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First love

First love

First love
Think some emotions, but tucked away in his heart, if not because in a particularly critical juncture, or relationships are not generally ask a positive, the total should not easily speak out. Recall the original, the topic about personal feelings, Xu is just because the reassurance, afraid of speak out later, move the people criticism or joke, but now it seems, but did not tighten the thing, just carefully, in retrospect, it is inevitable to lose some of the good bad facts. Thanks to the recent this array of autumn, the blur my inner shading washed clean, hazy old memories to emerge out of their first love scene.
I here is revealed, legacy of my first love, without losing appropriately describe, actually and unlike some conspiracy theorists known as, is a girl to play the bad. Just because recent is often emotional drama people asked, and its own happens is not good responded to the sake, deliberately let go of the feelings, chase after think of short period and ignorant of the time.
From the village to the town middle school, think horizons open, the only book knowledge changes, whenever the teacher, the students, with the village elementary school in comparison, only the difference in age and beauty. Until the beginning of the school, according to the Chinese teacher’s comments, according to the results of their own to choose the seat, I know some of the rules to come. Sit with me in one place, in addition to a position on the night of my Chen Jun, there is a nice guy surnamed classmates. If not for her initiative to write a note asking my name, I was at that time, I was afraid to go back to the red face to ask her. Chen Jun with me, also want to just the same mind, is the former in front of people very timid kind; fortunately, not long after, he from here, I know the full name of the classmate surnamed Peng.
Although it is a girl, she daner, but inversely proportional to us all; especially in and interpersonal, kept in mind the ideas and personal considerations, absolutely not like me as a distinction between men and women. Her a in male classmates, show exultant skills, seems to be innate; single for this, I privately born, not the fit of the sulks.
Her looks, only in her lunch break, I have secretly read a few back. People grow natural is juicy, and now still remember clear, only her eyes, than others especially to some; that a pair of fresh bushy eyebrows, now seems, as if also take a knife and modified.
I chat with her, at first limited to learning on the exchange, to the later, the situation is not only familiar with each other, there is no concern. Just for her good impression, even if it is a joke, a sentence has not been mentioned. She told me, have had the same understanding.
At that time, home to drop off the snow, after class she invited I together with her to outside playing in the snow, I too busy to catch a job, there will be no according to her, but is she mistook my heart to her with any bad ideas. Her calm and steady face, discontented since went out and came back, Zan in the hand a snowball, while I do not pay attention to, from the back of my neck coat filling inside. At that time, I was about to her face, so that after the one or two week of the middle, she had not been to me, even though it is a dark with her way to apologize.

First love1
After this time, wait until the mid-term exam achievement, again out of seat selection, she was deliberately hiding in me. From this day, I have the exchange with her increasingly less down, can be in my mind to lead her to read her, in the classroom to see her number is increasing. Sometimes, when I steal to see her, but I find that she is looking at me. There are so many back, every time I’m in my own table to find one or two of her favorite candy, always make me feel accident in no accident.
The most surprising, but it is that a few days after the snow in the winter solstice festival has not come to school. Her naughty, I know, think again this time with gyrus as, snow bike stubbed his toe. Unbeknownst to her mother, midway dart to her relatives…
Her good learning, and her strong personality, I also know. Last time, but also the snow, she in order to catch the time, a person to take the mountain path, even people with the car slipped into the pool. Arriving at the school, trousers made of ice, face still remained did not wipe the mud from the net, hair is messy does not become a look. Walk into the classroom, everyone is laughing at her, only I a person, in the heart for her tears.
When people are talking about her, said she did not come to school for a few days, about to turn the school, and only I believe that she is only a temporary health. By then, I gradually understand, at that time I have, in addition to late evening, there is a kind of difficult to speak with her stubborn.

“The Xueqiong will not come to class?”
“None of my business.”
“People like you for a year, you really do not have heard it, she seems to turn the school?”
“No, her book is still, I’m afraid I just have a disease.”
I also went to the later, I heard that her father in Suzhou to do building materials business. She transferred the things about, although already familiar with in the heart; however, the star that he was young and stubborn heart, love each hold fluky psychology, always thinks everything has it’s turn for the better, for not willing to accept the fact, always does not love to believe. Only TuoDang to finally, around the seat of students a then a change, in the last row of the classroom in the corner of a desk fell full dust, to repent the beginning of the heart.
Between the heart of the paper, to her letter, a letter to her, and a letter to the later, the accumulation of too much, afraid of being found, but also to destroy one one.
Now, still makes me feel the wonder is that more than once swam in Suzhou, Xiaozhu experience far more than three to five times; however, when living in the remote, won’t want to go to find her. Even inadvertently looked at the people in love partner, touch the emotions from their past, total like not resentful of the fool, temporarily not impulsive.
I always can’t understand whether they are getting silly, or do not know that they have become stupid. Perhaps, for the deceased person, and the late affair, understand or can’t figure it out, have become no longer is nothing urgent thing.
After all, people are always looking to find, just want to find the original feeling, if not in the dream, afraid is already in the dream.

Left you, happiness can be found

Left you, happiness can be found

Left you, happiness can be found
“When I finished, I choose to quit now, see this love lost confused”
I came to the hustle and bustle of the city, to see the crowd watching the shade streams of people busily coming and going, I can not bear to disturb the quiet. One to another, I do not envy, nor envy, because I have. I see a path, to ten, I am not sad, not sad. Because I once had. I see a downstairs to the success of men and women, I am not lively, nor lonely. Because I once had!
I a person, if not strong, who will see my tears to comfort? I don’t smoke, quit the wine, give up to miss, but can’t quit the shackles of the heart. I don’t fight, quit childish, quit sad, not quit but don’t give up!
I lay in bed, holding a lead a pillow, for a long time do not want to wake up. I read through all the words you have left, punctuation can not miss the search for me to do a bit by bit. I’m like a kid who has lost the toy, and hides in the corner.
I lost you in the most need of your love, lost the happiness. Self righteous people always think oneself is the most painful, in this world, the pain ever can be compared to the weight of it? The neon lights every night be consistent from beginning to end flashing, I sat in the window, look at it to see the tears.
The distance you in my most beautiful years for me, will miss in the fireworks, so I couldn’t see the sky. I hide in a corner, the breakdown of mistakes, like counting the lost beads…
I did not know what the next four years down, how to go when love, but far apart. I like the lost happy pig, wait to understand everything, too late to regret, but it was too late. I wish the world is going around a circle, I can return to your side, then we are no longer alone, no longer sad…
High school for three years, is that you let me have a heart to put on the study, choose the distance, choose to miss, just to let me can come to this noisy city. And I’m so silly, take everything for granted.
I believe the so-called rumors, but also believe that the so-called seeing is real, the loss of their own happiness. I’m sorry
The lights of the dormitory are clearly and secretly, I began to no longer believe that Shakespeare’s famous. I hope, after break up can still be friends, even the students, not the stranger!

It’s nice to meet you.

It's nice to meet you.

It’s nice to meet you.
Pompous world, pompous you and me, the wasted contained more than twenty years, nothing, perhaps this is a microcosm of the many nothing ershiqiba people. No cause, no love, no, no, no, no, no, no, No.
The 78 year old girls around us, may change more than once? More than one said in a solemn pledge of love? Seven days if the home is also not only and a person has been to? A world do you feel tired? Is not suddenly found everything when you want to find a good boy, good girl safely in life, only to find that the side is not you want ah, man, you used your virgin complex refused to side of the girls can remember you are in that all participants, incompetent for her Phi marry, why to recede in his underwear? Do you still have a virgin complex? Girl, from a nightclub drink chaos drunk you shout no good man in the world, but two points in the middle of the night, good man is not already entered the dreamland, they have to work tomorrow as well as the cause and a than a hundred times stronger than you little princess wanted him to take care of. Is it not?
Dear, I love you, perhaps only in today’s spoken language, it has nothing to do with love. Because of this the sacred words, tell you from my mouth, more than a simple word of thanks. Every day we make up highfalutin, saying
Sounding nonsense, in fact, thought a than a grandiose, a than a dirty, though they are well aware, but still each other acting is really life is like a drama, by acting ah.
Once upon a time, we say together than I love you people at ease, but in today, even together, but there are so many strange bedfellows?? So young, put down the false mask, put down the baggage of the tiring idol, cherish present, now in the possession of the treasure of love. Do not need a solemn pledge of love Lennon Lennon I, don’t need you, just now, turning to the side of the people said: “nice to meet you.”

Can not put the love, is not to love

Can not put the love, is not to love

Regret is love, make life difficult for the situation
Regret is love, make life difficult for the love, love to care for understanding, love to cherish tolerance, heart, love how put, why forget love life, if the roots have a dream, why a gentleman solvable, if the gentleman has language, so the roots can Listen, all bloom again, with the flowers fade with Crescent, frost dew Emotion far, yet so far away love deep, lonely hearts smoke conditions, such as sitting in a lotus forget how to love, shy touch time, some of the study if the Red Some dream read faint, fingertip temperature, over the quiet good years, either cut Acacia, enchanting the soul of Aria brow bent, feathering a long time, dance a tie Ink crosswise, Pingchuang by column, twist a thousand years of scriptures, across the moonlight waterfront for you, stand as a thin pad, I pour gently, just to warm it in a meet, no matter ends of the earth, regardless of marshes, life, lots to talk about right and wrong, emotions , who woke unknown who get drunk, forget love, their most pain, can not let go of love, his most understand.

If a person really waiting for you, how long will wait, if a person with a love you, how can tolerance, in feelings, to chase the tired, do not force the United States, life can not be repeated, can not stand the feeling linger a lot of things they want to remember you, remember more, they want to forget a lot of feelings, the more forget, I experienced a fleeting everything, experience of human well-being, through the people have changed, learned self-healing, some of the experiences, only their feelings, some of the mood, only you know, can not tell the wronged, was the most aggrieved, heart pain, only the most pain! Foot of the road, no one determines the direction for you, tell yourself, people must rely on their own, people give up easily, no need to regret, persistent situation, we must cherish, really happy, it is like to fight to get on the treasure lost it down, remember, do not let anyone influence your mood, do not let anyone dictate your life, do not let anything, about your feelings.

Love in the heart, in deep love, not waiting to have, just to know, do not miss the face, only to feel, heart to heart, is a silent understanding, sympathetic, is silent Meet, want anything else in life too, as long as there is a Personal warm live in my heart, all the language is not love, and hard feelings, love is always vowed not to spend the heart, because of a big crowd, it seemed so unexpected encounter, because Ruoruo truth, feeling only Exceptions will be irreplaceable, most really love, always frank, the best partner, always been in, what love of beauty is, is docked when tired, is to rely on when helpless, sad refuge when, it is a practical and reliable, in fact, true happiness, than take care of your heart to accompany take life for you, regardless of wind and rain as well as a pair, and your fingers are interlocked hands, to be landscape seen through the heart is still attentive, the situation remains steady, who is your encounter, who you are by chance, who is with you miss, you have to rub shoulders with who, who accompany you in front of you and who will always desire and love in not love, love between heart.

Who performed my hand, grabbing my Half mania, who kiss me the eye, hide me Half displaced, who ask of my face, comfort me Half sad, who carry My heart and into my Half Qingshuang, who helped me the shoulder , quiet drive I, I, who call it my heart, cover tyrannize my life, who abandon me, leaving me alone War I, who can next to my liking, so I have no regrets in this life, who can help me arm, vertical and horizontal square Upload Warriors, who can pour my heart, like the empty patch of land Mi, who can bury my sad, vain world laugh, my heart mad Iraq, I cover the lips, remove my previous life displaced, embrace of my arms, in addition to my past frivolous, Executive hand, accompany you crazy one thousand students, kissing son eye, with your eternal reincarnation, hold hands were you I, weathered, kiss the child’s eye, I affectionately grant you, pull Seoul hand, take you all this life, ask Seoul show neck, block wind and rain you this life, to pull the child of black hair, pull the child I emotions, I hold your hand, I love to ride long, for a true heart, not necessarily, but feeling good for a person, not duty, but cherish.

If people can see, why so many tangled and suspicion, if the feelings can grip is maintained, there will be a lot less confusion and helplessness, fear of losing your people, will care about your every move, worried that the situation can not last long , will watch what you say, because we wanted to have, so always nervous, because inseparable, so often mind one bit, between people, with the heart of a trust between the heart and the heart, to the is a magnanimous true, deal with feelings seriously, have deep affection, another soul transparent, will love forever. Let people who love you, there is a sense of security, to forever cherish the day you will know: people will not lead to the people, not too seriously wife, no matter how well someone will turn a blind eye; right again more people may turn a deaf ear, you are kind, you forgive, you have repeatedly patience, finally heartbroken, you tolerance, you conserve, you let go, the final loss of confidence in this world, there are always people who do not appreciate, there are no Thanksgiving The heart, a long time, you will know who is really on Hello, who is pretending to smile for you, as time goes by, you will understand who utter devotion, who turned and ran, distressed you, you could not bear the pain, I do not love you, do not care about you hurt.

Feelings, if you move a person really, will be cranky, often, is not trusted, just because so much about, too afraid to lose, a little small doubt, will toss and turn into a loss, casual little ignored, will Lost inexplicable impressive, duplicity loading does not matter, in fact, other precious than anyone else in your heart, jealousy deliberate slander, want nothing more than to prove your position is understandable, without feeling too beautiful, as long as people love, that the genuineness of the heart, can sad for you, for you and happy for you to read, then why not a happy life, how many people into life, staying true to have a few, how many scenery passing in front of, really remember can have a few, missed the scenery, you can look at, feeling lost, can not be repeated, inter-poly edge scattered, difficult to know spend, where shifting alliances, know never very far away, only to hold hearts scenery, is the most beautiful, each has the same feelings, is the most true love, is to let a person live in the heart of another person, simple, only thoughts, only miss, happiness, and occasionally sweet, occasionally sentimental , seeding, nothing to brothels, the heart has been connected, no regrets, irrespective of the distance, has a deep-seated love, love to the depths is silent, love to be nostalgic when concentrated.

Red in the past, no one grip is maintained Lang Syne, how can we do things of life as I intended, laughing and crying chosen by the people, set their own sorrows and joys, really good, not unilateral to pay, the real situation, not the calculated gains and losses to Maintenance. Ken Avenue and follow the laws of heaven and earth return to the origin, willing to readily attributed quiet after a lively, willing Fortunate 后肯欣 then Fanshen in Qing Ji, willing to get off the ground after the body back wisely person, in this world of course, is rare, so rare to keep themselves, based on the world, woolly-headed, confused rare situation seen through, you understand how to proceed, see through human, you understand how to get along, things to see through, you do not want to work, and see through human, you do not want people , the world is big, the individual is very small, happy person, you can enjoy one of the lucky, you can free and easy, people’s happiness, can be casual, life needs a little bit of enlightenment, it is called enlightenment comes naturally, life needs a little detached , the kind of detached serenity indifferent calledRegret is love, make life difficult for the situation



The girl’s father to call to the boy said the girl wanted to meet him, the boy hesitated for a long time, he didn’t want to see the girl, for seven years, had girl leave without saying good-bye, the boy searched the whole city, also to the girl home to find, but found nothing. In desperation calls the boy to the girl’s father, but by the cynical, said the girl followed his family went to the provinces, also found a good family to like. Boy was stabbed to the heart by alone a person used time of two years of healing, two years after the rub together, he and an honest part of the rural girl married, and had a son.
The boy’s wife knows the story between them, his wife said to him: you go to the hospital, maybe she really have nothing to do, I believe you…… Boy did not think his wife will say so, he couldn’t help holding his wife say: my dear, thank you, this is to finish my original knot. In the afternoon, I will come back…
In the hospital, first sight of the boy saw the girl eyes closed lying on the bed, her face like a single pale pale, boy’s heart to know sadness is happy, not seen in seven years, girl or the original appearance, just canthus more a few wrinkles.
The girl’s father told the boy, when family members do not agree with the two people relationship, because boys fighting for a few years is still poor, even a belongs to own settled there are no, they didn’t want to see his daughter in a family like that, seven years ago, one night, a girl and a family argument the long, family attitude is very firm and confiscated her cell phone. In spite of this, the girl did not waver. Finally the girl’s mother to die mutually force, said to mother and the boy can only choose one, cried the girl, she is a filial piety female, do not want mothers to have what thing, not to allow the parents no longer contact with the boy. That night, the girl cried and wrote a six page letter handed to her grandmother to boy came to see her when handed over to him, the next day, the girl’s parents took her to the thousands of miles away in Shandong, and the letter, but was father secretly burned.
After coming to Shandong, the mother of the girl closely, did not give the opportunity to contact the boy girl. Because beauty girl, looks good and soon after was the son of a local real estate developers settle on, every few days drove luxury car ran into the girl living place, and also to the many valuable things to the girl’s parents. At the thought of her daughter into the giants that is how scenery, the girl’s parents strongly in favour, a year after obstinately forced the girl to marry the rich second generation.
Marriage after a period of time the husband to her is very good, every day will come back to accompany her, enjoying the bliss, but during the days in the girl pregnant, her husband is a excuses cheyebugui, from time to time some gossip afferents to the girl’s ears girl in front of their parents cried again and again but parents always let her suffer, said to have children that everything is going to be good.
However the fate and the girl opened a joke, after pregnancy in October, girl produced a daughter, due to the real estate business only a only child and would like to be able to have a grandson, girl born not to take, the happy face, and the girl’s husband gave birth to a daughter, and his parents, occasionally home hearing the sound of a daughter crying and cursed girl, scolded the girl did not use, the girl just a strength to cry. Most of the time, she thought of the old boy, no matter what she did wrong, playing what kind of temperament, the boy always love her, at that time, she hated her parents, also hate themselves.
In two years old when her daughter and her husband began to in the evening from the outside to bring a woman home, facing the girl asked, her husband always gave the girl a few ears, later with a woman returning to den Wushan cloud, let the girl in the hall piercing cry.
As time passes, the girl is suffering from on the fear of Zheng, also often hallucinate, always feel someone to hurt her, once I heard the sound of the door, she afraid to climb to the third floor window, accidentally from the top off the down lead to his pelvis broke, the doctor said henceforth girl no fertility.

The hospital, girl’s husband came to the girl, when he from the doctor to understand the situation and never appeared in the hospital, despair of the girls and their families when they were discharged from the hospital soon to the court proposed the petition for divorce court to consider girl’s body and the actual situation, will be awarded the daughter of girl.
Divorce soon, in order to let the girl away from the sad, the girl’s parents took her back to the hometown, after the home, the girl’s father know in the girl’s heart, she always has boy’s shadow, by the multi heard the boy. But after a lapse of six years, the boys have been married, the girl’s father put all told the girl, girl just holding the daughter cry, from then on, girl never go out, never and village people speak, parents don’t speak.
In order to make her feel better. A weeks before the girl’s parents with a girl to the city’s aunt’s house to play, the Tianquan family are in the shopping, when walking to the corner of a street corner found girl regardless of the red light running to the opposite, is flying to the car hit a far better.
After the rescue of a day and a night, the girl finally awake to come over, when the girl’s father asked why she ran a red light, said the girl, the opposite corner of the place, is also the first time the boy kisses the girl, she revisited, unconsciously ran past.
Until then the girl’s father that the girl’s heart has been never open a knot, and the only way to open the knot of people is a boy, but that had the boy acrimony, he felt no face to ask again the boy, but to his daughter. He had not contacted the boy…
Boy is the flow of tears, listen to the girl’s father tells the changes in these seven years, he always thought that the original is girl relentless abandoned him, until then did he understand it, the girl in the heart under great suffering, that suffering is the ordinary people unbearable, to blame blame it on the girl’s family.
At this time, the girl’s eyes slowly Zheng open, when she found next to the familiar figure is a boy, instantaneous burst into tears, she used the weak trembling voice shouting boy’s name, to finally have broke down in tears. At this time, the boy had been tears flow into the river, he sat on the bed tightly holding the girl’s hand, has been to the girl said: you are silly, you are silly……
Girl cried more loudly, you silly these three words for her is a returning to the familiar, before and the boy together, whenever the girl sad boy always smiled holding live girl said: my wife, you silly. Just now, only three of the rest of your silly words.
The girl to the boy said: sorry, at the beginning, I should not leave without saying goodbye, let you a person suffered so much pain, when I left you during the days, I no moment miss you, even when I get married, but in my heart, you have been my favorite people, I can not do without you, but I don’t want to lose her mother, sorry, I was too selfish, forgive me, forgive me…
The boy is still in tears, he helped girl wiped away the tears in his eyes, said: “all in the past, not all your fault. You’re not sorry, no need to apologize to me, to blame fate tease people, strange I had conditions are not good enough, strange I for you and your family is not good enough, otherwise it will not let you today is so like.
Girls once again broke down in tears, she knows it in heart, the boy had put her as if the treasure, impeccable, she doesn’t think the boy was born in a poor family, as long as and boy together, even though the hardship is sweet, but all have become the past wretched and now the boy is married,, she knew boy was not a half hearted person, also is not a Jianyi Si moved the people, is an extremely responsible man, he could not now wife to give up. For a long time, she always wanted to be in the face of the boy said sorry, but she felt no courage. Today, she got the boy’s understanding, think that has been pressed in the heart of the stone has all gone.
Back home, the boy told his wife the day of the day, his wife said, second days in the morning, the boy was his wife woke up, the boy was surprised to find his wife holding a big holding cup, his wife looked at the boy’s stunned eyes smiled and said: silly ah you, quick change clothes, this morning I boiled chicken soup, etc..
The boy jumped out of bed and kissed and kissed his wife.
Many of the boy and his wife every few days to see the girl, from then on, the girl more, cheerful person and the boy’s wife into the good sisters that no words don’t talk about discharge. The boy’s son recognize the girl do gannian, girl recognized the boy, and the boy’s wife as Godfather godmother

Love to the end of the world, love is the way of life

Love to the end of the world, love is the way of life

Love to the other side of the horizon, but love is life road Man
Love to the other side of the horizon, but love is a diffuse way of life, to love is very simple, keep love life is difficult, emotional moment, love life, love day Love me love to be true, soulful love long love be constant, Acacia worried about unfulfilled love , how much love for life, love life, if there is a dream, destined situation in which, together leave, life without hate, love, such as if the thing of the past, the situation was poly hurry injury leave, who knows the pain of Acacia, Acacia worry who know, a cavity sustenance Acacia nowhere, no place to place, wonderful time, love already dream, unattainable love, to each other is love, Sauvignon Blanc and keep that feeling, everyone can have, no one wants to grow, to love difficult to reach final , spend it easily separated, love one day, feeling like a puddle of water, a quiet, white clouds, floating in the direction of love, a Wang Ningjing of water, always yearning feel this with you, but unfortunately the end is mortal, I changed not a cloud, it can not into water, only at one end of the horizon, but love is life, accompanied with knowledge, understanding love, perfect life, I whitehead or.

Distance, thoughts produce beautiful love, can understand, love hearts have converted, the happiest thing in life is that there is a person living in my heart warm, make life together cry, laugh together, must be the most pro, but it is a happy life, and make their own sad, must be recent, and make their own heartache, it must be favorite, life, dampen our hearts, destroy our faith, we are the most valued, sadly depressed, alone reprove those endless grief, from love, love begins, exudes a faint fragrance, really understand love, not a certainty, but not scheming to try to figure out the other side, but a heart to heart between understand, Du Yi window, quietly tears, Duwusiren injury has ailments, persevering, Qingsi a few knots, still can not escape a Acacia, Qingsi hard cut, Acacia too hard, but it is nothing to look heart, tears skirt Sang, from ancient times and eventually became infatuated empty, passionate heart of the people destined War countless people have feelings, that heart will be emotional, every emotion, are even the slightest understanding of the heart, every one really, all inclusive in wind and rain peers, has never been able to forget.

Qingsi cut constantly, unable to retain the love, life, subject to emotion and mood, lost the confidence of love, wasted years of the journey, you go, leave the world situation, but yet my heart with love go, no love life, love every night, hope, love every night thinking, are suffering every night, many nights spent almost all his eyes open, so repetitive thoughts like a curse, never been able to escape, perhaps you never know love it so like you, quiet night, his thoughts always floating far and near, thoughts have become worried about the deepest night, is crazy, stupid, what this rambling thoughts to an abrupt end when, When lonely soul to dust settles, when we can meet again, get rid of Melancholy, unstoppable Acacia scattered in the wind, scattered in the horizon, in this beautiful season, my heart is still there deep expectations, in my heart you will always be my favorite, no matter when and where, my blessing with you forever, May Jun everything safely.

Loved, do wrong to consider right, better, do not go to weigh winning or losing, trying hard, and disappointments, tireless in life, the result is not all warm, cherish, care to know, the old warmth rest on my mind for a long time, forget the sweet tenderness together, forget daily life once, forget your soulful eyes, once beautiful so gone with the wind, like a blur of broken dreams, ephemeral love, separated in sight of ends, even if this meant Song of concentration, yet so far away is a dream, to become the deepest regrets of life, the deepest pain, the world from now on will no longer have you, lovely still waiting for you, you will love in my heart, deeply buried, to accompany life after more than yourself, even if alone, even helpless, know how to pay, knowing the intentions, dull life, let us cherish sincere feelings, is to give us to understand the truth, do not cherish, slowly fade out of each other’s hearts, do not want to pay, getting out of each other’s world, life, plain room bathed with love of sincerity, life, hard at his mouth, the voice of love.

Qingsi constantly pulled between love, unable to retain the edge Lihen, people, can nearly be far, between heart and heart, it can really be false, between feeling and emotion, can thick, too can be short, between things and things, can fan, you can simply, do not embarrass yourself, go natural, naturally forget, in case of a natural, not forced, to go one place, see a landscape, step by step, firm step faith, does not require much desire, longing heart, if, on the front line, I feel tired, just rest, keeping indifferent mood, feeling simple happiness, those unspeakable words, if someone listening, is happiness, those depressing thing , people understand, is happiness, emotional world, in fact, does not need much of a hearing, it is a warmth; a companionship that is a mind, talk to the mind, to give the affection, sent embrace, into the heart is moved, implied tears, someone hurt, hidden difficulties, people understand, is not accompanied by distance, communication is good, friend is not much, just enough to understand, feeling not long, really like

Love life, I love, I heard treasure, waving farewell, horizon discrete, since the situation for the end of the world, love for the Cape, hard stare, but it is no longer difficult to meet, it is difficult dependencies, you vaguely remember that shallow brow, deep call each other’s eyes look back, there’s a great affection, or in dismay gradually disappearing in each other’s world, after all, not a fairy tale, not writing a part of our story, eventually became worried about each other forever, time is ticking , but could not escape Acacia prison, still crush, several Acacia dream is to get out of this misery, a second fall in a dream, but do not want to wake up, alienated, will be not cherish, strange , will be do not want to pay, there is a friend is not life, but in life, there is a companionship is not around, but mind, never in hand, but the real owners, never met, but keep in mind, do you think happiness, went to look for, you think worth it, waiting to go, do you think happiness, go treasure, mutual love life, I love keep.

Heart, love, where life does not bloom, love love, where life does not spring, the heart has a sun, there are loved ones, wherever they are not afraid of the dark, let Taoyuan stored in the heart, who will There is always a ray of flowers, let love implanted in the heart, the side will always have a sun, keep comprehend roll after years later, there is clear sky around forever, life will never have a beautiful legend, life is always like this, that lost, may come on the road, that has, probably the way to go, poke emotional fog, always just passing through, the world is too big, too small person, through a road, always want to see the scenery, because It has been unforgettable, think of a person, always in tears, as it has been integrated into the feelings back when, finally found, at the corner of life, stay a feeling, this love, had warm life, tell yourself happy beautiful, happy Preferably, Aihenjiandan life, life is difficult to spend, how far should always love, love to be very long how long, love to the other side of the horizon, but love is a diffuse way of life.

The season of love

The season of love

The season of love
The sun warm, gently touching the earth. The warm spring breeze, the recovery of all things, by rendering the green. In the spring of the green dead twigs and withered leaves are rounded up, pin out.
Green Bay thousand mountains, there is a jade like pond, the pond reflects the green light. The pool of diversiform fish free gathering in crowds and groups, happy to swim. Occasionally, a fish out of water, spit out blisters, blisters and cracked, Dangqi ripples. The breeze is blowing, blown off in the shore willow branches, floating in a pool. Carefully watch water branches, sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised discovery of deadwood on the panic of the ant ant, who seems to look in the direction, it seems in the vast blue driving runaway leaf small boat confusion to the beauty of the shore. Around the pond, weeping willows, soft branches touching the water, the spring breeze comes, branches swaying, graceful dance. The students read aloud, softly essay, eternal topic, carefully explore life. Trees, birds jumping up and down, song lingered in the air, c’mon c’mon, dripping demonstrate a their best, they seem to know spring fleeting, bitter to taste as the taste of spring.
Along the stone steps at the side of the pond to walk to the platform, will find many Platanus trees lush trees, silver white trunks tall stalwart, the baptism of wind and rain, making these two buttonwood tree grow more resilient and robust, can hold up a piece of blue sky. Look, a few pieces of thick the buttonwood tree clings, a single thin redbud tree free stretch open branches, tiny flowers hangs full branch. Close your eyes, gently inhale, and it will sniff out wisps of light fragrance.
Across the platform, a winding coil winding stone path, partly hidden and partly visible in the shade. Lanes, fangcaoqiqi, all kinds of flowers bloom, a riot of colours, love. Unconsciously will squat body, quietly watching, gently breathing the fragrance of various flowers. But dare not touch, because it will damage the delicate heart, the noble and sacred blasphemy.
Curved mountain, whirling. Down the mountain to move suddenly the sky ablaze, in front of the stands two hill, hill between revealed a small piece of the sky. In the sky, a west sun issued a brilliant light, the sky is red. The front of the two hills, there is a large piece of flat land, flat on the kind of full of peach, peach tree full of peach trees, in the sunset glow shine, peach spread on the a thin layer of gold.
This appears to surprise, removes all thoughts of your heart, heart suddenly empty as bright as a mirror. If the heart has a trace of clouds, to see everything here, the silk clouds were immediately dispersed. Also you a piece of blue and bright day.
Awe, slowly close to this piece of peach trees. The sun shines is gone, the peach forest faded that a golden, true self in front of. It was dark, empty at the foot of the mountain, peach blossom bright. Cool breeze, strong, blown petals. Flowers blossom and fall, patches of pink flying, in the immediate Huanhua out a colorful world, so have a kimono wearing bright beauty in the clump of blossoms dancing. I remembered Lu Weng’s “plum”: “the divination operator station outside the bridge side, a lonely orphan. Has been the evening alone, the wind and rain. Energy-saving, one Qunfang jealous. Grind to dust scattered into the mud, only as incense.” This is how sad feelings and helpless?
The scenery was dim, dim, wind whistling blowing, cool and ooze. Quickly back home, feel what the head seems to be, hand, falling down a piece of peach petals, and quickly caught with the hand, holding in the palm of the hand, dull, and put it gently in the “Muslim funeral”. “The deep taste of the past, when to cherish the epigenetic component” of this sentence.

Choose the city life, met a person Whitehead

Choose the city life, met a person Whitehead1

Choose the city life, met a person Whitehead
The quiet time, and your language; the long, with king; flourishing, and the old gentleman. Wanted to come to this life, there will always be so a person, holding your hand, bring love into life, tilt a gentle, stay with you for a frost dyed hair, accompany you to see. –.
Time flies, light in the summer will be a kind of acme graceful, rhythm in the years of the pupil of the eye, I light at the corner of the lean season, Enron in this quiet. Gently day, exudes a tranquil fragrance, the fragrance is time precipitation. Has been considered, the most lasting happiness, is from the dull day; from the quiet mood; from the ordinary day in a bit of a bit of sentiment.
Busy fall do eventually is dull, the beauty of life is not brilliant, and lies flat and; the beauty of love is not vigorous, but in ordinary Xiangshou, warm company.
When I was young, had to love had a lot of fantasy, so eager to become the protagonist in the fairy tale of love, looking forward to the white horse prince one day across the mountains came to me, holding my hand to happiness.
However, years such as water time was removed, Prince eventually did not come, I also did not wear the Cinderella of the crystal shoes, the homecoming in will be a peace of mind put in the years to come, with the an insipid love.
Friendly friendly “choose one city with Madoff, a Whitehead friendly friendly encounter, I do not know where to see this sentence, can not help heart moved, wanted to come to this life, there will always be so a person, holding your hand, bring love into life, tilt a gentle, stay with you for a frost dyed hair, accompany you to see the fine water flows.
How many earthly fireworks, in thin pieces of time quietly Yinyun; how many vicissitudes bumpy, in the skill is holding years COSCO to, any appearance in day to day dull slowly old, although flowers fall, the wind lived dust; water flows, thin clouds passing, however invariant is each other old smile.
Perhaps the beauty of life is met, I do not know how many people this life will encounter, nor do I know how many people love to meet, perhaps there are many people in this world can be amazing your time, but be willing to stay in your side until you cry, accompany you to cry, accompany you to wait, accompany you bloom, perhaps only then one.
A glimpse of life is wonderful, also is the most true happiness. Buddha said glancing back for 500 years in preexistence, only for this life as a rub shoulders, then in the tens of millions of people met you, hand of life, it is a kind of practice!
Maybe you are not the best, but must be the most know love me. Tired, your shoulder can let me rely on; a cold day, your arms is my warm, sad time can be comforted by you; when you are lonely accompany you smile, happy to share with you; ups and downs we walk through together; the red troubles we face together, any time insipid fleeting, let time erase the passion, your love always.
Maybe you are not so perfect, but it must be the one who knows me best. Know is the heart and soul of the same; it is the soul and the soul of the dependent; know is the love of the two people in the hearts of the most beautiful flowers, sometimes, more important than love.
Because to understand, so understanding; because of Xiangxi, so inclusive. Love is not does not noisy, after a dispute can together; love is not a fight not trouble is noisy over after be troubled still buchibuqi. A know, how much joy; a company, how many warm and love without words, flexuous, silent love, all joy, you is my life the most beautiful scenery.
Eileen Chang said: I have been looking for that kind of feeling, that in the cold day, holding a pair of warm hands, the feeling of ease forward. Life in hand, how warm, from the young to the faltering; from the roots of white hair, in each other silently gaze slowly getting old, what is engraved with the heating time of this feeling is more precious?
Always thought the best love, must grow with the time. I don’t envy the flower before the moon whispers of love; also don’t envy chaozhaomumu pledge of eternal love, I envy is 100 hair gray sunset dependent support figure.
From the acquaintance of life with two tire, to the time love shine into affection, hold the hand, do not have time to go back, when passion retreat, when the romance has exhausted, only a heart warming can stretches. Love is gradually Yidai wide eventually not regret dedication, love is for the Iraqi consumers have not regret people languish; love is the twilight smile, hand in hand altogether sometime, the best love is to give you a lifetime.

The earth under the eaves, how many people have much love, how many romantic themes of the lingering, how much happiness and warmth. When you walk in lights, I will for you kindle a light your way home the lamp; when you dusty rushing back, I will with gentle hands for you to wash away the tired; when the wrinkles on your forehead, I will hold your hand, accompany you grow old, in the trivial life, interpretation holds hand of the child, and son Xielao eternal.
Some people say: love a city, because the city lives a certain person, can be together with the person you love, even the time is beautiful. Even the fencer farming, homely fare, as long as you are with good. Then find a green mountains and blue waters of the place, find a secluded cottage, or cloud water Zen garden, where there are bright sun and quiet leisurely, and your bright smiling face.
Gather it all in a bunch of flowers in the dull day, holding warmth accompanied all the way, let the fragrance of love in daily necessities; in the warmth of a cup of tea, savor life’s poetry; in a bowl of porridge light, romantic feelings of life, every morning you and sunshine in is my happiness.
Spring day, I want to pull your hand to stroll in the path leading to the field, under the blue sky, a passing breeze, is behind a row of green bamboo Aoba, the distance is capped the mountains. I and you skim spring Yihong clear, carrying a wisp of breeze clear, see butterflies fly dance, to listen to the flowers of the voice, enjoy every ray of sunshine warm, every drop of rain moist feeling, to cherish the warmth grows in sunny in, this moment, I would like to put down all the obsession, just want to be the treasure in the palm of your hand, with a bloom time, watch happiness.
A rainy day, we snuggle together, sitting by the window, to the banana voice. Ren Guangyin in flowing out of the window, I brew a pot of fragrant tea, quietly feeling the cool breeze and drizzle lingering, pour a cup of years precipitation of fragrance, fine time to listen to the nonsense, aftertaste past a wonderful picture, tea life bit by bit, in the quiet time, Dankan fleeting fireworks, sipping years static.
In the years, but the years of incense. Until the old that day, Liangbinbanbai, faltering we have not walk in Qianshan step Wanshui, you and me around the fireplace, in our wrinkles and grey hair, breakdown time traces. Thank life fate, let me meet you, a feeling, never grow old, only for good and you know; a love, hidden in the heart, only for and love you indifferent, this life, the happiest thing is holding your hand as you walked through the. When earthly fireworks slowly in silence; when the fingertip flashy gradually dissipated, you are still so holding my hand, years old, still in love, the original in my life the most beautiful time is from the encounter you that moment start.