Smiling’s my favorite.

Happy Wednesday! Yay for almost being halfway through the week : ) I’m so excited for this weekend, because Saturday is Homecoming here at BU. Plus, it means I’m a couple of days closer to Fall Break, which starts next Wednesday. I’m so excited to go home and see my family!

In the meantime, here are some images I’ve found poking around online recently. They made me smile, so I figured I should share. Enjoy! If you’re feelin’ stressed, keep in mind we’re almost to the weekend ; )
tumblr_mii3qyJ1eH1qh28hmo1_500A fat cat. I’m actually allergic to cats, but I can appreciate a chubby one when I see one. (Shout out to Jordan, who has always shared my love of fat cats!) Just LOOK at his paws!
tumblr_msplryciA41r9y3mio1_1280Ahh so pretty! Now that it’s fall, I find myself looking at photos of spring and summer again. I love fall, but I guess you always want what you can’t have. Anyways, I’d love to figure out where this is and go there.
15a5ba053e82fa71703f2d1f25a598adOh, Cher. To be honest, this is how I feel most of the time. I’m not the best driver according to my friends and family, but in my (and Cher’s) defense, driving can be hard. Especially in heels! Side note: if you’ve never seen Clueless, go rent it right. now. c3f43c8131dec96e5155f7a87627bb57Okay, so another adorable animal! How cute is this. I can totally relate to this pup’s happiness – car trips are the best (apparently not when I’m driving though…)
6fb2719b74eea3f2d9e89281be368c33The queen of smiling – Julia Roberts. I don’t know if that’s her actual title, but you can’t deny she’s a great actress with such a pretty smile. While you’re out renting Clueless, I’d pick up Notting Hill too (it features her AND Hugh Grant! What a dreamboat.)

All images and their links can be found on my tumblr and my Pinterest page.

Have a great night! What have you found on the Internet that’s made you smile?

xoxo Evie

6 thoughts on “Smiling’s my favorite.

  1. Yay! These totally did make me smile so thanks! Haha I’m just going to go around for the rest of the day pretending like I’m Julia Roberts now… Because that’s definitely not strange at all! :)

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