful pink beauty lingering branch to, immersion into a beautiful memory.


Wing dreams peach dream awake, as if in peach dream see you beautiful silhouette. The floral beauty, just like your beautiful beauty beauty, peach, whitered, smiles,and Xian peach and beautifully, just like your beautiful slim, stretch a beautiful silhouette. I like putting the beauty of paradise, to extricate themselves. As I lay beside him, like you, I like good luck to want to love.


Maybe all the beauty in the peach tree, as if your flower is in full bloom, as you inmy heart, it‘s beautiful, beautiful and fascinating. I had peach dream a one view, beautiful eyed, beautiful peach, enchanted the young God, want to be elated.


What is beautiful? I got peach as in my dreams. I really think not every peach dream, I just want you to love you this much good? Love‘s so the imagination, but howcan we use it? Group dream, dream Sheng wake up, blown flute playing, dream unique red peach of mind spontaneously. I walked slowly in the beauty of dreams, like put peach in the intoxicating fragrance.


Dream? Really strange. Like a neon glow of peach, opened quietly in the rugged Valley, the delicious peach, pink kind of thought, took me to the beautiful Miss. I lend a loving hand, gently touching, sliding to touch the beauty of thought. Also likemouth flaps, gently kissing, then peach fragrance of delicious, which was very intoxicated. Like the beauty of peach Creek and saw beautiful fish, swimming among them, so beautiful, really called me.

Peach dream wants to do is to do, and as I love her beautiful. Under your beautiful peach tree I’m dying to sleep unaware that beautiful doing, no pain what company, opened his eyes, is sweet and beautiful hug, sky-like, the end to follow.


Maybe the beauty of mind, peach conception is needed to cushion. I like your beautiful peach Pavilion to see how beautiful you are, your gentle beauty as I came with peach flavor, skim my peach dream, whatever you came up to me and go to——–


I like to paint your peach dream, as in tea. That intoxication-like, just like you where I skim, I am unable to compensate. In my light in your fragrance, or secure in yourdreams, so, immersive.


Not peach beautiful eyes, her, my heart was confused.


My peach dream has always been to do because my heart with her.

Heard that love had been

Heard that love had been
Too much alone time gives us the harsh reality of love, happiness is used to love after a brilliant passing by the brilliant Fireworks. My story with you, having an affair with unease, and Red dust, dwellers, not to mention the memories, no romantic, no dye in dedicated time looking back between 3,000 emotions tangled, all sad cause lingering, not half a glass of wine and finish, but the most heart.


Miss love has deserted the good times, passing old of silly waiting for happiness, fate not for each other in this life you my previous feelings, good eventually lost yesterday, today unfortunately destined to become the next melancholy. Let go of your hand, lost all the tenderness, love went away, even to you has become an emotional luxury.


Gently I forget not quit when you are missing, our lost love are my indelible memories of unspeakable, that year under the starlit, I promise with you is we have no time to realize aspirations. Once the oath but arrived in time to hurry after all, at the beginning of love is lost to time and the reality, I am with you the whole time time, Acacia fragrance in the river our in the lush days of good love.


There was a time when I met you, my life began to fall into a situation beyond redemption, you make me love the bone, I’m still your eye you to ignore me, I still treatyou as before. Knowing that love hard, just as you love whoever love drunk, just foryou most love. Glass time grounded much of the time, no time wasted waiting, thatthrough the Red Dust road, drunk who‘s heart? Who brought the dream? If the years old when, looking back, she is still around, it was very good.


Maybe you‘re in love with me, maybe we can still be together, maybe not maybe, maybe it‘s all just beautiful dreams in my fantasy. After you left, I suddenly found thatwe love is so humble, humble to let low to dust. Forget you when I want to admit it,we love to die that day, we would not exist again any possible maybe.


When a man eager to two sweet, when two people yearning for one‘s freedom. When love is absent, with their only emotional solitude when love comes, we think thatthis is how you walk with happiness all the way love my dying day, in addition to endless loneliness there damn lonely yoke and disturbance of the alcohol in the sky. Flesh and blood we always stand the temptation of love, even if it makes their black and blue holes, when the wound heals, we chose, as always, for love obsession.


Love you understand and practice love is for the ride a success. Once upon a time,we suddenly found his 1100 degrees in the sea searching, float or sink, always find the soul mate, when the heart is tired, only to find that people have been standing behind his, readily waiting for you, just waiting for you a sweet turn and look back.


Love had you only knows, even we life among met had many people, falls in love with had many people, however these people also just himself through red back each other across end of a passing, a turned left already became each other of a distant of back, hurried and to, urgent urgent left, dang has days alone back past, is found had most love of that people now already became each other life in the a stranger people.


When I was young, we have all been longing for love, we have everything to love someone. When the man left that day, we thought his heart would be frozen for thatperson, and then with die alone. We thought that I love so true, so deep in love, losthis equivalent to losing all the good in your life, he will never again dare so earnestly to love someone.


Until then, the long years we stitched the wound healing, oncebeaten black and blue scar became the most powerful arm in our life, maybe then we have obscured the man‘s name and appearance, and then, on a sunny morning, we met another of his life shine warm people.


At that moment, we want to go back and look at the yourself, if you can, you want to touch her head, then smiled and said to her: stop crying, the man is just a passer your life, you will meet the most important man in your life.


However, when young, how can you understand, you will cry more pity: no, I lost him, I would never love a man.


It turned out that we were both just stay in that happy and sad, sad and in the goodold days, when you, me, and we used to love.

.but still willing to love everything the young age.


Farewell to lost love. Hello, I am someone.

Money can’t buy love

Money can’t buy love


The idea has always been put down, like you are holding a pigeon dreams, not willing to release, so uncomfortable. Love, do not pay attention so much, or you do not love. What marriage money to buy, that is bullshit. If you do not like to do basic, even if you make too much money, couldn’t get to her heart because she does not loveyou. All the vain things, you do many times for her, or even tens of thousands, but eventually broke up, ending margin.


Fell in love with a man and like a person with money can not buy, you can only use the money bought her for a while, but it can’t buy her a lifetime. You spent the money, but not her heart. This kind of thing in a relationship, in the case of, finally broke up. Love is not bought with money, is really like, to get the true love. Not to do what is the most stupid thing, a woman‘s heart, who did not say to whom, don’t like to have to work together, it is a most painful? You say it is. Don’t make something that does not correspond to reality, insight into the woman‘s heart, to understand, tolove. Don’t be blind and impulsive, to have a quantitative, select what you want? Not see the pretty flowers pick, that‘s not true, and will eventually lead to that love fail.Like is like, is to love. Don’t go around like that, much less skittish to love, to find. Love is measured, not the desire for, nor wild relative. Give love a clean sky, one of themost beautiful in the world.


Love, it is necessary to pay sincerely. Don’t like, don’t make enemies fast, woundedpain thing. Don’t like that errand with money, it is an inexpensive love, even if you buy it is futile. Woman‘s heart is not who are trying to take away, she was the most determined character, not that money can buy, even if you got it, cheap, or even nothing. Woman, don’t be slaves to money, to have their own dignity and self-respect.Love love love don’t when money is in the chips. No money can buy love and need love care and love. Not in vain without love, even if you bought her, it will not be happy.


Men‘s desires are endless, like a good thing, be sure to get his hands on. He will think of ways to implement, to try. But the woman must hold his own and not to be misled by the interests of his mortal, to recognize his true nature, do not believe his gossip, cannot easily cast into his arms, it was hurting. Woman don’t be so frivolous, not to throw herself into the arms of the block, to consider their own, what man worth loving, what kind of a man to stay away from. Not for money. Would you believe that money can’t buy love. Your careful consideration, the meaning of love.


What is the happiness of love? This is very deep. A review will make you want to for life. A smile can make you a lifetime of happiness. Don’t you think? Love is not easyto use, nor do you want to get. It is the most expensive thing money can’t buy. Yes,he can give you cars and villas, can give you money, then what‘s the use, and you are not happy, like all day culture of the vase, any place where you where you still, youare not happy at all. Woman? Never did a man proud, to have their own lives and do their own thing. How many examples of the luxury women love lessons. You’re not he belongs, nor his replacement, you are a man of flesh and blood, a sense of self-esteem, a loving woman. Do not be drunk passed out head money interests, your results will be disastrous.


Love is true love, even if you are not a penny for her, but her smile in your review, you will grab your heart, will make you want for life. Love is like that, very subtle things.


A crush on someone and falling in love with someone, is to love and like. Don’t be in love with, and don’t like it, don’t go to work together. That money can’t buy.


Happy woman and man to love, that is happiness. Must perish the thought, moneydoesn’t buy happiness of love, you say it?

Love glass, time story

Love glass, time story


In the age of innocence, who do you love heart anxious appetite for thought? Andwho longs for love to take you to open the second half of the season, splendid in flourishing the unease? Some of the stories, had time to mention, has been quietly faded away. Some people, could recall, already precipitated dimming. Some thought,always looming, inadvertently involving the inner light of emotion, all the heart cutout all the fleeting Fireworks, folded all the seasons out of time story, has mettoday‘s Miss, love became the most emotion.


In time, read a review of touch of warmth, good youth memories we‘ve been sad story, it so far away, yet so close, it was so fuzzy yet so clear. At that time, when you moved to the heart, but dare not tell you inner feelings, your world has always been that I never reach space, passing of happiness eventually become indelible youth between you and I regret that, but I wish it could once again regret that, because it is so beautiful.


Genesis, heart, mind, started missing and began day and night care. Edge together, love strong, love, begin to care, slowly began to understand. When you start to meetlater, when then said goodbye to the start, love was always plenty, those old good times still scattered in the glaze in the fireworks.


44 age of when, we wrong put goodwill as is like, then of we too easy was a people of talent and sample looks by attract, we thought himself like has this people, then began to he day and night Miss, inside is how desire near he a step, is never go near half step, we desire expression, is shame Yu opening, we are thought except this people, himself yihou may never met so like of a a people has. Then one day, this simple favor as the years passed, a Dim. It turned out that we were growing up, we all experience these wonderful Green affair in the ignorant.


At the age of 88, we mistook love as love, then comes a beautiful youth, we are veryeager to have a great love, we thought it the end result must be together forever. Once upon a time, we can have that person give their all, because you believe in love,because of love, so I believe you. Later, those good stories and the warm memorieswith you in my heart, ever restless, no ups and downs, but inside a little bit fleetingmemories.


At the age of 76, we prefer to think of love as goodwill and like, for fear of rejection,so I rejected others, fearing their future love sad, so now select missed, but how doyou determine that a person is not die with you soul mate? However, all this will come to pass, because you will be missed again.


When we all do not know love, thought he had loved, after we all know love, chose to wait, just eagerly waiting for us to lose the happiness of passing.


We all said goodbye to growing up, we all grow up in farewell. The people I met tosay goodbye, had unconsciously wandered away, each of whom peer making love, you already love the Lakes there on the way home. Those vows that once said forever, has the dust settles, perhaps this is the fate of love between you and me, but I never regret falling in love with you, because you and I used to love each other.


Love has always been an inscrutable thing. Some stories are slightly sad, some people may not be perfect, and we all thought we could forget, forget the memories of the old days. But at the end after many a summer, walking in the familiar Street, all eyes seem to have returned to the us in the past.


In himself ignorant of age in, total thought best of love is himself willing to to beloved of people pour do all, however, experience has some love injury, through has some tears, ignorant after only found, that is how young of idea, because since is best of love, so also deep love with we of that people, and how willing to see beloved of human has he abandoned all, that is not best of love, but most selfish of love just.


, I love you love a mess later, you hurt me was unbearable. After after the fall of Red Dust love, slowly understood, a person trying to maintain all but two hearts separated, time is not on the same parallel lines, love is bound to no longer have any overlap. We love you turned and walked away that day, had no final destination. No return love, maybe there would be no reason to go, but waved their well-being, owes theother.


Through has red of stranger, trained has love of trauma, through has distressed of tears, we are to learned in years of passes in the cure himself inside of love injury and disturbed, because I know, in back of better years in of a corner, end will has so a a people came to himself of front with himself said a sentence: actually I like you is long has, can let I like you like have more long some, also not need too long, on this lifetime good has.


At that time, we are no longer the ignorant kids in love get hurt and cry easily, whilethey also had enough to say a word: How did you come? I wait until flowers thanks,thanks to you.


Perhaps such an outcome, we deserve that good love it!

Originally the world is so small

Originally the world is so small

You see, the sea breeze gently in the air, the line of a row of footprints, messy but particularly lonely. I am looking for the gap and the line, for fear of stepping on your dream, afraid of waking up your dream, you can not find the shore. Then you find the shore, is not also like me, in the tide of time, look into the distance on the other side of the flowers into the sea, as everywhere is the fragrance of rape. When the tide falls, staring at this busy fall, as if there are no longer spring again.
Standing in the wiping the color blue in, breathe the smell of the wind, breathing the taste of moonshine. The shore side, right close. Originally, the world is so small, I can smell the sweet of you, little that I can hear your sadness to me and your eyes. And then all of a sudden, you can life of confusion of Qingshang to distance between you and me, in between a turn around, freeze reverie a lifetime.
Go to the hill.
At this time, in early spring, at this time, when the sun is fine, at this time, as long as the Orioles flying Yanwu. To go to the city of hills, there are flowers, there is a breeze, a butterfly shrouded hills.
Last night, I had a dream, a beautiful dream. In the far away, like the horizon far away, there was a very beautiful hill. On the hill, a cherry tree, only a tree. A piece of falling petals, in the moonlight under the light, so that depression, aloof, yet warm. You follow the moonlight and I smiled rujierzhi. You and I together in the cherry bloom, you see, there is a cherry red. You said, “go, I will take it to you.” I said: “it is the north of the red?” So you full of warmth with my singing, take me to dance, take me to wander in such as water in the moonlight, I lightly in the cherry blossoms of incense, took me walking in the beautiful hills.
Well, you come, all right? Take me to the very far place. At the end there will be no hills, see the hills in the end will not cherry, cherry blossoms in the end will not in tilting moment between diffuse you and me, you and me in the end will not at the top of the sea of clouds and co singing, jointly dance. Originally, the world is so small. Small to you and me, in a dream to stay can meet.
Or, go to the field. To the scenery of nature.
Spring, see the tree green, see the grass sprout, see the flower fragrance, the swallow flew back to see. Summer, look at the blue sky and white clouds, watching butterflies flying, watching the fish swimming, watching the birds singing. Look at the leaves, autumn, maple and red, see wheat fragrance, see fruitful. Winter, see snow, see rime crystal, see the smoke curl upwards, to see that all over the mountains and plains of the white, like you and me tenderness feelings, with the sun and the moon with the brilliant, and heaven and earth with the shortage of old.
However, the time is relentless, but the appearance is no longer. Years have the mark, but the voice has changed. Preexistence, from flowering to Xie helpless flowering, cannot do without the wind until it. Life, cannot do without the great sadness to meet the world, cannot do without pain.
Originally, the world is so small. As small as a dream, I can meet you. As small as a turn, I can see your smile. To a small back, I can remember your hair. Small to one of the four seasons, a reincarnation, I was as if walking through the lifetime, and you rub shoulders, and your arm, and you die.
Originally, the world is so small. Those who say that the solemn, obviously already fluttering want to fall, clearly has disappeared, and I clearly is no longer cry, clearly has been trying to forget, but you suddenly turn, back suddenly, suddenly smiled said to me: “OK?”
So life’s invitation to re bloom at the time of the shore, and bursting into Tianchang the tree the most arrogant Gaisang, standing in the dream of the ferry, waiting for you, waiting for me, waiting for the old, the together waiting for the childhood promise.
I do not want the world so big, the horizon is too far, no matter how to trek, are not up to your shore. I don’t like so much of the world, the Cape is too far away, all the time of my life, can not fly to your waves.
A myth is just a legend without reason. No matter how the time went by, no matter how the years change, regardless of how to face changes, regardless of samsara how removed, no matter how you smile but don’t look back, no matter how she graceful tenderness, such as water, I only wish to stand in the original horizon, see flowers or if the original fragrance, watching the wind or if initial cool, watching raindrops as they also worried about initially want to read, look at the cloud, or if you my initial appearance.
The world is so big, you want to go and see. The world is so small, I would go to prison.

Any love don’t leave a little suspense

Any love don’t leave a little suspense

Any love don't leave a little suspense
When any story of injured people, suspense, sad pain, difficult to understand, like a colorful balloons, I haven’t seen it have already disappeared not see. I haven’t seen your face just feel I see good uncomfortable, but has left in the heart of suspense.

If is a very beautiful love, always yearning to break away, but always in reality had to put down.

But I always like this, the in the mind has a lot of things lingering in my heart, in the eyes of the left deep in the past, is not more ordinary experience pain in the heart, that when to say to a person to listen to it? And how do I express my lingering thoughts? I know a person more or less have a story, so many years I buried in my heart, never free a lingering thought, a lot of things, has been forgotten, torture has been dull, I have left a lot of suspense. But what can this explain?

Until the real thing to put down? Reluctant, what is it? And how much love it, give up, you a facial expression on behalf of a lot of things, familiar with. Warm memories of the past love cannot bear to think of the past, people know but do not know. How long will it take to get a good heart? Can go down to find a bosom friend. The obstacles of the mind, put down everything

I sometimes the mind will want to “revenge” someone, soul suffering, disappointment, pain, confusion. If a person to make me hurt, I would like to life are not willing to see the same people, I am more beautiful, more afraid to get…

Anger of cause and effect, and sometimes revenge is determined to put down, to find better, everything just like before, and sometimes painful, tears, finished, the heart can put down a good. I was just so, alone the lived a, pain, not sad not happy, indifferent, disappointed there is sadness, endless, sometimes persistent. No way, just like finishing thoughts, the whole is not over, the reason is not clear, I was chaos, as, put it down, all put down, with it.

If thoughts become a suspense, I advise you to put down everything.

[the last love letter] you gave me the most happy memories

happy memories

[the last love letter] you gave me the most happy memories
When I met you, you are still a spotless girl, and I was one of the most common youth. Met you, perhaps you are sentimental and that beautiful face attracts me, so, I will love you in silence, watching you…… Until the day a minute of the past…… Remember the young love, is pure like, is like you have never said to you, just like in the day you are looking at you, quietly watching your little sad, laugh, and you know your little bit. At that time always want to hope that you can see my one eye, say a word, but not so much for you to see my one eye, say a word. Because I just hope that I can still love you silently, I do not want to be disturbed, but also afraid of being you know, found…… So sometimes I always think, perhaps because fate let me in this vast sea of people see a you, but perhaps you my fate is not enough to let me and you do not say, not enough to let me and you together, not enough to let you like you like me. Perhaps this is the world’s farthest distance…… Let me only in this world to continue the desolate and deserted, but also worried that, perhaps one day you will become another not belong to me”…… But we are giving each other the most happy memories, let us all remember each other.
Quiet time flowing, how many storms, in a few years, I meet with you the opportunity is very few, perhaps I do not deserve to see you, perhaps you already have their own life, love you, still on the bottom of my heart, don’t want to just want to silently hide forever…… Now think of those years, although not to meet with you, but you still silently watching the news, because you can remember the news to be happy for a long time, after a long time is long, lonely and sad, love you not only increase. Perhaps until now, you do not know, do not know that there was a man like you so long……
Although we met a very short time, but it is my best happy memories, because at that time we were together, how happy, happy, ah, although we are not necessarily together, but these happy memories, is my most happy memories. Do not know if this is not your best memories? Perhaps too.
When we are together, like you, afraid of losing your message……
Maybe you just like the beautiful morning, can beauty to a whole day, but I only like the evening watching you shed beautiful sunlight, in the night dream…… And my heavy dew tears and deeper the night, maybe you are the night sky bright stars, and I but how also can not touch your light. Perhaps a long time later, I can only in my memory to meet you, perhaps you can only in my memory…… I hope I can forget the whole world will not forget you
Because I like you very much. I love you very much……
I think I can never escape the fate of torture, will find in my world you don’t see, but never expect you to appear in one day in the lives of others, and you and I eventually even passing have no chance…… And you’re still living a good, even better, and I’m still…… I can only take these happy memories as my happy memories. Remember the little things we together. Happy sad.
When we meet again, you still have to see you when the beautiful, I still look at you, and you have more than one person. I can also put the original young and ignorant at this time, and you can meet in a simple, simple greeting, just looking at you when I have some impulse, want to ask, do you know that there is a world I love you. And in the end I was willing to put that love in their hearts, let him forever engraved…… Now I look at with him in a very happy, I still put the impulse to suppress, in the heart silently blessing you can live happily, and we in together time I take it as my best happy memories is good, of course, I hope you don’t forget our time together. Although we are not together, but still hope you can remember.Our love makes me grow a lot.
Perhaps this is my young time for me that a result, or you can not see, perhaps I do not want you to see, I end my youth, from now on, I am no longer young…… Now I am no longer young, but I will remember my best happy memories, happy memories of you have me. At that time, we were so happy, but now it is only a memory.