Exquisite love prose “engraved in the hearts of love”

engraved in the hearts of love

Exquisite love prose “engraved in the hearts of love”
In that period of time he experienced a let him “engraved in the hearts of love really is forget that period of time, because she gave him a hard Ming, engraved in the hearts of love, if time can backwards I think he will cherish this affection, let me they this” engraved in the hearts of love “and fine. And I don’t regret it. I’ll let him live in their hearts forever. Let’s begin our body.
In the summer, maybe, somewhere its own days, in the shade of a tree, he saw her, her eyes is so leisurely, her quiet and subtle smile can let a person forget common. At that moment, his heart stop, as if afraid because of their slight move and disturb her, upset the scene of harmony and perfect picture. However, she still noticed him, perhaps his eyes too was scorching. She smiled at him, perhaps not to him, so that he knows her, she called the cloud, than he is a, but also art professional.
Since that day, his heart is like v. dropped a bomb. He knew in his heart, she has never give up. His thoughts seemed to have left her with a smile. He is no longer that can stay in the library every day and he was indifferent to the outside world. Because, he knows, even in the hands of the book but his mind is still stuck in her body, his mind always have a sense of desire to see her, and that fear is far from peek. So, his figure is often outside the classroom, in order to see her every day.
Until one day, he couldn’t help himself to share her thoughts, wrote a note tucked in her book, he just wanted to put yourself to her that love has long been mind tell her all, put his hidden already a long time of “Volcano” completely dissolved in a word: if you like, I will always be you the shade of the tree tree. Note issued to two days, he was like a three years, his heart is afraid of another kind of look forward to. After two days of his anxiety, he finally came to her in third days. I have not dared to expect forever, because it is not too realistic, can not see nor expected things, I do not believe, nor can I believe.” She suspected him of her love? Doesn’t she know she has to he Chafanbusi.? “No, I must let her know that I love her, always so true,” he thought, so, the second note and his heart to her: time will prove my love for you. So they began a period of engraved in the hearts of love.
So real and not to declare their after a year, he quietly concerned about her life, when she caught a cold on the table will take a cold medicine, open the bottle of water never see empty, but they never said a word, his action appears to be invalid. She’s still as old as he is.
Finally one day, a group of rogue coveted by her beauty, actually want to tarnish his mind goddess, just as they Guaijiao walking toward her, he appeared frail man, he unexpectedly pit one against ten in the after a struggle because alarmed passers-by to rogue fled ended, and he also because of who in a few knives and fall to the ground.
When he woke up, he has been lying in a hospital bed, and she did not, as described in the novel beside him to accompany him, just as he was depressed, he found a letter from the pillow, is her, said:
The wind:
Don’t blame me for Frence leave, because I really do not dare to face your love, I do not deserve. The young age I was tortured by a strange disease. In the medicine pot to grow up, I, alone, inferiority, I dare not contact with people, not to have friends, not to say love, I thought it would be such a life. However, it happens that you, I am your persistent, delicate and moved, but, I can accept it? So, I’m heavy, with your deep love. This “engraved in the hearts of love,” I will always remember in my heart.
Take care Love your cloud
After he read, deeply her silly, love and how will be the external factors and corruption?
So, he will go away, even if he is to find the far-off regions, she made her, always can shelter trees.

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Beautiful love story, prose essays “how do you want to be remembered”?

how do you want to be remembered
how do you want to be remembered

This is the beginning of my life change, and experienced more than I know, and now I remember my first love experience, she said to me, let me change my life, how do you want to be remembered”. Is this seemingly simple words, let me know a lot of things.
She said, “how do you want to be remembered”.
Four years ago, I was a little rogue. Fighting, smoking, drinking, evil. Then she said, “how do you want to be remembered”
I don’t know the answer to how she likes me. After all, no one would have to link up with the girls.
At that time, the class of popular Jinhua, do anything to win the party may lose a party. Of course, it’s in front of the public.
The sun bathed the classroom in the afternoon, she sat obediently beside me to see a bunch of boys in them. If the rule of that day was a loser, I lost my underwear. I almost even a dozen to be directed to the girls around the class to declare the fat.
Finally in a loss to 13 when, I take a table, heroism dry cloud said, what white ah, soil soil is not to play play a bit interesting. We all look at me with a look, I’m a bad one.
Sure enough, after the punishment for, my luck came. The other is not convinced of his girlfriend to my arms, I firmly hold a full of warm and fragrant.
Yes, the punishment is lost his girlfriend to the winner’s arms, and to offer the last kiss. I admire the wisdom of my own, a little attention was lost.
I grabbed her atmospheric she will push each other, her eyes brimming with eyeful of tears twist overdo sad look at me, I was tired of homeopathy and pushed the, she unexpectedly soft inverted down to the table leg knock, suddenly forehead a piece of red and swollen. Some people say, forget it, don’t embarrass her. I grabbed her and said in a loud voice, do you play to play, don’t give me the shame!
She touched his forehead, tears ran out.
In fact, I just saw her sad eyes, suddenly decided to let her go. Why should a rogue trapped a good student.
However, she has been humiliated, but did not leave. Still like what had happened with his mark here.
When she was fifteen years old when the bloom in the bed, I never said softly, pain? Her face flushed for a long time did not fade, you, what is not pain.
And I swear, I’m really going to love her.
Two, the sky blue is a disease.
The sea birds and fish in love, just an accident. Our differences have been there.
It seems too late for me to understand the lyrics.
In a dull high school career, she has been studying hard. Almost never stop at the weekend.
The longest record is not seen in the last two months. It’s a very ironic thing for us to be in a school.
When I was eighteen years old, she struggled for a long time to give me a birthday. In KTV, the male and female are excited to steal the wheat, only her, sitting in the corner, the ears are plugged in, motionless. I go in the past to unplug her headphones, English is so important? She said, “in a few days to test English listening. I lit a cigarette, go to the noisy crowd grabbed the wheat, hand grabbed a girl, with singing.
She went out in silence. After a while a text message sent to come over: you said, you are the most fortunate that I’m with you for so long, have not lost innocence. I was silent for a long time, the reply: sky blue is disease.
Since then, we have no contact. After college entrance examination, I went to a three college. Let me not think of is, I actually met her in this school.
She smiled and said, what a coincidence, I accidentally admitted to this. My heart was warm and, I walked over and hugged her, is worth? Is it worth it for me? She said gently, you see, it’s not all blue.
From that time on, I think there is something in the slowly changing. I forgot to tell her that the sky is white and disease.
I don’t know what kind of aesthetic taste to praise her in the face of the growing exposure of clothing. Any part of her body, I don’t want to be seen by others. But my objection is a fierce argument. I suddenly with tears, the frail girl no longer.
The same is in KTV, but a year ago and her person. She wore scarlet nails fingers elegant and a cigarette, lifted the cup. She smiles, Happy birthday. I did not move, when she drank fifth cups, I grabbed the glass, enough, a girl’s house, you do what! Her smile slowly on the face, a year ago, who is too I am too simple? A year later, who thought I was too frivolous? Are men so I don’t know what to do?
I have nothing to say. Only a stinging attack on my heart.
Three, goodbye, old time.
She left, I did not expect. How do you want to be remembered?
I thought, she gave me anything, everything for me to do, it is not easy to leave.
Until she took the other man’s hand appeared in front of me, I still thought she was just playing the child’s temper.
In tenth days she left me, I will mercilessly trample on the cigarette, in the dormitory door blocked out dating her. I forced her to the restaurant to point her favorite dishes, as before, to her high handed to her. She is still a smile be just perfect posture be exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful. I almost collapsed. After breaking up without a bit of discomfort and embarrassment, this is a sad thing. Did she take me as a stranger?
That day I drank a lot of wine, she also like to drink a lot of sin. My eyes are dim and asked her, why? Vaguely heard her say, I love you, but I don’t want to be with you. Now this feeling makes me feel very fresh, very enjoy.
Finally, I helped her drunk, stumbling to the hotel.
After that day, she left me completely. I don’t understand what the so-called love is all about.
Every day I went to her bedroom to call and asked her to give up her friends. Once that she is not in the bedroom for the night news, I would sit on pins and needles. I have always been the possession of her, and how to allow her to spend the night with other men.
When she left me for thirtieth days, I had not played games and smoked for twenty days. Although the heart is like millions of ants biting like itchy. I use the cold water to wash her face again and again, what I do not like her again on.
In thirty-fifth days, I once again wore a disheveled hair, blocking her to her dormitory door.
Sitting in a tea shop, we sit facing each other in silence from her face, I even saw the impatient. Side is overdo looking at an array of note. There was also the write us a pen to draw a solemn pledge of eternal love, but now is let oceans and mountains bear so embarrassed.
Sorry, the defender, mountain elder brother, we do not consider your feelings.
I still love you Her cell phone rang when I tried to say it all. She picked up the phone, a finger to her lips and said to me: hush.
She was on the phone qiaoxiaoqianxi, husband.
I completely collapsed.
Four, can not say the secret.
Your sentence “how do you want to be remembered”, deeply imprinted in my mind, and now suddenly heard your message.
This is one of the most appealing words I’ve ever heard.
A month later she broke the quiet life of each other. I threw down the basketball, the big mouth to drink water. This month, I have the most common and most healthy life. Playing basketball every day, class time, occasionally have a look the game, get up and go to bed early. I have taunted evil associates a rogue actually turned a handsome sunshine.
I light a smile, people will grow up. I think I might just because she said that sentence “how do you want to be remembered”! I just because of this sentence in the stick to my goal, I want to and she even can not go on, also let her deeply remember me.
I open the message, scalp tingling. She said: I’m pregnant. I take a deep breath and go back to the way: are you sure? She’s quick back: Yes, it’s been more than a month. A month and more months before the night came to my mind, my heart aches.
The friend said, is not it, so the three flow of the story will happen to you? She is the other person’s girlfriend, no matter who you are not necessary to the arms. Why do such a thing myself.
I took out all the money, without telling her boyfriend, and took her to the hospital. Nurse helped her out when, with a tone of contempt to me said, as a man, don’t just consider their feelings, also want to consider for the girl. Patronize their own happy, have a girlfriend to the operation table.
I took her hand not to utter a single word, my heart is vast sorrow. I do not know who is sad, or all of them are so sad.
Out of the hospital, blue sky with white clouds, beautiful and out of reach. When the sky is transformed into the most happy attitude, we are in the most discrete scribbled strange way.
Three years later, I packed my things, and finally saw a look at this full of memories of the place, the beginning of my job search.
The crowded train station, packed with people who carry a dream, I will be that a decline in the population of ordinary life? When I was a girl to make blind and disorderly conjectures, quickly covered with confusion hit me, fell on the ground. I bent down to help her up, but his hand was in the air. Her eyes were full of tears, wronged in the face of circulation. In a trance, I seem to return to that afternoon four years ago.
She bit her lip, tears in the eyes slowly disappeared, half a minute show a playful smile, all right. I nodded my head to the train. After sit, found sitting opposite the girl hit me. I said, you are very powerful, in the end still do not cry. She said with a smile, right ah, even if not happy also don’t frown, because you never know who will fall in love with your smile.
A move in my heart. I think, the silence of the three years of the heart is open.
A year later, I was with this lovely girl. She insisted on going to the tattoo shop tattoo on my name on the shoulder. I strongly opposed.
Because I will never forget the drunken night three years ago, I was how to ask a on her arm tattoo, sad looking at her sleeping. That night, nothing happened. It’s the last time that I’ve learned a lot about it, especially the sentence “how do you want to be remembered”. Now I think about it all the time. It’s a good thing to remember about your good or bad.
This is the secret of my life’s most reluctant to say.
Just because of this “you want to be remembered”. I changed my mind.
This is the motto of my life. “How do you want to be remembered”, I think everyone wants others to remember you are a good thing, do not want others to say that I remember who was really good at that time, what bad things are done.
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This is the most perfect love story

perfect love story
This is the most perfect love story

Where is my most unforgettable friend, but, when she was 28 years old, God took her away from us.
This is perfect love story if you know her, and perhaps I like her.
She is a quiet and cheerful girl, right speech, she doesn’t think that noisy, also won’t feel awkward. She takes care of each person’s mood, also can gently express their views. She exudes gentle luster, never burning in the world of others.
Is such a girl, 28 years old before, she is lucky.
From key primary school, middle school, high school graduation, successfully admitted to a key university; university and tall handsome seniors love, to marry him after graduation; location from the family’s home only a 20 minute walk, at noon will be able to leisurely back to life from the dinner, lunch break, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, grandfather, grandmother as if treasures rob to take, himself did not become bloated new mothers; decent work smoothly, step-by-step promotion, because of doing things easy and decent, colleague relationship and harmony is a leadership attention of middle-level cadres.
Life if it looks too good to like a fake, the likelihood is false, or the fate of a reversal in the most unexpected time, swish presence. There is a perfect love story.
I remember it was a summer evening, Yifan first time without prior call directly to my office. I’m busy hands, she sat in the chair next to me blankly biting his nails, I am busy working, her pale smile, eye ground of Leng Leng said: “Xiao Yi. I have cancer.”
Ovarian malignant tumor.
This is an early difficult to be found in women with severe, in addition to hereditary ovarian cancer, there is no number of feasible preventive measures, only early diagnosis and treatment, early detection of lesions.
However, when a discovery, it’s late.
I wonder if God knows the end of her life, to arrange for a good 28 years, and then the tsunami engulfed everything, leaving only the bare sand, like the biggest irony of her life. The most perfect love story came, it has been forgotten.
Day, I and I know 20 years of my small Yifan girls, as we walked through the numerous Avenue up back and forth pace, I took her cold hand, try not in front of her tears.
Suddenly, she stopped and said softly to me: “don’t tell anyone, I have this, my parents, my husband, my daughter still have to live, let me think, how to settle them.”
She hugs me, turn around and go home. First, she wasn’t laughing and waved to me, but also head to go far. I looked at her back completely disappeared, just squatting on the ground crying.
Every day, I have to pretend to call her, her tone is easy. Half a month later, she said on the phone: “I’m settled, let’s have dinner together.”
In her favorite restaurant, her small mouth to drink barley and melon pot keel soup, I don’t push, she is willing to say anything to when to say with her.
“I said to my husband. I showed him the medical records, to him said, hubby, I can not accompany you for a lifetime, thank you gave me, “the most perfect love story you later must find someone to replace me to take the pain you yo.
“My daughter is too small, your parents are older, and in the field, in the future you alone with a little girl, both children and adults. My parents age moderate, her daughter is their single handedly brought a big, you if agreed. In the future, so that they take, the elderly have a companion, you don’t as too heavy a burden, spare energy to work and life.
“We have two sets of house, I think, while I can still move, the now live in the transfer to my parents: as a result, give them a pension; secondly, if they don’t even advance to the daughter’s dowry. If you don’t mind, save my half of my money on my daughter’s account, and she’s the education fund. In addition to the new house, you have to stay in the future to get married, you can find a better girl than me, you have to live in the past and have no relationship with the new house to live in.”
I asked, “what did he say?”
A spoon down: “he is not listening to crazy, I say nonsense, let me first to get good. But I know it’s not good at all.
“I want to let the husband no burden to start a new life, he is so young, can not be sunk in this period of my life; I want to daughter a future of love and security, do not want to her father qiqicancan zone her, also do not want to let her face the test of his father remarried and stepmother relationship, that is difficult for children to also make life difficult for her father; and I also want to give parents aging according to old age, they only have one daughter pair also not to 60 years old, with a granddaughter somehow a sustenance, they are still have the knowledge of the elderly and children’s education I don’t worry about it.
“I don’t want to embarrass the human nature, but do not want to with the dear future destiny to test the love, loyalty, or family of thick. I only hope that in my life, in my ability, the people who I love. Life is to enjoy, not to test.
“My husband and I speak the truth, he finally agreed, he will send me to the hospital tomorrow, and then, we together to tell my parents, this is our family to discuss the decision.”
To the hospital after she has been thinking about why God gave me “the most perfect love story” and so quickly to return it?
Who died after half a year.
Like her living arrangements, daughter in Grandpa’s grandmother’s house in the vicinity of the kindergarten, to maintain the original living environment, husband every night back to father-in-law Yuemu Jia daughter often in there. Their relationship as son-in-law and her parents, like a son and parents.
Two years later, her husband is in love, The most beautiful woman the other is a good mannered girl. In addition, the house become their new homes, the wedding, in addition to the man’s and the woman’s parents, Yifan’s parents and daughter is also affected by invited to attend.
Because there is no need together living in close proximity, so you almost no contradiction, like daughter beautiful new mothers, the annual Qingming, everyone to Yifan send flowers.
In an otherwise miserable story, everyone has the most perfect love story.
Each person because Yifan love happiness is OK, this is the most perfect love story and affection — is not only the passion, is not only the request, not only for themselves, but also on the goodness of others and placement.
Once, I thought love the most important thing is to “love” itself, Yifan let me understand, “love” itself is not difficult, difficult is to allow each other in a visible future, love is the most important thing is I know I will leave, but still want to take good care of you and give you a appropriateness of the future.
This is a woman with a strong, broad and good, and the most perfect love story.

The most beautiful woman in the world

The most beautiful woman

He wants to get married, the bride is not me.

My mother knows the news and immediately rushed to the city where I live. Look at me, if I do something stupid!

Stupid, I won’t do. Just a common person after the state, depression.

I said I wanted to go out for a walk with my mother. Just say, come back earlier.

Like a body without a soul. Do what you usually do. Drink drinks, eat snacks, wander about.

No day, no life, no energy. Remember there is a word, a woman is a need for pain, and then the beautiful woman, no one is not beautiful. I am not beautiful, but in the day of his pain, good fun, happiness. But now, the pain of my people go, and never come back.

I’m walking slowly in the city. I trod and his former footprint, once upon a time, those sweet, pain, with each other nestled in the days, in his heart has become a thing of the past. Worthless.

Wandering around, even going to his wedding venue. A lot of people are busy. The bride in white is surrounded by a friend. Although crowded, still far seen the mouth with a sweet smile.

Suddenly found that she is like me. Just out of the gate of me, let people want to protect.

He also found me on the side of the side of me. Slowly come to me. I looked at him and did not move.

This once said to take care of my whole life. Accompany him through the life of the trough of the day, once said to me as his wife, will hurt me, love me, pet me to the man forever. Ever said I was The most beautiful womanin the world. Once let me desperate, even to abandon all, without the family and his men. And now, let my heart hurt.

He patted me on the shoulder. Said softly, I’m sorry. You are The most beautiful woman in the world, and I don’t deserve you.

I bowed my head, tears do not let it fall down. Nor let him see. I am always in front of him, I can not make him feel pity. Have lost all, at least to win back a little bit of self-esteem. If you have lost self-esteem, you really have nothing.

Adjust the mentality, raise head, facing his eyes.

He took me by the hand and led me through the garden to the roof of the house.

I get out of my hand. He held me tight. He said, I’m sorry. Let you suffer too much. But I’m sorry for her. She’s just a little elf out of the greenhouse. Without the sun and rain. I hurt her, I had no choice but to pay her what I could.

“What about me?” I faint, with a trace of sadness.

“You’re strong enough, you’ll get over it.”. Right?” He looked at me.

“Just out of school, you also said that I am a greenhouse flowers, not experienced wind and rain, I met you, I learned to be strong and independent. Learn to take care of you. Accompany you through the day, how much you love me. Only for your love, suffer more pain I also deserve. But now, for what? You don’t love me anymore. Still, you are just like that one, do not understand what an innocent girl.” I stared at him and said.

“You don’t like this, okay? You are always considerate. Is not it? As you said before, I won’t stay with you forever. This day, I won’t be too long. I will be tired of. Will want to find the stimulus. You think you’re right. You are not ready to have this in the morning? Why is it now?”

I got out of control. It is true that I know him as a man. But love is so confused people, people, deeply lost myself, fling caution to the winds. I sighed. Turn and look at the sunset in the distance.

Mom is coming. She patted me on the back of my back. She knows, I’ll be here. And he, has been called downstairs to a wedding.I want to Throw away our past, start again, but could not.

I turned around and looked at my mother. Let her become more yearsGreenhouse flowers old. I hold my mother. Cried and cried.

Suddenly remembered the words. No one’s love. The most beautiful woman is not beautiful. I asked my mother: “I am The most beautiful woman in the world?”

“Yes, more beautiful than the bride. Without him, without his love. But you are always The most beautiful woman. Because you still have a mother.”

I took a deep breath. Looking at the red sunset. Mama said. Even without his love. I was the only one in the world. One of the most beautiful women. After leaving him, I want to learn to love their own good.

Who Throw away our past

Throw away our past
Your beautiful eyes lightly, still makes me sad. Helpless, I really so helpless. Like the dust of the flying dust, drifting in the quiet night. I try to fly, let oneself can touch the happiness of the night sky, the stars seemed like a vast no promises, I lost, I remained silent. Because Throw away our past so that I am very confused.
Have a kind of mood, is from the bottom of my heart to send out of helpless and desolate. Used to express their thoughts in words, but in the end found a Nanke dream. The moon meditation at home, whether you can feel my yearning for you with the moon passing.
Love, perhaps a blind. Let IQ instant zero, from the beginning of the pupil of the eye to look, as if my silence in myself in the sea of love, regardless of the marine life is only I still have you. The grass gives me a relieved stubborn. What will make Throw away our past.
Since there are met, there is deviation.
If one day, you learn to fly. Longing for freedom, then I will send you to the sky blue. You don’t have to hover in my sky, because I will choose to forget. The girl who once lived with me day and night. But I’ll give you freedom. You need me to give you.
Once just a drop of you, has become my sky, my world.
Love a person have more bitter, only oneself know. Not all pay is return. As seed sown seedlings, not every plant seedlings can grow into the tree of heaven, not every relationship can consistently reach the so-called permanent.
When the love of the past to cherish, only to find that the time has long gone. We may not be looking for a pure and sincere feelings, also can not find the feeling of the kind of dependent. This is love, time to dilute the love.
The heart is always not aware of the advent of pain, without warning. As you gradually contracted Sherbet love.
The flame of love burning is always so fast, the one that is gradually lack of the former kind of enthusiasm. Gradually Throw away our past.
If one day, you forget the moment you look back on my feeling. I will not insist, if you use the gentle send me, I will use a gentle release you. If you, the remotest corners of the globe, enduring as the universe will be forgotten, I will accompany you to forget. Like never happened.
If we don’t expect to meet in a strange city, don’t stay, pass by, don’t look back. I don’t want you to see me out of tears of surprise and excitement. At night, if we meet in a dream, don’t be sad, don’t cry, because I will always see you smile. And that we all lose our past, not to think about it.
Thoughts of the picture back to your smile review, it is night, whose arms to give you warmth, whose lips can give you gentle, whose arms can to protect you.
If you forget that moment of happiness, let me give you the next moment to let go. After breaking the love More precious.
Even though, I still love you…

After breaking the love more moved

After breaking the love

I say “break up” two words, the phone over there he did not imagine the collapse.
He was silent for a long time, said softly: “good. That promised me the last request. Let me go to your school to accompany you one day, do the last couple of days.” Let’s have a break after love.After breaking the love.
I promised him. Finally want to separate, can not help but some sad. Three years ago, we separated the two places, every day can only rely on the phone, computer contact. Not touch, could not see, no such love, with no reality whatever I have had enough. I never realized the beauty of college life in other people. Watching the lovers hand in hand through the main entrance of the campus walking to the back door, watching the boys help his beloved girlfriend open water, watching the rain day boys carrying an umbrella girl step a tilt to the dormitory to go, my heart is painful. Even the fight, can not get a comfort to embrace. I clearly remember that I often helpless shook the phone almost collapsed, but ultimately these difficult to tell the weak, to their own grasp.
Surely he was tortured, or how so readily promised.
When he came to the school to be fatigued with the journey is two days. In these two days, a snow covered my sleepless city. He was covered with snow, and it was a warm smile. I’m a blunt response. Have to admit, that within three years every time he saw his gentle, such as jade face, originally wanted to good bye wording will swallow back belly and hard heart will melt. This time, it is no exception. But I immediately told myself, not because of a gentle short, and bear the long loneliness.After breaking the love feel more happy than before.
I said: “go to dinner.” He said: “no hurry. Are you open the water so cold?” My heart is a tight. “To take down your thermos bottle, first hit good hot and busy with the others, lest the night of no use, others even to watch others face.” He says, “my eyes are wet.”…… For three years, why did you know how to make up for breaking up. I went back to my dorm room wearing a furry gloves, put the bottle down. To make a good water, his hand is red and red. I took the gloves off and put them on his hands, and then squeezed my hand into the. In this way, our hands will be close together. Although his hand was cold, although the gloves in the space is very cramped, but I can feel the and other girls sweet. He looked at me with deep feeling, sad in the face of the transfer.
Next is to eat. I have eggplant, pork braised in brown sauce and put the menu to him. He smiled gently: “I think the point is also the two.” I smiled and said: “you are with me at all?” His smile faded away and said, “your habits have become my habit.” I turned my eyes to the window, without looking at him. He still loves me, isn’t he.
After breaking the love

Eat a good meal, we walk in the white world, no one to speak. “Eat ice cream?” He suddenly asked. I was surprised to see him, he never let me eat ice cream in the winter, said to be afraid of my illness. “You are not afraid of my illness?” I’ll regret it when I say it. Immediately broke up, who also tube you are not sick. “Now I’m in your side, I’m afraid of what.” He leisurely look into the distance, as is seen in a world so far away. The wind swept my face, with his face turned away, tears do not allow dropping in fingers. I saw our footprints, was winding its climb into a road, at the far end.
I took the ice cream bouncing on the creak of snow. He smiled behind shouted: “slowly!” I ran and turned around: “rest assured, will not fall……” If not finished, I feel my foot slipped, body back to…… He timely from behind grabbed the arm me with ice cream, but the body due to run in a hurry forward planted to… And twice, “boom” staggered sounded, I he fell a solidly, his face to the ground fell a. Not only that, is more funny, my hand cream left an empty shell, four hope to have found falling out of the ice cream. Look at him again, and he was covered with ice cream. We looked at each other for a second, then laughed. I stood up and patted the snow on the body when I handed him a paper towel. He did not stand up, but to the edge of a roll, lying in the snow. I looked at him in surprise, just to say on the cold, he went out. In the snow, there was a man in a hollow. He had a heart in the heart of a man in the shape of a human body, and wrote three words: ZYH. ZYH, my name. I stare for a long moment. “I should go back.” I said. I looked up at the blue sky, trying not to let the tears flow down. Afterwards, I only then knew that then the tears did not flow down, is because has the counter current to the heart.
Back to the dormitory, roommates Hula gather around asking questions. “Wow, your boyfriend is handsome!” “Hey, your boyfriend is so considerate.” “Hello!” I listen to them talk. A: “I don’t have that luck.”. Although I haven’t met someone who can make me love, but I’m happy with my current boyfriend.” B said: “ah? You don’t love him with him?” A: “what do you know? He can make me happy, I want to be with him.” “Which is like me.”. So love him, even if not happy, or want to together.”
Like a person is because he and he was happy, love a person is not happy also to be together. This is love, is not it?
I regret it. I know he’s sorry, or he won’t be in love with me.
My the attitude of love to love not good., I am not a single good woman, I am not that he think of me. I was running to the hotel where he stayed. But, wait for me is absolutely empty room. I couldn’t hold back, tears gushing out. Stumbling along the way of go back to school, to see the world through the tears, the whole world is crying. When I be in a trance to the dormitory to go, a familiar and warm voice sounded behind me. I was struck by lightning. I slowly turned around, he has come to me, to hold me in your arms. I cried and tore him: “who let you come here! I thought you were gone! I thought you didn’t want me! I thought you would never want me again! You bastard!……” He is fond of holding my hand, wipe the tears on my face: “you always do I ah.” I held him tightly, and I would never let go……
Like a person is a person with ears, not like the ears can block. Love a person is to use the eyes, not to love to close your eyes and tears will flow back to the heart.
Between us, separated by a heavy snow, 10 thousand cities, a whole once. Even so, nothing can stop love.
I’m sorry, honey. I will learn to like you love me so love you to death. After breaking the love, I want to do with you to the end of the world.

What is your the attitude of love to love?

the attitude of love to love

I have been thinking, need to use the attitude of love to love. If Prince Charles is just a common man, the 19 – year – old Diane will marry him if he knows he has a love. In Diane ‘s video, she once said, “my heart is as quiet as death. I feel like a lamb to be slaughtered.”. ”
She is actually doesn’t have to be so poor, there is no one to take her to the chopping board, is her own wish: if she refuses, who would force her to stand in the church to a man said: “I will”. But can you blame her? Diana can’t tell love the man or love the difference between the crown, but later she actually was still a lot of opportunities: but their marriage in name only, she can choose to divorce, but she does not agree tardy, still clings to the retention of Princess title. Maybe she thought she had paid too much for the title, so she couldn’t lose it.
Don’t blame the attitude of love to love .., in addition to the seven fairies, few women will fall in love with bondservants slave Dong Yong. But for the ordinary woman, we look forward to getting the added value from love, women often say to themselves, do not do good as well, of course, the best is to marry a good and love their men, but the world will not be so cheap things. Beautiful, such as Diane can not, not to mention others? It’s hard for a woman to be able to know in the beginning, to love a person, or to love a person’s life. Often listen to women talk about what kind of man can marry, they tend to write off the mouth, those who do not have the economic ability of the man is not married, they lack the rich man’s demeanor and heart, in fact, women themselves are not so, this reality can have a few women to fame and fortune said: “no big deal! ”
In the young and ignorant, often do not understand the rich people of the woman why the affair: especially the feudal society. Is that once discovered will be Shen Tong’s death, but why women risked their lives to do Now we’ll Teach you how to love a person’s method?
In the world in the end there is pure love, is what makes Romeo and Juliet life and death? What makes the Duke of Windsor and the throne Jiangshan discarded? Is it really their naive or impulsive? I believe it is not: it is to see your the attitude of love to love. Love is a kind of feeling that can not be replaced, except for the one you love, or you can’t feel the happiness of love. But love’s added value can be replaced: if you want to be able to obtain wealth through love, then you don’t think you need to be with the wealth providers, especially when you grow up, and build your own wealth, you can not stand the first to provide you with the wealth of the man.
There are a lot of things in the world are worth pursuing, but only love is must really love you can taste the taste of it: perhaps everything has its ups and downs, and other things, you get it in many ways, does not necessarily to get married with a person can, since so, why is set such a high threshold for their love? I’m afraid not you love is too high, but I am worried about you forward your threshold of people just are has nothing to do with love: because love does not require the threshold; love is sexual gratification, consensual, but not in the free market to pick tomatoes to find the most reasonable price. This is the attitude of love to love.
Between lovers favorite words, is probably what you love me? Never say I love you I love you wealth, possessions, love you can provide to my life, why? Because we all know that to spoil sb.’s enthusiasm. Love you not because who you are but, because of the love when with love I you. I
Love for the truth is the most touching, do you love love you love?
There is no right or wrong in love world, only love and no love. Is to see your the attitude of love to love

us Teach you Love is accepting a person’s method?

Love is accepting a person

In the emotional world, is no win, win lose affection, but also the feelings of. Not all love needs to start, need to be the result of. Love never trial period, love is love, not the bet, but every one go all out…… Some people say, love makes one humble love, let a person lose yourself. They say, who love, who will lose more. Yes, I admit, love is a game. But love is not a war.
Love is not to restrict each other, Teach you Love is accepting a person‘s method nor to beat each other. But, love is a kind of power, love is a kind of excellent, flexible, durable, strong strength. Between men and women, there is no competition can be divided, who is more excellent than who, who need to love who more love, who more pay more. These are irrelevant. Prior to this, after how many people you loved, you will love this, how many people? In the past no fuss, future never predict, only today, you whether a single-minded, defends this in the world there is no utilitarian feelings.
If the other side of the deep love, as a constraint of the key, must be in both sides is a very sad thing. The one who loves is not respected and cherished. To be loved, to get in behind the vanity is arrogant. Happiness, far across the mountain heavy water. At the beginning, all the people pay in time, are not willing to seek say repeatedly repeatedly said, had to return. And do not complain, do not regret, not anger not to blame. But, to the end, all the people, all thinking of paying to get the corresponding return, and even more should be more. Only because they have been paying, not to be considerate.
Love is never to say sorry and to afford, nor stare, there is love or not love, do not wait until the miss to regret why had I not to fight, strive for will not regret it. In love, there are no winners and losers, only love and not love, love to love happy and need to Teach you Love is accepting a person’s method and then forget altogether, restore the crying is not love sympathy but. Compassion and love is not equal, so that a man with compassion for their results will be more pain and more heartache.
Is love really don’t care about your self-esteem, true love should let people love their own true happiness, rather than wishful thinking to push each other into submission. Desperate love is not a person’s performance, that will only make the other side more no resistance, this is not in love but he was torturing him. Why do we have to do it without the result? Why don’t let yourself get out? In exchange for the meaning of love and compassion? Obviously feel the other side has been in the……
I want to love, is not winning or losing points. Love and love to love a field. Who can say that deep love is the loser. I think, put the feelings of the deepest and most true that one is the most happy. He (she) love true, love completely. To experience true love in life. Is very rare. How many people have not met their true love in life. Love is a wonderful process. If you have to separate from each other, adios. Teach you Love is accepting a person’s method.
In the future days all the past will become your warm memories. Love, love, happiness, experience. Hurt, pain. In any case do not regret their own. Because in love there will never be a loser who wins. Into the heart to love, fishing machine will feel very happy! As to be together, Teach you Love is accepting a person’s method to see the fate of the……
Life always has so many helpless, can still have so much love happiness, so, with a grateful heart to see your lover, whether he is not in your side. Love, it is best to head into the qi. Tilt the balance of time, two people, should not be over emotional weight weight, should not be spoiled by being pampered. To love happiness, two people, pay equal love, treat each other’s love. Respect, freedom, love, forever, two people will be the common winner of love. we need Teach you Love is accepting a person’s method.

Please remember that I loved you

Please remember that I loved you

Day in day of ups and downs, some vision of the dream, but suddenly lost the original temptation, only a few scattered memories, but also residual time traces, accompany lonely mind, a long time refused to leave.
That can’t look back the emotion, when really became the soul can not touch the pain? A memory, a bit messy, some temperature, some tears flow, some precipitation cannot exile feelings, so I choose, choice of dwelling in this small corner, choose to use a tears of Xian, write down these past days air dry, write down these can chase dreams.
I know, life is not such a kind of exile, nor such a luxury, you can give up the existing happiness, to pursue the love of the home. I do understand that the clear, but deeply because of the clear and Sophie, Acacia 1000. I can’t give up my own, to wait on your side, waiting for you to give me a future I can not see the color.
Can not control, can not be silent, can not give up, unable to move forward, so, I chose to escape, escape from your eyes, no longer love you hope and promise of, no longer exile himself, love is the dream.
Heart has a thousand knots, knot for you.
Dream a thousand, turn around you.
So so, want to far into the distance, want to far fondly, want to exile himself in a no corner for you, so quietly think you, quietly let Miss derived from flavor of love, derived from: “Love is tender and tolerant and helpless , derived from my heavy lonely and lonely. And I know, one day,, accompany me lonely and helpless, accompany me, tears two lines.

Me, also know, years of circulation, one day, you can forget yourself in the days ahead, smiling, smiling at the memories, narrative and I related the story with a smile. Then, perhaps, I will smile with tears, smiles and memories, smile to tell you how I love you.
Yes, and what happiness than this memory more let you I cherish? Also what kind of feelings than this two two let you I don’t care? To the old to death, you will always be my love life feelings, never abandon, don’t forget.
The day, please remember, I love you.


Let us know that love is tender and tolerant.

Love is tender and tolerant

Love the ant, Love is tender and tolerant.
Two in love ants. One mouse lived in the island at the southern end of. One mouse lived in the island north, every time they date, through the fast stream, towering hills. He in banana leaf soul stirring drifting off, she in tornadoes, Huarong eclipsed the struggle, only a warm meet, eat more bitter, in each other’s tentacles to embrace the moment cashed boundless happiness. He said, my shoulder is the shore of your life. She said, Zhu Yan back to the spring, the heart will be here for you.
They belong to the two generation of hostile ant tribe, to secretly meet, but can’t stay together. However, love is a pearl of misery. He was no longer on the other ant eyes tempted, she also really miss someone made a daily homework. But that would happen, a tsunami that would have made all the ants start to go from desperate to wild, and they were all in the middle of a farewell, because no one could move home to the land of the sea — unless one could fly. But how can the ants grow wings? They also sad embrace together, not for disaster, for love just departed, open the scenery along the road to sequence, like two lift an eye to see the fireworks of the child, just a smile, firework is waning. This is the need to remember a word: “love is tender and tolerant
In the face of death, who are the heart has not dry, they are crazy to date, tears, hug, originally a month back and forth, in the determination of their rapid crawling gradually shortened. One day, she found that she was going to leave. One day, he found himself running…… They took secret of a miracle to to love for the sake of crawling, none of them have divulges the hope and love dating gradually become chalking up to exercise. That day, flood, all the ants are struggling, they only ran hand in hand…… Until they found out that the waves were getting farther and farther from them……
The flood receded, they returned to the survival of the land, they got excited and happy hug together, that is for survivors of the love. Who all thought, they should be happy to write a fairy tale to the end. But when the days start beautiful spread out in time, when they simply can embrace, but found that I do not know when love is like opening a perfume bottle, he began to complain about her all day long stick in the side, he flew to where on the track where, and nag like ants mother-in-law, the world has so many ants, charming, gentle, quiet, why I had chosen her? She also often think, the world has so many ants, handsome, brave, capable, why should I choose such a bad temper? Even the enthusiasm of the words are not, the death of their last will be a good summary, but I am an unusual flying ants ah. So they began to mutual dislike, despise each other, but they all remember Love is tender and tolerant, but they seemed to have forgotten, they are how to grow wings to fly…
Life is like this: sometimes, love can go through great happiness, but through the vicissitudes of life, not quiet trivial. There is to remember a word: “love is tender and tolerance”. Your love will become more and more beautiful.
Love is tender and tolerant.