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Love is a practice

Love is a practice
If there is no change in the seasons, there is no time to flow, so all the causal will appear so funny. As a grand baptism and no hero. Seem empty and meaningless.
The flowers fall, because the time of the change, give a person with aesthetic feeling. Chaoyang Dongsheng, twilight sunset, the earth is a world of turnover. Alternating seasons, is a kind of biological growth of a kind of instinct, let a person have a kind of living space.
We always love to hate, we always cut, the reason is also chaotic, we always let the feelings of the constraints. We are all a separate individual, but in the face of love, but it is so small, and no choice. In front of love, everything seems to be of little importance. So long as there is love, everything is not a problem. As long as there is love, all the problems can be solved. When we face the choice between love and secular, often said that the secular defeat of love, it is not enough to say that love is not enough. If love is deep enough, there is no time and space to stop the existence of love. Said, love is to be together. That’s a little bit too shallow. Love, and not able to together is love. Not together, and in the hearts of a place, far from the missing, is not love? Two people is a far across, unreachable distance. That would not meet miss. In the political arena, who is not a form of love.
But we are always getting entangled in the pain of getting the. Get up, so what, in the life of tea daily necessaries enough to eliminate the hot feeling at that time. Can’t get, it’s just let me know a kind of the Dharma, let us know, the world is not everyone can have. Perhaps after a few years, we meet, my heart will sigh. That year, I was so loved you, and many years later, you are already a white haired. I am already seventy years of age, extremely rare hiss. Do you still present in your years after many years? Did I still years ago? Time is a dream, as if still remember when young, your rosy cheeks with a dimpled smile, still in vivid memories, and you remember this year my appearance?
Meet as not, it is a kind of aesthetic imagination. Without seeing each other, our memories still remain in the time, not by time. Meet, in fact, the difference is too much, there is more or less of the sadness and sigh.
Love is a kind of practice. Maybe last life, I owe you, and you owe him, in return, I fell in love with you, and you fell in love with him, and ultimately, such a cycle, in our derivative. Who practice deep, who will be able to fruition. Are you still insist, I forbear, ultimately what would it be? Perhaps, it even Buddha do not know it, then spare a question mark to scare you and me.
Love and don’t love, why bother to demand, just as the sentence, it is you, how are you, not you, you can not get. Why so, to hurt their hearts, so that others difficult, so that we are in a dilemma situation. I love you, this is my thing, nothing to do with you, I don’t want to disturb your life. May, slowly, you will forget your life has been such a person, or many years later, you will suddenly think of, there is such a person, who is so love you. The love you, now unknown to you, okay?
Love is a practice. In this life, who will fruition? No matter who, I believe, we will grow up, grow into a love of the texture and soul of baptism.
In the long life, will love through life, with the heartbeat, in the face of this beautiful, brilliant, sad, miss, such as water. Like a lightning strike, you will instantly disappear as confused, lazy beat. And we, can, live more clear, detached, and for some things, will also be more of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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