[beautiful prose] love is a kind of fate

love is a kind of fate

[beautiful prose] love is a kind of fate
Love is a kind of fate. Regardless of you do not understand love, it is to say a fate, fate to belong to your love can not stop, do not belong to you again how to fight for it, but in vain. Please cherish your love, although love is a kind of fate, you also want to take a good grasp, because the fate is left and ready to know how to work hard to cherish it!
Next into our body. Take a look at it and see if it can give you an unexpected harvest.
One night spring rain, across the beautiful spring, washing years of dust, wet a mood, leaving a hint of cool. The spring breeze stroking the past, in the years of white paper conduct. Half time, with the years quietly blooming petals. Life on the road together with the departure, it is the life of the roll and roll out of a section of the landscape. Some met, doomed to worry about; some of the past, is bound to forget. Maybe we have no way to change the fate of life, but we can choose to cherish.
Love is a kind of fate, but also pay; is a heart to another heart of appreciation, is a love for another part of the feeling of hope. It comes from love, the beginning of love, and the light fragrance. Really understand love, not the wind blows, but not music.then try to figure out each other, but a kind of understanding between the heart and heart, a kind of induction is the tacit understanding each other heart. If you know, please in my sad when hold me; if you know, please accompany me when I feel lonely, if you know, please when I am lonely, give me a smile; if you know, please when I am helpless, give me some help. Love you, put your hand in my hand, put my heart in your heart, love your people will sympathize with you, because he deeply understand each other is a kind of fate. The story of beautiful prose in the network http://anchorsawayblog.com

Love is a kind of fate. Love is like the mountains of Yihong springs, with clear and sweet warm heart; like that touch of spring green, fresh and natural; love is embracing the blue sky with white clouds; wind and fragrance lingering; little rain moisten things silently; hugs in the morning sunshine. Love is rain red the wipe purples; is the shadow of apricot that a carnal thoughts; near the mountains that a wait; is Yi, broken bridge on the edge of the glance; butterfly eighth bask clinging to do; is the Cowherd and the girl weaver across the water; every lonely soul, always because of love and become moist. The greatest happiness in life is to find the one you love is loving you. Love between the ups and downs of life experience, with tenderness for you to heal the vicissitudes of life, with warm brushed on your face to look tired; love for you lit the lamp let you go home.
Love is a kind of fate. The river of life, because of the edge, will meet; because there is love, will be moved. The world a meeting is not on the road, but in the heart, I use the pen with time, the most beautiful met written in the heart, I used the time to do the annotation, the first glimpsed the fragrance collection. Because of love, so as to know, so cherish tolerance. Love because of treasure and beautiful; the family because the dependent and soften; life is a lot of beautiful, but we will continue to miss; years a lot of aloes. We just don’t understand. Wind, a fragrant surplus sleeve; when the rain falls will overflow the truth; cold days there is always sunshine; where there is love, there will be flowers. Life, without complex, as long as the simple; life, without the need for the busy, just plain. Until late spring flowers; no one knows, for whom the touch of the setting sun, will linger, cherish the fate, just know reconcile oneself to one’s situation. With the rhythm of the smile with a per season; indifferent feelings through each a fall red do, nor gorgeous extremely busy, but beg a tranquil Qingning, the heart of the scenery, this is life the most beautiful harbor.
Through fleeting years, there will always be a scenery, and bloom for us; there is always a person know you cold, understand your joys and sorrows; love is like the sand in hand, grasp tightly but will from point to seam between the drain; as is the moon in the water, trying to salvage instead more Yujue illusory; like a person, is to water into tears; love a person, is to tear into blood. You dream of her, her dream has you, often in the dream together, in the heart will be happy. Even if you are alone, even if you feel that all the people have betrayed you, the world is left you alone, will not feel lonely and lonely. Because there is always a heart and you together, a pair of eyes silently watching you, bless you. The wind and rain, he will be in your heart hold an umbrella; when it’s dark, he will be in your heart a lamp; when you are sad, he would take the trouble to comfort you; cry, he will give you a mind; tired, he will put shoulder leans over. When he is in, you will feel warm, feel the deep love. When he is not in, you will care for him.
Wind know cloud of sorrow, lonely cloud know month, month know water love, mind water understand the flower, flower know butterfly whispers, butterfly know wind warm. Because I know love, the book notes on precipitation years fragrance; life spring water and cleaned up the soul, the flower filled with the past time. Thanks to meet, let the time a move; thank Xiangzhi, make life more than a warm, thanks to the experience, let the fleeting time in a more vivid, thanks to life, let me in the world of mortals years repairing the fence for chrysanthemum. Over the years many a flower in spring. With the sun and rain, embrace the flowers, and the time to drink, and laugh at the wind passing to the tranquil lotus reconcile oneself to one’s situation.
It is said that Because I know love, tolerance, you ask yourself to understand love? What is love? What is love? To know more, please click here.Deeply engraved in the hearts of love

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